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Kingdom of Keys - Mava

'"Light thinks it travels faster than anything, but it is wrong. 
No matter how fast light travels, it finds the darkness has always got there first, 
and is waiting for it."'




28 years old




Strength: [0]
Magic:     [2]
Defense:  [2]+2 



Mirror City is a modern town bustling with life and just many different people of various peaceful races. The dwellers however are all Human. There is little to no nature and the city is almost entirely reliant on trade. There are many markets as the dwellers all have some form of occupation. It is separated into 3 Districts.

Day District is the area for all the shops, all the commercial areas, all the tourist attractions. This is the commercial side. Living up to its name, it is always bright and sunny here. It's key feature is a white Lighthouse in the center of the district. Night District is residential for dwellers. The only thing here really for visitors is the Hotels, which do come with Casinos. Much like its counterpart, it is always night time here. Its feature is a black lighthouse, also in the center of the district. Day and Night districts mirror each other perfectly. To a point that those that dwell here live in the same building for residential and commercial. Basically, this is like living over the shop. They can switch sides by going through a magic mirror that is in every dwelling.

Grey District is the palace district of Mirror City. It's key feature is a palace set with two giant tower lighthouses. One is white with a black spiral to the top and the other is black with a white spiral to the top. This is home to the royal family of the city. And more importantly, the City Guardsman. Access to this District are hidden throughout the city and only the City Guard know where the mirrors are. This district is located inside the world.



When first meeting Mava, one might see her as a mature professional human being. One who takes everything in her stride and follows orders to a T.  This isn’t entirely true. She follows the law, but only to a point. In order to keep the peace she has been known to overstep her bounds. For example, there have been points in her history where she has made deal with a number of criminals in order to catch other criminals. Her superiors don’t approve of the fact that she took up with those on the wrong side of the law, but she gets the job done in the end.

Her binary personality does mean that it’ll be very clear if she likes or dislikes a person. There’s very little middle ground. And she will flat out tell anybody who asks. Either way, she will still work with people she dislikes. Personal feelings do not hinder her ability to work in a group.

“I believe you find life such a problem because you think there are good people and bad people. 
You're wrong, of course. 
There are, always and only, the bad people. 
But some of them are on opposite sides.” 


In Mirror City, there are a wide variety of stores and hundred of chances to make your own business and your own way of life. UNLESS you are chosen for the guardsman. Every two years, eight children are chosen at random from Mirror City and brought to join the Guardsman. Mava was one such child. So instead of the tailoring job her parents had founded, she was brought into the fold of the Mirror City Guardsman at the age of 7.

And so her training began. She was taught ways of law enforcement based on efficiency. She was taught how to capture and subdue criminals in order to protect the dwellers of Mirror City. Thieving and Assault are the main crimes in the heavy market world. And she was shown that both of these crimes should be stopped with a hard sharp assault of their own. Mava took the training better than most and rose rapidly through the ranks of the Guardsman. She was soon one of the two Captains of the Mirror City Guardsman.

However, tragedy struck. From within the ranks of the Guardsman, there was a betrayal. Someone seeking to raise themselves up to Commander of the Guard. And as such, they had plotted an attempt on the Captains first. 

She is unsure what happened next. She vaguely remembers hearing a voice. She remembered agreeing. Either way. The next thing she could really remember was that she woke up in Nightfall Hamlet. Knowing in her heart, to seek the Order of Light.




H e a r t b r e a k e r   K e y b l a d e   (+DEF)

''A heavy keyblade that is reliable. It amplifies defensive capabilities and readily comes to its wielder's aid. Its color can change depending on who is wielding it. As long as the user's will remains strong, it will never leave its wielder's side.''
+2 DEF


:bulletblack: BEADS OF LIGHT


How do I like to RP? 
Chat ▪ Discord ▪ Google Docs ▪ Skype(MY FAVE)
Yell at me on skype! I'm always on Skype.

I am okay with: 
▪ Pairings of all genders 
▪ Violence/torture (ask first)
▪ I need to know the RPer before seriously shipping one of my characters. 
▪ Long or Short Posts
▪ I'm fairly adaptable, so feel free to come talk to me about whatever


Template by: KingCozy
Art by: Diyaru4500 
Late Secret Santa Part 2 - Where's the Tree
I kinda collabed/commissioned SeraphicMayin  for this gift to Kaiju-Borru-Zetto 

I intended to color it, but I just can't find the time to make it as nice as I want. Sorry Kai.

BUT! Here's the nearly 2 month late part 2 of my Christmas gift! /o/;;;;; 

The man watched through the observation window. All the scientist milling about. Such diligent workers. And they had done exteremly well. The head scientist had just handed him a case containing two prototype vials and a storage device with how to create the compund. They had done extremely well so far. Animal trails had succeeded iwth flying colors. But next was the human trials. First small scale, then larger. He nodded as the head scientist smiled and went back into the lab. And then the sound of heels. He smiled.

The blonde secretary walked up and hugged his arm. She had been such good companion. He met her while hiking... such a simle activity he did on rare occasions. And every since, she has been with him. By his side. When his father passed. When he was left with the vast fortunes. She had been there though it all, supporting him.

"The doors are locked love."

"Thank you. They've done well" He held out the two vials of purple liquid.

The woman picked up a vial and stared at its contents. "Does it work?"

"Shall we find out?"

The woman nodded and both smiled.

They looked out at the scientists. Such diligent workers. And they had done extremely well. But human tials were next. And first... was small scale.


Majestic 12's Agent Renee Lévesque, alias 'Iron Bolt' walked carefully around the corpses littering the abandoned lab as her team zipped up each one in a body bag. Her first examinations of each corpse produced the same result. They all just died. Sudden Death Syndrome wasn't THIS common or wide spread. Really. Not even a blemish on the brain.

She watched as the last of her team left with the body bags. She opened her phone, put it on speaker and called her superior. Before any hello was made, Renee spoke out loud and VERY MUCH theatrically with emotion. She even went through the motions that would make Greek performers applaud.

"O woah is me, O woah is me. Here on my break after discovering 16 dead men with no signs for a cause of death upon or inside their bodies. And I weep. If only we sought help from another group who might assist on such duties. O Intelligence, O intelligence, where for art thou, my CEO's intelligence!" That was about enough. No need to over play it. Oh who are we kidding? "O deary me, o deary me, my phone speaker has been on this entire time. I suppose I should take this time to get off break and report to those listening to my cries and woes."

The speaker on the end of the line was silent for a while until. "10 for passion, 7 for performance, 2 for plot"

"At least it was a 2, much better than the 0 I usually hear."

"This is our jurisdiction Iron Bolt, we don't want the Sigma rats on this case. We can handle it"

"Let me go over the script again. I think you misheard '16 dead men with no sig-"

"I heard you. But we have our orders."

"They're stupid orders."

"Just do it. We'll talk more when you get back. Have fun."

"Brûle en L’enfer"

"After that room." And they hung up.

Renee rubbed her forehead and let out a sigh. Before Majestic 12 she had been a part of a mercenary squadron known as the Vétérinaires. Mercenary was too broad a term. They healed everybody as long as somebody paid. And they ensured somebody paid... usually with blackmail. Majestic's labs were wonderful, but other points of view ALWAYS helped in matters like this.

She heard footsteps and looked up. Demolition team. She stood there in her black dress and watched as all the incendiary charged were set, as all the computer viruses were put onto every bit of equipment, and as all the chemicals were poured out.

As they left, the charges went off and the room would be... in a sense... gone. The chemical fire alone would last week. Very well planned. By such diligent workers.
Sigma Black - Diligent

A prompt thing for them from.... November?  With possible baddies.  Enjoy~

For EXP - give to SuXing plz
A-gents Enemy: GOGO



[ IDENTITY ] ????


[ CATEGORIZATION] Mercenary/Thief




[ ASSOCIATIONS ] Black Market, Paying Customers


[ ABILITY ] Unknown



    -       Theft

    -       Illegal sale of goods

    -       More Theft

    -       Trespass

    -       Destruction of private and public property

    -       Vandalism

    -       Assault

    -       Involuntary Manslaughter

[ LOCAL OF CRIMINAL ACTIVITY ] Parts of the United States, Europe, and China



Not much is knows about this lady. It might be assumed that the gear she uses is indeed stolen. But it is unclear why or how. She made her debut by breaking into and out of a store in Calefornia with a power suit. She caused a lot of damage to police during her escape, killing one(though this seemed to have been accidental).  Her reasoning for the criminal activity is unknown.

Her style, both in fashion sense and modus operandi is reminicent of an Old Agents Enemy, who went by the name 'Brick Witch'. Brick Witch was last seen March of 1995. 


    - She seems to know a wide variety of languages. English, Dutch, French, German, Swedish, Japanese and Chinese.

    - She does not seem to use guns at all.  Or actively go for lethal force. The killing of the police officer in California occured when she hit a police car out of the way, not seeing the officer behind it. It seemed that she did not even notice the death as she fled the scene.

ART BY Diyaru4500 



United States


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Winter Commission Open

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 25, 2016, 4:03 PM
Cheap Small Winter CommissionsHey everyone!! I urgently need to sell art so I can contribute to my home economically because our water bill got cut and we're Struggling, if you please take a look at my commissions I'd be thankful. For now these are the options:

5 USD - Chibi Box

10 USD - Chibi box 2 characters + Color included

15 USD - 2 Characters Box

15 USD Star BG and single colored

Achemy in the Sky by Zidlijan
Cat Fall by Zidlijan

Hey guys!

My friends Zidlijan is opening commissions.  If you can go and peek at their work and spread their post along, I'd really appreciate it.

Thanks a lot guys!


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