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236: She made a last second decision to go head in the direction of the hanger. Why did she do that? No idea.... well... it was her second day here. She was gonna meet 006 yesterday but... stuff happened. And she really should report to her higher ups. it was her duty! Annnnd she'd probably be hearing from him later anyway. May as well go face the dangers head on! TO TEH HANGER TO MEET THE CAPTAIN!

006: In the hangar the lights were well and truly on and loud with the low hum of the huge vents in the gigantic space or the loud rumble of machinery moving. Yet it seemed even busier than usual 006 had suddenly demanded all the safety lines in the hangar to be re-painted with glow-in-the dark and reflected thermoplastic paint so it had smelt fresh and 'WET PAINT' signs and bright orange witches hats had dotted each and every level. Other random pilots were fleeing back and forth either helping out or checking on all the ships, moving around other vehicles or large crates of supplies out of the way for the painting that went under way. Others were restocking all emergency cupboards with glow sticks and painting a clear line around those too. Enough could be seen being done that 006 was certainly not willing to let another incident happen again and was a little too over pre-cautious, there were even guards placed by certain tunnels, armed to the teeth.

There was a loud 'Thunk thunk, thunk thunk' as a huge bright and blue mecha suit with a egg shaped body crossed the floor carrying crates, 006 clearly in the seat in a clean new uniform, one of many he had stocked. The suit bent to gently drop the crates where a few pilots had been waving to with a couple of torches. The glass shield to the cock pit flipping open "We need to move the items in docking bay 3, and repaint the station platforms too." he called out to the pilots below that saluted with their torches and skittered away. 006 himself sighed and tapped something on the screens beside him, the suit relaxing its arms beside itself and stiffening into place as he removed the gloves he'd been wearing to pry out a energy bar from his pocket "I think I'm missing dinner..." he muttered to himself checking his watch.

236: She had come in and put a hand on the railing while looking around... it was all so Awesome! She saw the Egg Mech walking around and if any passerby's were nearby, they'd have noticed she was almost drooling while staring at the robot. Not as cool as the gundams from the shows, but it was still awesome. And hey! It had her boss! Awesome! She'd walk around and not notice the paint and... almost step in it. Thank god she was lucky. She'd be ensuring she was not in anybody's way and would be making it her point to not push. She got about 10 yards from 006 and saw him look at his watch. Well that made things nice and safe. She'd opt to send him a message right then and there to get his attention as to not disturb the people doing jobs around her. To 006: "A-Gent 236 reporting for duty. Off your port side."

006: From within his chair he clearly suddenly froze while looking at his watch, mid-way through his bar and looked up with one full cheek to 236. He must've been staring for a bit but it was a little hard to tell with how tiny his eyes were. With a jolt of realization he seemed to smile but had covered his mouth as he hurried to chew what was in his mouth and swallow. All the while he was waving at her. He held a finger up for a minutes pause and tapped away on his watch "You caught me eating!" he remarked and beamed "Coming over." he twisted the end of the bar and stashed it away again before shoving his gloves on and powering up the suit again, and took a few heavy thudding steps towards her. The bot had him sit practically at the same level and he powered it down again as he reached her "Good afternoon 236~" he chimed "I don't know if you've the most unfortunate or fortunate timing in the world, first yesterday and now you caught me snacking on the job." he laughed before putting more quietly "I hope yesterday wasn't too shocking for you... that was unusual, we weren't having problems till recently but we're taking precautions." he nodded to the wet paint sign beside her.

236: She just stood and smiled as te mech came toward her. She was staring at its legs. What? A mech can have a nice set of legs. "Good Afternoon sir! Sorry to interrupt your meal!" She'd go into something of a salute... though her 'stand at attention' was only at the attention level of a new lazy recruit. But yeah. And she had bad timing on yesterda-Oh god. Her brain went straight to racing toward the negative. Had somebody already filed a report on her? Wait... no... he meant the fact that yesterday got violent. Yeah that made sense. "I understand sir. But luckily I had finished most of my dinner and was ready to go!" She looked at the wet paint signs and kept them in her gaze for a few moment. It was only now that she realized the smell of wet paint was in the air. And just to prove to her boss that she did in fact see the sign beforehand... she turned and looked at the ground to ensure there were no footprints. SAFE! She let out a sigh and turned back to 006. " can say I am just lucky like that."

006: "Cup half full kind of person." he remarked grinning "That's good," he nodded to the rest of the hangar "Has anyone shown you around yet? Well not just here, the rest of the place." he whirled a hand lazily in the air "The HQ is huge, but it's interesting to look around, New York even better." he winked at her, if you could call it a wink "I'll take you around to some bars sometime." 006 was such a relaxed superior "Just a few rules about the hangar though you probably already know most of them from training, watch the lines, vehicle and PPE free zones are stripped so keep to those when you walk around but still keep a eye out for others just in case. Always wear in closed shoes, that's basic. The levels you're standing on will move, so don't get confused if they suddenly direct elsewhere one day, its just so they can get out of the way when we take the vehicles out." he pointed to one of the huge sets of doors behind her that blended into the wall. Across it in large white writing was a serial code for the vehicle that sat behind them "And make sure your log book is kept to the very minute. I mean it, especially with the trains, timing is a huge factor in running the place."

236: She would shake her head. "183, a feral, showed me where the Mess Hall was and I managed to find the Gym on my own as a recreational activity. Otherwise no, I'm afraid all I have to go by is my map on the watch... but that's never as useful as a complete show." She looked up as if she could see through the ceiling and to the river above. "Annnnd as for New York. I've done similar. Only been in the states long enough to get an apartment and move in. And I know where the food is and where gym is..... or... are in both cases." She was happy her commanding officer was so relaxed. It made the whole surperior-soldier relationship better 236 had found. She nodded as 006 listed off the standard. She knew these from before Agents, but safety is still important so she'll bear it. "Moving levels are new..but I think I can manage. And schedules are always important to any pilot sir. Especially when in the skies." Again, she gave a small salute. Assuming the orientation lecture was over, she'd give the place a quick look around. While 006's mech was nice.... she wanted to find a..... "There aren't by change... and of the more..... militaristic mechs?" She tried not to say Gundam. She's really trying.

006: "Good good." He saluted in kind, the abruptness and form of it gave away his military training. At her question though his smile turned into a smirk as he leaned forward, elbows on his knees "Which one?" he asked with a shine in his eye "There's a few, they're taken out on level 1 missions though. As you can understand, the rest of the world aren't familiar with these and they could cause political strife if any of the world powers suddenly thought another nation had a nuclear moving tank on their hands."

236: Oh god, this man was gonna make her like men with his teasings. "I've always been more particular to the gundam's with a melee weapon myself. They were impractical, but still badass" Wow, he even got her to swear somewhat in front of superior. "Honestly though, I wouldn't mind any particular one as long as I'm taught to pilot one. It's been one of those things I've wanted since a kid sir.... as immature as that sounds" Yeah she wanted it.

006: "Gundam." he snorted and rubbed his mouth shortly "I'm sure I don't have to remind you they aren't toys." he said through a smile "But yes we can up your skill set to control one, like I said, they're the big guns though. There's a mech-training room on level three." he pointed to a tunnel on the far right of the giant hall "You'll find it on your map. There's a full simulation of all the machines we have in here. When you pass them, we'll take one out for a spin. How's that?" he waved a hand about "Oh I should encourage you to keep exploring regular combative training though. The more you train yourself to handle hand to hand combat and weaponry the easier it'll be to take on the suit and mimic it."

236: She gave a little chuckle at 'they're not toys'. "Wellllll.... the toys are the transformers." Her eyes would lock onto the 3rd floor level.... or it would were it not for the 2nd floor being in the way. Cursed thing. "I will not let you down sir." Annnd at the talk about hand-to-hand combat her shoulders slumped slightly. "Yeaaah... I'm fairly certain fisticuffs isn't quite my forte based on last night. I made... well at least 1 big error when fighting those Gents. And not the friendly gents." It was the only error she'd admit to at the moment.

006: "You learn a thousand things from defeat and nothing from winning." he assured her "Figure out how to train to avoid that next time and you'll do well." he further explained, pulling the gloves back on as his stomach rumbled stubbornly "Let me park this and we can do a walk around before grabbing something to eat." he turned the bot around just to turn on the speakers of the mecha suit "If you haven't gone on dinner break, you better do so now!" he called out to the rest of the hangar, his voice booming across it. The pilots around the place stopping some nodding alone with a quiet 'yeah yeah boss' others jumping up like rabbits and fleeing just as quickly. The bot he moved to a outline not to far from where he stood. The bot lowered itself and folded its arms around its legs sitting like a huddled child. Once 006 jumped out the glass hood shut and the lights switch off on it. He waved at 236 to meet him on the ground floor, pointing at a ladder a few meters away from where she stood.

236: "Well it wasn't a defeat it was more of an 'my choice wasn't the brightest and I was a bit daft in going with it' but I get your meaning." She gave him a smile. "Thank you sir. And I'm sure the Mess has something more edible than a power bar in any case." She liked this guy. He was cool. She was at the railing but didnt see the ladder near her and was preparing to go to a ladder on the other side of the hanger. She doubled back when he pointed tho and took that one down instead. It was the wiser option. She'd run over to him with a big grin on her face, ready for adventure!

006: He grinned at her running over to him but seemed more amused by the other pilots running away from the mess hall and leaned over to whisper "They're running because I brought back a kim-chi pizza last time when they forgot to go eat." he seemed to laugh at it. He walked her around the hangar, it appeared bigger than it was, many tunnels leading to other sections of the place, he explained in detail where and why they were positioned that way, who might have stuffed up before and not to do the same. He even showed her past some of the common vehicles they used, particularly the trains that were constantly running and areas the pilots and mechanics relaxed that he dubbed the "roost" pointing to the very un-nest-like room hanging above them. Eventually though his stomach growled so much that he had wrapped his hands around it and smiled awkwardly at her "Ahh... sorry I'm really ravenous over here, I'll have to show you around more later. Hungry?" he asked though his feet were already taking him to the elevator.

236: "Kim Chi Pizza? I'm afraid I'm unfamiliar but judging by their reactions I can guess that it wasn't a crowd favorite?" She followed and was shown all there was to see. And she soaked it all in like a sponge. And when he stopped to go get food she nodded. "Food is always forthcoming! Let's go find ourselves some protein!" She hesitated a moment before getting onto the elevator. Afterall... last time she was near it lots of stuff was going down.

006: "No not really, except for one mechanic who ate the last slice." he was complaining apparently. Once he had gotten into the elevator he held the door for her and looked up curiously as to why she had stopped "236...?" he called after her with a raised brow.

236: She stepped onto the elevator. "Sorry....l ast elevator I was near was yesterday's scuffle" She gave a chuckle. "Also.. .no tparticularly a fan of power outages occurring when inside a box dangling hundreds of feet up in a giant tube." She wasn't scared. She'd just been trying to think things through and of their consequences.

006: He stared at her then glanced around the elevator, and though his stomach was near killing him now he stepped out "Funny, we usually don't have anything holding us up in the sky. Something my passengers never like being reminded" he joked and stretched his arms up above his head yawning, his bones popping "I need to stretch my legs anyway." he waved her to follow "Lets take the stairs then eh?"

236: "Well fair enough... but we can take the elevator if you want sir. It's just my brain overthinking things it shouldn't." And yes it was silly that she was startled by an elevator. But still.... her experience with blackouts in this place was 50/50 and she had heard of other blackouts previously. She wanted a longer track record before fully trusting this place's electric grid.

006: "Too late!" he called over his shoulder with his arms folded behind his head as he was already taking the metal stairs, his feet making loud clanks on each tread "If you aren't quick you aren't a pilot 236!"

236: She watched him walk off. And then she'd jog after him to catch up with him and gave a mischevious grin. "If I took the elevator after you said that, that'd be a hell of a run to get their quicker than me to proove that point. Wouldn't it sir?" And on an empty stomach no less.

006: "Huhu!!" he mused and cocked his head to grin at her "What? You want to try me?" he smirked, he'd the mischievous grin of someone half his age "But you didn't take it." he sighed dramatically "Guess I'll have to find out if I can beat a elevator another day."

236: "Well of course I didn't. Cause that'd have just been rude!" She laughed. "And I bet you could outrun me anyway sir. I'm sure you'd have found a way" We he did seem like a clever guy...and he would know the place better than she did. She'd probably have gotten lost and gotten a message from 006 within a minute.

006: "I think I've been called rude more times then once for getting behind a wheel then I would if you got in the elevator." he smirked and thought about it, probably in a actually leg run maybe not, he wasn't the fastest on his feet, its why he had wheels in the fist place. But he could certainly cheat his way there "Maybe~" he hummed not giving any hints away "You are alright though...?" he glanced at her more concerned, a fresh new pilot and already experiencing the worst of it, he worried "... right?"

236: "Hmm? Oh yeah. You know how it is coming to a new place. Solid power for 1 out of 2 days....that 50% success but also 50% failure on the power grid. With history of other failures or so I'm told. Just want a longer track record of visible success before trusting the lights will stay on fully, though I expect they will."

006: He didn't show that it bothered him but he could see her point "Just nervous then." he concluded "I get that." he turned for the next set of stairs "It was a rare instance 236, I assure you, besides we've locked up the intruders." save for the one that managed to hack them... or so he believes "It only means we can be more cautious..." and figure out why they wanted to hurt them so bad or even how they found out about them. All the individuals seemed to have been organized, all had abilities, they knew where they were and how to get in and that wasn't just because the hacker snagged information. They had to know where to look. They knew to attack the medbay of all places first after they'd injured them surely they figured that the entirety of the medical staff had been in there tending to them. So what better to cripple them then to take out those that ensured they could come back at them. And on that matter they had gotten in before the lights went out surely to take out the power. That wasn't just a hack. He left his thoughts aside realizing he had been quiet for a time and glanced at the little pilot "So... tell me more about yourself?" he thought first to fill the gap.

While all the more at the back of his mind he'd realized they'd fallen into a well plotted trap.*

236: "Hmmm? Myself.... oh not too much. Just a simple girl from Durham, England. Got an interest in giant fighting gundams as it was my parents hobby to watch those particular shows and we were big into those particular anime. Annnnd... oh, I got into sports. Rugby and the like. Not much happened until College when I joined the Her Majesty's Air Service." And she's do a little turn so 006 can see the SAS logo on the bag of her vest. "Annnnnd made it my duty in life to drive all the big new toys the Development chaps threw my way. Got a record of 'incidents' I may have found or caused in them about a kilometer long and then..." She waved her hand. "I got a wonderful call offering a promotion and a transfer. You get two guesses who that was."

006: Her story was too familiar of course, and he appreciated having other service people in his service "I think I only need ZERO guesses actually." he grinned at her expectantly for a laugh but had also awkward one himself for his terrible joke that he hoped she didn't notice. They'd by now (cause DBP is speeding it up) gotten to a tunnel that 006 lead to that ran closest to the dining hall*

236: She'd laugh with him. No need to leave him on a pun she all but set up. "What service were you a part of, if you dont mind the asking?"

006: "You think I was in the force?" he replied to her, delighted she picked up on it so quickly.

236: "It was the salute"

006: "Damn, I'm usually so good at making it look so lazy." he snapped his fingers just as they got into the dining hall up a flight of stairs "U.S. at first but that as much as I'll tell you." he winked "Got to leave some mystery." he spotted 002 snoozing in the corner and folded his arms rubbing his chin "Oh that's... so tempting."

236: "Faiiiir enough" She look at where he's looking. And smirk and would whisper to him. "Do it. Do it. Do it." She had no idea what he was bringing upon 002... but she was still gonna egg him on.


006: He turned to 236 and made a zipping motion with his mouth "As far as you know no superior is condoning any pranking or teasing and is a all around upstanding A-gent." he said in a quick hushed whisper "And certainly doesn't encourage that among his or her subordinates. Alright?" and yet he was sneaking over to 002 none the less. The poor bloke must've been snoozing after a long days work "I'm simply... helping him to bed." he found the closest hot sauce he could find, nothing too intense and dipped a little on his finger before he quietly inched over to 002.

RP log - Meeting the Ace

236 meeting 006 ( Death-by-Papercuts )

Word Count: 3777
Cassandra tilted her head.  This was an interesting mission which she had requested to be alone of course.  Apparently some South American sailors were transporting something strange.  She felt an impulse to go check it out.  And never one to fight impulses, she went and investigated.  She went due to her ability to speak Spanish, but that didn’t exactly work.  Wrong type of Spanish, but she still managed to get in pass authorities.  

The best place to start was the cargo hold.  Can never say no to a good cargo hold.  Well, you can when the local authorities taped a giant ‘do not enter, dangerous, you will die’ sign.  She’s going to use air quotes when calling them ‘authorities’ from now on.  You don’t just block off the most important room like this was some sort of video game.  They even locked the door.  That was completely rude.  How would she learn how death occurred upon entering the portal if the door was locked.  Luckily, this wasn’t a military ship and this door had a LOT of grippy spots.  At least nine to grab and simple pull annnnd….

Unlike the rest of the ship the cargo hold was rather clean.  Much more than in should be.  At least a dozen bolts should have flown into the room when the door got crushed, but it looked completely clear.  Minus the broken totemic idol on the ground in the corner.  That looked made of stone… with energy inside… déjà vu.  See, if she listened to the ‘authorizes’ she wouldn’t have found their problem.  Amateurs.  
Cassandra walked over to the rubble.  It was a rather large statue at one point, wasn’t it?  If not large, at least tall.  And the idiots who stored this allowed it to fall and break?  Well…that was a pure guess.  A well educated guess, since it had been stored here meaning people were here to leave in standing in the corner.  She wondered if they had been atomized when it fell and cracked.  Atomized?  More like shrunk and absorbed into energy in an attempt to fix itself.  It was probably quite painful.  She highly doubted that the parts of the human body shrunk first.  Oh, wait, no, they wouldn’t have felt anything.  All the stringy bits of the body that sends signals to the brain would have gone first since they’re so thin.  Yeah, those cargo people got lucky.  Imagine if the tissue bits went out first.  Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.  OH!  The stringy bits are nerves.  That’s the word.

Back to work.  Wow, she was getting off topic.  The nine claws were shifting the pieces and putting them in order.  She needed to find the spot.  Not the top, too obvious.  Not the base either, cause that would have been easiest and what kind of battery is ever easy to assemble.  How does she know it’s a battery?  Dunno, but she’s certain it was a battery.  Something like a lithium ion but not.  More like a… erm… what’s the word… oh, not a human word.  Nope, not at all.  ANYWAY!  There it was sixteen inches from the center of mass of the idol and behind said idol inside its own pocket reality.  What luck!  If the crack didn’t open up the anchor point, she’d have never have found it.  Now for containment…what’s a good containment for something that’s not really there.  Maybe use the reason she hasn’t been vaporized yet.  Two of the claws opened up and reached onto either side of the invisible anomaly and cupped it.  And as soon as those claws were air tight, she moved to have the hold it behind her back, having her other seven tendril vice that thing shut.  She didn’t want it popping open when she leaves and vaporizing an ‘authority’.  She went back out to the top deck of the ship, grabbing her trench coat to cover up her mechanical arms.  And her bowler hat, that was important.  For style.

Cassandra sent a message to the overseer of the mission who was very well hidden.  “It was a power source.  I am taking it back to Sigma and I recommend it to be studied for use inside a power generator.  The statue it came from is now just stone and harmless.”  She felt a pleasant hum go through her spine.  This was going to benefit Sigma.  She just knew it.
August Prompt - An Impulse
For the Dead in the Water August prompt.

Cassandra investigates a cargo ship where everybody died where she finds a power source to bring back, YAY!  ....Yay o the powersource, not to the dead things.

This is written as if Cassandra were writting it.  Something akin to a narrtive mission report.  Good luck whichever higher up reads this.  You're in for a chuckle as well as an annoyance.  If observant, the reader will notice the number of words Cass used is 729 which is 93, keeping with Cass's 9 fascination.

This was brought to you by the following vocabulary:
:bulletyellow: 'Authorities'
:bulletyellow: grippy spots
:bulletyellow: stringy bits
:bulletyellow: tissue bits
:bulletyellow: [                           ] (There is a word in there, but its not human
:bulletyellow: style
:bulletyellow: hum

Cassandra Arkwright (c) Me
NexusVerse - Nunogakure Ninja - Ishimatsu Hiroka by ValkyrieKago
NexusVerse - Nunogakure Ninja - Ishimatsu Hiroka

Art by Diyaru4500 

Name: Ishimatsu Hiroka


Age: 21


Pairing Info:




Friend and Hero/Tama


Clan: Ishimatsu Clan


Rank: Chūnin


Team: ????


Personal Info:

Being born with Bunpaigan, Hiroka had high hopes.  But then there was a ninja who wanted to unlock the secrets to the rare dojutsu.  So the ninja planned to capture her and it worked.  Hiroka’s two teammates as well as her jounin sister were all killed and she was captured and experimented on for weeks.  In that time, the experiments lost her her own eyesight and she has been forced to see through the eyes of people and creatures around her.  But as luck would have it, she was recued by Tama who she has been greatful for ever sense.

Hiroka’s new abilities had closed many doors for her.  For one, ranged weapons, which had been her specialty, were now near useless.  Sure she could dodge, but she couldn’t hit a target properly.  And so she feel to other skills.  Mainly Taijutsu.  She took up a small selection of her families weapons and started practicing with them.  She mostly focused on tripping, disarming, and pinning her opponents with hook-type weapons.  In order to help her sight, she also learned the secrets of her families summons, the woodpecker twins Matsuda and Matsuka. 

As for her duties as a ninja, she aimed to be a Seeker ninja. 
Signature Dojutsu:
Hiroi Bunpaigan
This is an advanced version of the Bunpaigan.  It makes her blind, but in exchange she is able to see through the eyes of everybody around her.

Ability Info:

-Stealth Master

-Tracker Master

-Summoning Jutsu Master

-Evasion Master

-Taijutsu Expert


NexusVerse - Higakure Ninja - Katsuo by ValkyrieKago
NexusVerse - Higakure Ninja - Katsuo


Name: Katasuo


Age: 22


Pairing Info:

Male/Heterosexual/ Monogamous/Paired with Yuneko?



Romantic Interest/Yuneko Kurasa


Clan: N/A


Rank: Chūnin.....kinda


Team: OPEN


Personal Info:

He think’s he’s the most knowledgeable street rat in the village.  He is a highly skilled thief and spy, so he probably is.  And he will brag about this as much as he will.  He’s full of himself and his abilities and believes he’s better than most ninja. 


He used to have a thing against nobility but that was in the past.  He matured out of it, it had nothing to do with the fact that he met Yuneko Kurasa and found he the most brilliant woman in world noooooo…..well, maybe.  She was fun and a very beautiful young woman and she was probably the only person in the world that’d get him to actually do things legitimately.  Tho….she was about as mischevious as he was, so it at least balanced out in the end.



He was born in Higakure.  His parents had both died in line of duty to a missing-nin. Being the energetic rebel he was, he ran away from the orphanage he was sent to(kind of, they knew where he was) and lived in the streets. He survived by stealing food and the like from all the houses(he quickly made friends with Ice House owners).

While growing up, he elevated from simple stealing to spying and espionage when he broke into the ninja school and spied on them while he lived in the ceiling(again, the teachers knew he was there, but still…no harm in learning).  He stayed there for years until he saw students his age before stopping, assuming that he had learned all he needed. Then he took to the streets again, giving work as a messenger and a ninja.

While on one of his 'duties' he found a cavern and discovered the remains of many nina. Among these skeletons, he found a giant paddle-like weapon and...being the sticky fingered bugger he picked it up and found it to be suprisingly light weight. Unknowingly, the seals on the grip bound to his hand. With this new weapon, he advanced futher in skills and became more notorious among the village. 

Signature Ability:
(行詰り- "Impasse")
This giant sword(more like a paddle really) weighs about 1000lbs on its own.  However, it's weight alone isn't the problem.  It's that fact that this sword has an odd ability.  It has a genjutsu like quality and affects the mind of whoever picks it up and exponentially increases it's weight so that it will always be too much for the user.  Katsuo got lucky and the sword chose him after he found it among the former weilder's corpse.  It sealed his chakra inside it so now he perceives it to weigh about 10lbs.  Anybody who has Katsuo's 'chakra signature' be able to pick it up.

Ability Info:

-Ikidzumari Master

-Stealth Master

-Evasion Master

-Weapon Expert

-Basic Ninjutsu Practitioner

-Basic Genjutsu Practitioner

-Impressive Speed

-Impressive Strength

Art by Diyaru4500
Higakure & Yuneko Kurasa NexusYuber
Katsuo ValkyrieKago

DeviantArt16 by ValkyrieKago
Happy BDay dA

I colored each shape a color specific to the number of points it have in boredom :icondistractedplz:


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  12. How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?
    Diyaru, Mayuuko, Rusari, Wenzel annnnnd….a lot of others I think.
  13. What are your preferred tools to create art?
    Computer o3oa
  14. What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?
    At my computer o3o
  15. What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?
    RPeeing! /o/


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Kagome~!!! ;D <3
Fri Jan 10, 2014, 10:40 PM
Random Surprise Pie!
Fri Jul 26, 2013, 10:56 AM
<3 uwu~
Sat Feb 9, 2013, 6:43 PM
College isn't so bad yet. But then again, it's only been a week...
Thu Oct 4, 2012, 12:55 PM
Hi thar xD
Sun Aug 12, 2012, 3:55 PM
Fri Jun 22, 2012, 2:50 PM
Fri Jun 22, 2012, 2:50 PM
Tue Apr 17, 2012, 6:48 AM
Zomg~! It is the amazing Kagome~! =v=
Mon Mar 26, 2012, 11:03 PM
Tue Feb 14, 2012, 4:52 PM


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