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A-Gents - EASTER FOOLING :iconvalkyriekago:ValkyrieKago 5 5 GoGo and Dahlia - Information is Awesome :iconvalkyriekago:ValkyrieKago 1 1
146: The drive to the elevator in the ATV was relatively uneventful, having only to check the map 006 sent him a few times not to lose his way and avoid any of the other agents running around trying to fix the place up. Using the security lines as guides wasn't as easy as he first thought, too many colors and signs for the different vehicles that had been muddled by the damage and the ruckus in the hangar bay. The elevator itself was stiffling, the agents that were along for the ride looking somber and tense, not setting a very welcoming mood. He didn't blame them, nor did he envy them the hell they must have been through. Feivel just made a bee line for his assigned dorm room and pretty much just dropped his bag on the foot of his bed and went straigth back out, running through the info in his watch. Engineer that he was, general construction fell just short of his scope. But maybe he could help out whoever was fixing the hangar bay, or patching the systems around the HQ. Or just what
:iconvalkyriekago:ValkyrieKago 1 1
Spectre :iconvalkyriekago:ValkyrieKago 5 4 GoGo - A FATED MEETING :iconvalkyriekago:ValkyrieKago 2 8
234 meets 224 and 181
234: She had been trying to avoid all of the recent chaos with this...admittedly strange new headquarters, but unfortunately even the Hacker needed food. As soon as she had her lunch- or was it dinner? She kept losing track of the time in her room- she inched her way to a table in the very corner of the room. Her sweater was having her overheat as always, but May tried her best to ignore it and instead occupied herself with neatly cutting through her chicken and sipping from her glass of icewater. I should have gotten it to go.
224: She too was trying to avoid chaos. In fact, she was sitting underneath the table to eat her sub sandwich with the plate in her lap. This SEEMED like the best place to hide from people while eating... back to wall. So long as nobody sat just h- OH GOD. Who is this? There's a person here. They were.... wearing grey. That means hacker, right? But she didn't recognize these legs. It didn't look like 044. And it definitely was 054 or 004. Niz silently ate
:iconvalkyriekago:ValkyrieKago 0 1
Diba Reference :iconvalkyriekago:ValkyrieKago 8 3 A-Gent 186: Diba :iconvalkyriekago:ValkyrieKago 7 9 Origami Buddies :iconvalkyriekago:ValkyrieKago 1 3 Niz Reference Art 2 :iconvalkyriekago:ValkyrieKago 16 9 A-Gents NYC - Robot Wars? :iconvalkyriekago:ValkyrieKago 5 12
224 meets 218 - Of Color Ghosts and Future Pranks
Nichita walked into the hacker area and looked around. Hm, for hackers being home bodies, there certainly weren’t any home. He did however see Niz, doing…something, he couldn’t really tell.  He walked to her desk, eyeballing the messy one he knew to belong to 194 a little further away. He knocked. “My arm is malfunctioning.”
She was currently in a shootout with a gang in game. "Sound like a medical probl-" She had glanced young man and went quiet as she paused the game as she spotted the prosthetic. "Oh.... Hello." She spun her chair to face the specialist and looked him up and down. Yup. He was cute. "Guess I can fix it... how is it malfunctioning?"
The arm twitched and smacked something off of her desk. He stared at her with an even face. “Its not responding correctly to commands. I think it may have a virus. The engineer didn’t find any physical defects.”
She stared back... and he noticed her eye twitch when he knocked something o
:iconvalkyriekago:ValkyrieKago 0 1
207, 189, and 181 - Faults and Improvement
236: She is currently weightlifting in the gym. She had recently done her bosses little 'get lost and find your way home assignment' annnnd that wasn't as fun as it sounded. BUT SHE PASSED! That was good. So she took and nap and went to the Gym to just burn off come calories and think. Thinking was good when lifting weight.
224: She KNOWS snipers are still around. She KNOWS this. And is extremely wary. She hopes to see them and run before they get a chance to shoot. :iconnizwtfplz: If she had it her way, she'd stay in the lab. But she has to go get food.... So she's making her way to the cafeteria.
207: The hacker would luckily have her moment of peace while the sniper changed his target to the pilot. After his first failure, he was determined to get the next shot right. This time his target was in the gym, and he stepped in the area was a careful weight on his steps. Staying behind walls and large equipment with his wings, he dipped the dart in fresh pink paint and loaded his nerf gun
:iconvalkyriekago:ValkyrieKago 0 1
236 and 179 - Misplaced Cheer
236: Jocosa was… well she was feeling better compared to the days of the past few weeks.  211 had reprimanded her for overtraining too much.  And she had to admit, he was right.  She had been overworking.  And so now she was trying to relax.  Stop running around practicing the Mechas and Exosuits.  Stop trying to run laps, you’re not built for speed.  She just needs to relax some.  And yet, there’s still that part of her that wants to keep moving.  It's probably an effect of her ability… or she’s just gets bored if she’s not moving.  Yeah, probably option two.  AND SO she decided to go swimming.  Not really aiming to do laps or to test herself to see how long she can breath underwater.  Just swim.  For fun.  
And that is why Jocosa had to go and buy a new swimsuit as she realized the only one she had was a scuba suit.  She wasn't sure if she was supposed to keep it in cla
:iconvalkyriekago:ValkyrieKago 0 1
224, 218, 233, 194 - Grilled Cheese
224: She is jogging through the hallways of the base. There's a track in the gym. Treadmills too. But you know what? Fuuuuuuuck that noise. The gym is full of death and explosions. She'll jog someplace safes, thank you. :iconnizwtfplz:
218: Watches the hacker who put games on his arms pass him for the second time now in the hallways. :iconwthplz: What is she doing? "....." Awkward wave.
224: Jog Jog Jog j- hey, its shorty specialist. Ehhh... break is fine. 2 laps is good for now, yes? "Suuuup."
218: "....Why are you running in the hallways?" He asked, looking a bit confused. Was something else going haywire today?
224: Hmmm. How to say it. "Because the Gym is a death trap." Yup. Really, there's no better way to put it. Is 224 helping any stereotypes about hackers hating the gym? No, she's not. And quite frankly she and the bruise on her upper back don't care. Well... she can probably explain better. " proved that yesterday. Did you know treadmills can explode?"
218: "Everything c
:iconvalkyriekago:ValkyrieKago 0 1
181 meets 251
181: Sabrina Durant is new to Alpha base.  So what should se do?  Why, orientate herself to her new surroundings, of course.  Maybe meet some of her coworkers at least to a point to put a name and number to a face.  This is the reason she chooses to wander around ATZ first.  Get to know who should and should not be here.
251: -thump-thump-thump- There would be a thumping noise echoing from a part of the training zone, where one, from a distance, could notice the appearance of a bunch of training dummies. Each in a well refined suit. -thump-thump-thump- continued the noise. Upon closer inspection, one would notice a person in a suit and pompadour styled hairdo deliver blows to these dummies. But not your usual kind of martial arts blows. Odd ones. Like an old friend or lover was smacking and palming too hard around, checking for weaknesses. A trained eye would notice this.
181:  Then she would indeed notice.  She stepped into the area, but kept along t
:iconvalkyriekago:ValkyrieKago 1 3



Word Count: 14,604

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GoGo and Dahlia - Information is Awesome
GoGo is new to the neighborhood and wants to learn things about peoples.
And after a tip off, she knew exactly who to call.
And Dahlia provided SUCH a joy to talk to and meet with.

Wird Count before Redaction: 6,789

Sorry for redacting so much info out. I can show the mods proof of the Word Count in private if they want. 
I just didn't wanna give GoGo's history out to everybody and I wasn't sure how much Miha wanted me to reveal either. So I played it safe.

Thanks Miha for allowing this RP to happen. It was so nice to have baddies in a casual setting. :heart:

Dahlia belongs to Miha-Hime 
GoGo belongs to ValkyrieKago 
146: The drive to the elevator in the ATV was relatively uneventful, having only to check the map 006 sent him a few times not to lose his way and avoid any of the other agents running around trying to fix the place up. Using the security lines as guides wasn't as easy as he first thought, too many colors and signs for the different vehicles that had been muddled by the damage and the ruckus in the hangar bay. The elevator itself was stiffling, the agents that were along for the ride looking somber and tense, not setting a very welcoming mood. He didn't blame them, nor did he envy them the hell they must have been through. Feivel just made a bee line for his assigned dorm room and pretty much just dropped his bag on the foot of his bed and went straigth back out, running through the info in his watch. Engineer that he was, general construction fell just short of his scope. But maybe he could help out whoever was fixing the hangar bay, or patching the systems around the HQ. Or just whatever was leaking water everywhere. Better to head back to the hangar and hope for some more details.
186: She and 239 did some cleaning and Diba opted that she had to go back to the hanger. 239 had to go do a thing to do too, so it was probably for the best. The boats were mostly fine so she supposed she should go see what to do on the aircraft. Not... quite her favored spot, but they were important. Time to Airedale things up. She was just strolling in as a new guy came running in. She gave him a wave. "Heeey. How's it going!"

146: It didn't take long for him to find something to do. That is, meet someone. He barely had any time to get to the Hangar proper when a voice turned his eye, and he saw someone waving. Feivel wasn't too sure what to do about the causal greeting, but maybe standing at full attention and throwing a salute wasn't the way to go. Instead, he went towards the other agent, a half smile on his face, waving back. "Hey there. Well, kind of wondering exactly what I got myself into with this transfer. I'm Agent 146, nice to meet you." He said, and offered a gloved hand for her to shake.

186: "Oh I'm still new too, so don't expect masterful guidance from me at the moment." She laughs. She looks out to the hanger and sees 006 running to his office. Op, there goes the boss. Guess he's got stuff to do. She doesn't bring it up for now. She looked back at 146. "Oh yeah, Hiya! I'm 186. You can call me Diba if yer the name type of guy." She took his hand and gave a strong handshake in return.

146: Her shake was strong, which made his smile grow just a little bit. Thought it didn't stop one of his brows to raise in surprise at how she gave her name so... readily. He had gotten used to using their codes, kind of all of the time, and had only been given leave to use names with only a few of the engineers back in HQ03. Maybe they were just that easy-going here in HQ01? Wait. What if this was a test? Whatever, Feivel, just roll with it for once. Don't overthink it. "Alrighty then. Gonna keep to our codes for now, if that's okay with you. But fair is fair; you can call me Feivel if you want to."

186: "That's perfectly fine, 146." He wants to use codes. She can code talk. Not too much to really overthink here. She looked out at the hanger at the stuff that still needed some cleaning up. "Where do you think a couple of FNG's can go to help out the most in a hanger like this?" She reaaaaaally didn't want to mop. She would if that was the only thing left... but she reeeeeeally didn't want to mop.

146: He chuckled at her question, the military slang hititng like a blast from the past. A not-too-distant past, but still, it was refreshing. A shred of familiarity in this big unknown that was HQ01. He glanced at her on the corner of his eye, and sure enough, she had the posture of a soldier. Feivel wondered for a short second of what branch of the military she might have served on, but that was for later, when they had the time to swap stories and trivia. "As far as I'm aware, there is only one kind of job for FNG's, you know." He looked at her with a raised brow, because really, what kind of question was that. "Hoping I can do more though, considering my skills. Could speed things up somewhat."

186: it was the type of question she didn't like the answer too, thank you very much. She was a Seal Lieutenant, arf arf. Not a cabin girl. Still an FNG among the agency tho. She lets out a sigh of resignation. "I think speed would be best." She grumbled and looked around for a free mop. Half hoping not to see one. Then it clicked. This branch wasn't normal. "Speed it up how?" She asked with a glimmer of hope.

146: Fievel was no FNG, he didn't get a degree and reach Staff Lieutenant in the goddamn Air Force and spend some years of his life in HQ03 to scrub floors. That said, the situation was as TARFU as they come, and without a proper ranking officer to defer to at the moment, there didn't seem to be better options. Wish as he might, he couldn't just walk in and shove himself and get to work wherever he pleased. Except he noticed how her eyes sparkled at the mention of ditching the rookie work. He rose a hand and wiggled his fingers in a silly way. "I can scan and see in my head any tech I touch, from inside out. Meaning I can find where and what the damage is without having to rip everything open to find where the problem is. Takes a while, but not much longer than the alternative." He explained, and it still felt nice to explain his ability without getting a knot in his throat, to skip over the need to hide it away from others.

186: "Ooooh, yes yes! I like that idea!" She gave him a thumbs up. "That really is a useful ability for fixing things, I'm sure. Lets get to work!" She pumped her fist into the air. And paused. "Iiiiiii vote we check the planes. The boats are fine fore the most part. And I think cars are being handled already" A boat that can't handle water ain't a boat. It's an anchor.

146: Her eagerness was contagious, he'd give her that. Didn't seem he'd come across any considering the situation, but every squad had some irredeemable ray of sunshine kind of person. As far as he could tell, 186 seemed to be it. Oh well, Feivel had dealt with worse situations. Besides, he'd get to have a look at the planes. His favorite subject. "Planes, you say? Let's get to it then!" He said, rolling up his sleeves and grinning from ear to ear. He followed her to one of the ATVs, taking the shotgun seat so she could be the one to drive. Common courtesy, really, since he knew the way already.

186: He took the shotgun seat. Welllll, OK. Was he that new? Ok Ok. She takes the ATV and will drive over to the plane. "I take it you're a military guy!" She asked as the motor revved and they drove. It was a quick journey, but still enough for a question or two.

146: Aaand there it was. Trivia trading time. At least he wasn't the only who caught up to the essence du military hanging over them. Undoing the straps on his gloves, he grinned in reply while she drove. "US Air Force, Staff Sergeant. Transferred from the Army when I was Corporal. You?"

186: Could have said no. She'd have gone with it. "Ahhhhhh..... Lieutenant, Navy Seal. Navy all my life" She grinned. "Sorry 'bout that!" What was she saying sorry for? Well, they're different branches, so of course she'd tease him .

146: Oh. Oh, well. This was an... interesting situation. But then again, everything since he landed a few hours ago felt surreal, and he was feeling more accepting than usual. Any other day, he'd have given her a real hard time over it. Right now though, he just laughed, not a chuckle but a real laugh. "Aw, don't apologize, this is great. I'm getting a ride from a sea puppy. Can check that out of my bucket list." He said with a wink and a grin, leaning on his seat in a sarcasticaly easy-going way. He was never an especially die-hard soldier, and didn't get involved much in any rivalry between the branches. It wasn't his thing. But if she wanted to play the teasing game, well, he could play it too.

186: "Ohhhhh.... careful or the sea puppy might bite." She winked back. She was def into the rivalry, but more in a playful way than a die hard way. It seemed that most the Pilots here were laid back. Goood. Those were often the best ones. At least that was how it is in the navy. And the stereotypical air jockey seemed to be laid back or arrogant. She was happy this wasn't the latter. But yeah, they soon pull into one of the planes that isn't getting much attention in the clean up. To Diba's eyes anyway. She stops the ATV in front of the plane dock and gets off. She says nothing she she does this, assuming 146 knows why they're here already as they spoke of this a few minutes ago.

146: Her reply drew a deep chuckle out of him, and he saw this as his cue to lean back in further into his seat, crossing his hands behind his head to pillow it, the cheekiest grin on his face. Fievel didn't mind to trade barbs with her, since she seemed to take it in stride. It was nice, definitely a plus from the serious atmosphere in the HQ hanging over their heads. Better not to think about it too much. Didn't take long at all for them to reach the plane, the movement of passer-bys much more muted in this corner of the bay. He hopped off the AV as soon as the engine was off, and properly takes off his gloves and pockets them. "Hellooooo, gorgeous.!" He said in greeting to it, eyeing the plane up and down before walking up to the stepladder and climbing to the cockpit. Just from touching the outside of the machine, already he could feel that weird, void feeling in his gut, like a precipice opening up in his mind, a feeling he was very familiar with. "You know much on repair and maintenance?" He asks in a louder tone, aimed at 186. She most likely did, but he'd like to know just how much she knew.

186: "Woooooah hound dog we just me- oh the plane." Diba. The only pilot not drooling over aircraft. She put hands in pocket and followed 146 to the aircraft. She let him climb into the cockpit. Not wanting to cramp it up that. And not wanting to get in the way of his ability if it required space. She raised her eyebrows to 146. "Oh a carrier. In a dock, it won't be hard." She waved up to him. "What do you need me to look at, scruffy?" She tilted her head.

146: Did she seriously think-- They had just met. Besides, if he had wanted to hit on her, he would have come up with a much better entrée than that. Oh well. He just rolled his eyes and got more comfortable on the pilot seat, only half aware of things because of that yawning depth in his mind that only seemed to grow every time he grazed any part of the panels or controls in front of him. It took him a moment to realize she wasn't up here but still below. Had she said something? He wasn't sure. Oh wait, she had asked a question too. "Nothing yet, just let me check her up first. Gimme a minute." He shouted down to her, rubbing his hands together before placing them neatly over the board and just letting himself fall in. Everything dimmed away, and he carried over into all the dives and depths of the machinery. All the tiny little calibrations of the dials and meters, expanding into the proper controls and everything that followed. He had to take it easy and not speed through it, to make sure they were up to par, before going to the parts requiring less refined calibrations. Yeaaah, this would take more than just a minute.

186: She was just joking, but it would have been amusing to see into his mind if she had that ability. Alas, she's blissfully unaware of his fluster. She watches him from her low vandtage annnd gets bored. There really wasn't much to do if you had to wait for a dianostic. So Diba climbs up the ladder as well. She goes slow when near the top, so she doesn't jump up and surprise 146. Seeing him there being quiet led her to be quiet too. She might lean forward to confirm he's breathing and didn't die in the pilot seat after a few minutes if he doesn't move.

146: One or two parts in the controls would need to be recalibrated but just out of zeal than any drastic need for it. As he crawled through the valves and pumps in the engine, and down the chassi to check the structure, time slowly ticked by. It was an odd experience, to let yourself be completely taken over by all this information. There was a deep sense of peace he found nowhere else in life, a trance he hadn't been able to simulate by meditation or drugs or whatever else. And oh, he had tried. This was nice, and if he wasn't in danger of causing severe brain trauma by staying like this for too long, he might indulge in using his abilities more often. Hell, he wouldn't even bother with gloves anymore. But alas, it wasn't meant to be. As usual, he had no idea how long he stayed under, time losing meaning in a mind so full of numbers and schematics. So when he blinked himself back to reality, eyelids heavy and sparking stars in his vision, he jumped a bit to see 186 had climbed up and was casting her shadow over him. "Jesus!" He muttered in a sigh, rubbing his chest more dramatically than his startled heart called for. Still, he hated coming back and finding things had moved around and changed when he wasn't looking.

186: She jumped a little at his sudden pop up. But she grinned afterward. "I'm not THAT divine." She chuckled. "You OK? Didn't mean to scare you... just making sure you didn't fall asleep." She looked to see where he had been touching, then back at him. So. Got any idea what's wrong? Or do we start taking it apart?" Her ability was nothing so active as his, o seeing it in action was interesting. Even if not a lot of action was visual.

146: After the initial shock, Feivel laughed along with her. This could have ended up more awkward than it did, so he'd count that as a win. "Yeah, yeah, I'm good." But now that she mentioned it, he might as well warn her. "Takes a lot of focus to do my thing, so chances are that if I slump over while doing it, call a medic cus I fainted from exhaustion and possibly brain trauma. You know, the usual." He said with way too much lightness for a topic like that, but he didn't want to make a big deal out it. It had only happened once, and he was fine after he woke up from it, hadn't even been that bad. He'd been more banged up in boot camp than he ever did using his ability. Save that one time with the bike, but it had been just collateral damage. But he was getting out of the subject. "Well, I just skimmed through it, but we might have to calibrate the altimeter and the speed dial, fix a dent under one of the wings, and I gotta take a better look at a valve in the engine. Couldn't get a good look at it from here." He reported to her while putting his gloves back on. "Told you, no need to take it apart." He said with a wink before standing up.

186: "Oh yes. Nothing more common than brain trauma from sitting around...... that'd be one hell of a thing to put on an Epitaph. 'Died while sitting'." She gave a nod. "But I will remember for next time." She just stared as Five listed all the planes injuries. Not need to take it apart? "Well... don't have to take it apart. Just gotta open it all up and fiddle with the fiddly bits annnnnd yeah. Joy." She starts heading down the ladder to fetch the tools.

146: Okay, he had to laugh at that one. That would be a pretty lame way to die, at least from an outside perspective. "Ah yes, he died doing what he loved. Mind-drifting with machines." He rubbed his face to get rid of the remaining feeling of stasis before hopping off the cockpit after 186 to grab the stuff needed for calibrations. Apparently not her favorite part of it, so he was more then glad to do it for her. He had a knack for precision work anyway, when it came to tech. Too much of a perfectionist streak on him. Soldier he may be, but he knew how to be gentle. "What? No love for fine-tuning?" He teased her a little, looking around the toolboxes and shelves and cabinet for what he needed.

186: "Ghost in the machine" She nodded. "Oh Tuning Fines is quite fine, especially with tunes. But, you gotta admit, its nothing compared to driving the vehicle, is it?" She would let him take whatever part her wanted. She herself would focus on one of the other parts. Working with the meters and such, making sure everything is calibrated properly as 146 did the work he preferred.

146: Took him a little bit to find all the tools he'd need for the job, doubly so since he still wasn't familiar with how they stored things in this HQ. Finding tools in HQ03 was a nightmare and an adventure bundled of it's own special little package, since nearly each team seemed to have their own storing system. Feivel just learned to open every single cabinet and shelf automatically, sometimes more than once, whenever he was in a new workshop. God help him if the Engineers ever found him putting things out of order and messing with their tools. "Oh, well, that was never up for debate." He replied with the small bundle of tools he hauled over back to the cockpit, working the panels screws open. "Though in my experience, they are two very different kind of joys. Building the thing, and then enjoying it." Panel open, he started to hook in the tuners and meters. "But maybe that's the tech nerd in me talking." He muttered under his breath, so she wouldn't hear him.

186: "I'm def in the enjoing it category." She would be beside him to help where she can. She's more attuned to the quick fixes than the sit down and fiddle. So she'll stay out of 146's more experienced way. Now if this was a submarine or a boat, heck even a jeep, she'd probably be more excited with tinkering. It was the same at HQ03 with her. She more staying in the docs and on the submarines and underwater mechas. Those were always fun and since that was her main focus, she aimed for that. Mind you, it made her a bit of an awkward child when everybody else in the Pilot class had their heads in the clouds when she had her head dunked in water. But she managed enough, obviously. "So Tech Nerd, what are you doing after you get yourself acquainted to this place?"

146: Off the little tickers went, showing measurements and blinking lights, and Feivel easily slided into the work, brown eyes focused on the meters as he slooowly adjusted the settings on the sensors, tightening or loosening things hre and there, running diagnosis again and again until they were up to standards. Well, his standards, which were nothing but ideal. No telling when one tiny miscalculation could cost the life of a pilot and whoever they had with them. No, nothing but perfect would do here. Despite his focus on the readings, he still gaped a bit that she had heard him after all. No way. Just, no way, had to be a coincidence. He swallowed down his shock and embarrassment and thought about her question. "Me? Well, I guess that after a stiff drink, it'll be business as usual. Maybe not as many teams working on development here, but I might still be able to help out the Engineers and other Pilots with new tech. Was a prototype beta testers back in HQ03, before, so I know the protocols. Doing a few missions on the field wouldn't hurt, either." Then he glanced at her. "And you?"

186: It was an echo. Yeah. We'll go with that. "I was gonna hit a bar topside after work, but now I feel I should be following your example." She laughed. "I was a tester in HQ03 too. Mostly their boats and submersibles." She gave a nod. "Though... I'm not sure I can be much help to the Engineers. I might sign myself onto test duty again. Maybe train some of the peeps here about the joys of aquatic vehicles instead of the flying death traps." She rubbed her chin.

146: Another pilot from HQ03? Well, they did work on different fields, so maybe they just kept missing each other in there. Still, was nice to know he wasn't the only one from there. Of course the sea puppy preferred the water. "Oh, don't let me be a good influence on you now." He joked some before fiddling with the settings in the calibrations again. "I ran tests with hover tech and exosuits, mostly. Flew the occasional jet, to keep the dust off the engines." One of the sensors gave an offended bllipping when he turned a dial too far, and he was quit to correct it. "And if there's any death trap around here, it's those submarines. Just one hit away from a watery grave in the middle of nothing. At least with planes, I have parachutes." He grumbled, not unlike a petulant child. Planes werefine, okay?

186: "Don worry. We're both drinking anyway." She laughed back. "I did Mechas some... not much on Exosuits, but those can be the same as a mecha when scaled down." She would offer tools when he needed them. Sometimes before he even asked. "True. Subs are death traps. I will not disagree with that. But tell me, what does a parachuting soldier look like to an enemy fighter jet? I'd say road kill, but you know.... sky." She shrugs.

146: "Fair enough. Though if that didn't turn into a drinking game at some point, I'd be very disappointed." He commented as he tried to get the sensor to sit in just the right place, but don't matter how minute the change he made it never sat in the right number on his meter. Fuck. "I dunno about that... I often find mechas more complicated to use. Lots of controls, plus keeping your corporeal awareness. Can get too much, at least for me. Especially when I need some sensor straight to my skin." He spoke more slowly, still focused on that damn calibration, before fist bumping the air when he got it right, finally. Though he was quite glad for an extra pair of hands with the tools. "Well, that's when you start to maneuver yourself. And there's the freefalling bit, that can be fun. If you have the guts for it."

186: "We'll have to go out drinking and find out for ourselves." She had simply shrugged at his comment on mechas. To each their own. "Either or, I like both of them." Just for shits and giggles she hand him up a tool that he doesn't need. Just to see if he's mindlessly taking things or not. "You can only maneuver so much in a parachute. But yes, free falling CAN be fun. I admit."

146: "Why, 186, are you asking me out on a date?" He teased her a bit, reaching out for another tool in reflex, but as soon as he had it in front of him, he gave it a baffled look. This was... what was this doing here, he didn't need this, what-- He realized it a second too long, throwing her a not-impressed-with-your-BS glare, before handing the tool back to her. "Har har." He was about to move on to the next sensor when she agreed with him on freefalling, and he threw a grin her way for it before looking back at his setup. "And diving isn't so bad. Prefer to do it without a metal bubble around me ready to burst, though."

186: "Why, 146, are you wanting one?" She teased back. She smiled innocently when he finally noticed he wasn't properly equipped and pretended to have no idea what he was teasing about. And at the comment of metal bubbles, she gives him a wink. "And that my friend, is where my skills exceed.”
Where the new pilots say hi and meet each other and tease each other and its fun. <3

Word Count: 4,384

146 belongs to kimablack 
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Something I commissioned a while ago for Death-by-Papercuts 

CREDIT THE ARTIST HERE. You can see it without the dA watermark
Spectre by LarizSantos

Spectre (c) Death-by-Papercuts 
Art by LarizSantos 
A date gone wrong.

Just a little NYC thing I did last Sunday with Kai. And Neye helped. *hugs them both*

Word Count: 6414

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Winter Commission Open

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 25, 2016, 4:03 PM
Cheap Small Winter CommissionsHey everyone!! I urgently need to sell art so I can contribute to my home economically because our water bill got cut and we're Struggling, if you please take a look at my commissions I'd be thankful. For now these are the options:

5 USD - Chibi Box

10 USD - Chibi box 2 characters + Color included

15 USD - 2 Characters Box

15 USD Star BG and single colored

Achemy in the Sky by Zidlijan
Cat Fall by Zidlijan

Hey guys!

My friends Zidlijan is opening commissions.  If you can go and peek at their work and spread their post along, I'd really appreciate it.

Thanks a lot guys!


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Kagome~!!! ;D <3
Fri Jan 10, 2014, 10:40 PM
Random Surprise Pie!
Fri Jul 26, 2013, 10:56 AM
<3 uwu~
Sat Feb 9, 2013, 6:43 PM
College isn't so bad yet. But then again, it's only been a week...
Thu Oct 4, 2012, 12:55 PM
Hi thar xD
Sun Aug 12, 2012, 3:55 PM
Fri Jun 22, 2012, 2:50 PM
Fri Jun 22, 2012, 2:50 PM
Tue Apr 17, 2012, 6:48 AM
Zomg~! It is the amazing Kagome~! =v=
Mon Mar 26, 2012, 11:03 PM
Tue Feb 14, 2012, 4:52 PM


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