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A-Gents - Sabrina Durant - The Hummingbird by ValkyrieKago A-Gents - Sabrina Durant - The Hummingbird :iconvalkyriekago:ValkyrieKago 11 2 DAY BY THE LAKE - 015 and 161 - Prompt by ValkyrieKago DAY BY THE LAKE - 015 and 161 - Prompt :iconvalkyriekago:ValkyrieKago 0 1 Niz A-Gent Collage Comic by ValkyrieKago Niz A-Gent Collage Comic :iconvalkyriekago:ValkyrieKago 5 8 GoGo and 007 - The Witch and The Sniper by ValkyrieKago GoGo and 007 - The Witch and The Sniper :iconvalkyriekago:ValkyrieKago 4 3 A-Gents Mission: DRONE DEFENSE by ValkyrieKago A-Gents Mission: DRONE DEFENSE :iconvalkyriekago:ValkyrieKago 4 12
151 and 010 - Testing Their Abilities
010: After spending time attempting to develop the more intricate use of her ability for combat purposes, the Ice Medic thought it best to now test it in an actual spar. She entered the ATZ, glancing about for an available Assassin. She assumed that a combat class agent could provide more insight afterwards.
151: She had gotten the promotion, but didn't really see a need to celebrate. Ranks were important, but she didn't really seek to raise herself. She just wished to help the Agency in any way that she could. If there was a task, it was only right she do it. And when there was no job to do, her hobbies included training in the Feral. But the mood there had caused the assassin to avoid the place, for now. So she was resigned to the ATZ Fighting Simulation. She had her tonfas and spun one slowly in her grip ready to activate a combat scenario when she spotted the Medic. 010. She had been here long enough to know nothing serious had happened... but maybe she was here for a private visit
:iconvalkyriekago:ValkyrieKago 0 1
184 meets 017 - Getting along like Mac and Cheese
017: She'd have to send a proper thanks to 245, as she was able to head out from the Medical Bay after another follow up physical therapy session and they gave her the clear to get off the crutches, allowing her to walk with ease. Feeling a lot more relaxed now she made her way from the Medibay to the SLB, catching the tram. Not wanting to head straight back home now that she had a little more 'freedom' she decided instead to head up to the Shared Kitchen to get something to eat.
184: She was hungry. And was wondering what to have for lunch, before realizing it was actually closer to dinner. Hmmm… what to cook? The stock of food in her mini fridge had… stuff in it. But she felt like having macaroni and cheese. Proper mac and cheese. SO, she had skedaddled on down to the kitchen to cook some up. And my god it looked delicious. Yes, its box macaroni, but the hacker had put in some extra cheese and some pepper. Mmmm, yes. This will do very well. Might be a bit too much
:iconvalkyriekago:ValkyrieKago 0 1
184 and 217 - Dinner with a Friend
217: Apearing uptop some where wi 184, ready for a bar night out. He'd picks clean civies out, simple but catching.… He had his phone out and a map to help them get to were they wanted to go. They'd gon over names before leaving HQ, and 184 would know 217 was 'Gregory'
184: Oh yeah. Civies. She remember that a bit after finally setting down to wait and had to dash back herself. But her changing was much quicker and she was there first so ha! it's like she planned it. He'd find her sitting there ready to go, also with something simple and catching. She had chosen her usual name of 'Johanna'. "I take it you already have a bar in mind?" She was asking out of curiosity. She herself is not too picky about where to eat.
217!G: "Hmm?" Gregory didn't look up from his phone as he plotted their path. "Ya, ya. Been trying to get there for a while, so haven't been there myself.... Ah we got down... here for sevrel blocks and then... right. It's next to the park
:iconvalkyriekago:ValkyrieKago 1 6
Sigma Black - May Prompt - Post Apocalyptic
Su Sin was a huntress. Su Sin was a bodyguard. Sun Sin was proud. She served the village’s head shaman, a young witch by the name of Emlyn. Emlyn had been a part of the Siba tribe for just a little over a decade. Her parents were of a family that lived a bit north. Many of their children were revered and sought by other tribes. And more often than not, would have many children in that tribe. Emlyn herself has three now. The family used to their benefit and tribe seem them as beings blessed by the gods. And were really blessed. Honestly. They had a vast knowledge on all arts of nature, from healing to flame. It was this magic that had first led Su Sin to the witch.
Su Sin had know Emlyn since she had come to the village. And it was only a few short years, the hunter was indebted to her. Su Sin believed that her debt to Emlyn cannot be repaid in a single lifetime. The witch had healed her when Su Sin needed it most. When the bandits had attacked and nearly torn her arm to shred, Em
:iconvalkyriekago:ValkyrieKago 0 0
Sigma Black - May Prompt - The Bath
T H E   B A T H!
You are called to an abandoned building after the disappearance of two police units in Brazil, the building has been long left unoccupied and used to actually be an old apartment complex (the interior looking similar to the house in linked Gorillaz music video). When you enter the building you find a human body dangling from a bathroom ceiling by a bloodied arm, which has been pushed through the body so hard that it has shattered the skull and been embedded into the rafters. Below you find some sort of bizarre symbol, and across the floor occult pages that seem to have been ripped out of a book.
As part of her training, SuXing was tasked to put together the team in order to investigate. She was going to be the eye in the sky, much like HV was on their mission. She opted for just two for now, so that the location wouldn’t become too cluttered. Emily, of course, had her trust. And with the occult pages and symbology coupled with a bloody mess, a witch seeme
:iconvalkyriekago:ValkyrieKago 0 1
Caraza - The Hunter by ValkyrieKago Caraza - The Hunter :iconvalkyriekago:ValkyrieKago 1 3 Caraza Reference Sheet by ValkyrieKago Caraza Reference Sheet :iconvalkyriekago:ValkyrieKago 1 1 ESCAPE - TCHAU PREMISSION by ValkyrieKago ESCAPE - TCHAU PREMISSION :iconvalkyriekago:ValkyrieKago 3 2 A-Gents Mission - TCHAU by ValkyrieKago A-Gents Mission - TCHAU :iconvalkyriekago:ValkyrieKago 1 6 A-gents Enemy - Caraza by ValkyrieKago A-gents Enemy - Caraza :iconvalkyriekago:ValkyrieKago 2 1 GoGo Unarmored References by ValkyrieKago GoGo Unarmored References :iconvalkyriekago:ValkyrieKago 4 12

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Saving a World That Hated Them by Robaato Saving a World That Hated Them :iconrobaato:Robaato 1,413 175 RIPPPPP The Sequel by Robaato RIPPPPP The Sequel :iconrobaato:Robaato 458 30 In Those Jeans---RRRRIPPPPPPP. by Robaato In Those Jeans---RRRRIPPPPPPP. :iconrobaato:Robaato 439 44 Justice Seeker in New Vegas by Robaato Justice Seeker in New Vegas :iconrobaato:Robaato 208 18 The Work of Bloodshed... by Robaato The Work of Bloodshed... :iconrobaato:Robaato 269 42 Katara Chibi Commish by Robaato Katara Chibi Commish :iconrobaato:Robaato 421 51 Azula Chibi Commission by Robaato Azula Chibi Commission :iconrobaato:Robaato 139 20 Yin Yang Rangers Helmet - tee commission by panom Yin Yang Rangers Helmet - tee commission :iconpanom:panom 9 1 Commission for Chris Ticehurst by panom Commission for Chris Ticehurst :iconpanom:panom 22 0 Tessa by EUDETENIS
Mature content
Tessa :iconeudetenis:EUDETENIS 728 20
For The Flying Types by LynxGriffin For The Flying Types :iconlynxgriffin:LynxGriffin 19,802 1,948 KalosCity: Alex by Captain-Strudle KalosCity: Alex :iconcaptain-strudle:Captain-Strudle 42 54 [CM]  Keli Blackheim by Seni-Ines-115 [CM] Keli Blackheim :iconseni-ines-115:Seni-Ines-115 2 3 Captain Marvel Carol Danvers by Arkenstellar Captain Marvel Carol Danvers :iconarkenstellar:Arkenstellar 1,780 84 commission - Kagome-Nezumiro 3 by veroro commission - Kagome-Nezumiro 3 :iconveroro:veroro 30 7 Celsia- full sized by Miha-Hime Celsia- full sized :iconmiha-hime:Miha-Hime 4 3


A-Gents - Sabrina Durant - The Hummingbird
Commissioned Art by :icontomosenpai:


Being an Assassin A-Gent was a goal Sabrina Durant strove for. Not out of interest for combat nor any thoughts of striking out. She joined the Assassin's for two reasons. Firstly, the man who saved her was an Assassin and led the class when she ranked. She respected him and wanted to follow somewhat in his footsteps. To do what he did. The second reason was because it was the only class that really fit her. Engineers, Hackers, and Pilots required interests she didn't have. Medics required a steady hand and dexterity for some of the more life dependent treatment, which she didn't have. Sniper, of course, also a Dexterity, she didn't have. Specialists with their explosives and requirement to possibly search an area did not fit, for a mistake with not feeling something would cause great damage. Spies would require her to wear many disguises, some of which her arms might not allow. And she wasn't 100% great at charismatic deception. So all that left was Feral and Assassin.

Of the two, the Feral Class would have fit her better. She has a love of animals, a rather intelligent mind for tracking, and a VERY great skill at hiding. But she refused it and not for her sake. Sabrina feared of her abilities effect on any animal chosen. Loss of sense of touch and the increased weight from their skin being replaced with diamond would have caused her Feral Partner great pain. And she did not want that to happen to anybody or any animal, especially since her favored animals were birds. Yes, the animal partner could have had a suppressor clamped to them, but again Sabrina did not want to force a creature to wear a limiter for the rest of its life. So, Sabrina refrained from becoming a Feral and joined the Assassins.

Should anybody ask what animal she would have chosen, her answer would be quick. A hummingbird. For their Speed and Intelligence. Even now, after she's done her Stealth Training in the Feral Den, you might find her in one of the trees with one of the many birds of the Feral Class. And she will still pay most attention to the smallest of the feathered partners.

Agent 151 - Sabrina Durant belongs to ValkyrieKago 
DAY BY THE LAKE - 015 and 161 - Prompt
PROMPT! (That I swore was due today and not yesterday)

Where Sabrina gets invited to go camping with a friend And they have fun \o/

Word Count - 5,644

015 belongs to hullo-whats-that 
161(now 151) belongs to ValkyrieKago 
Niz A-Gent Collage Comic
There. I farted. I MEAN ARTED......... meh, both.

Whole little comic collage thing of some of the highlights from Niz's life in the Agency.
All for the prompt x-x

1-3) When Niz entered as a Hacker back in late September, it was absolute turmoil. Two of the more known Agents, Ekaterina( TomoSenpai ) and Jessica ( fredward-the-brain ) had just been kidnapped and tensions were incredibly tension-ous.
Here was her first encounter with Oxana ( By-Essence ) who was and Charlie( Luna-ish ).

4) This was one of her first missions. A random encounter with the enemy of the time, Abedah( Miha-Hime ). In this, Niz played eyes by hacking into the club camera. She witnessed 1 death and the injury of Lorelai ( StarScribbles)

5) One of my favorites, a mission where Niz got to show off a bit of Cosplay. She signed on to go against the Neapolitan, Truffle, Parfait, and Sundae. All members of the hacker group know as SWEET. ( mewyhearts  ). This was also one moment where she saw not all 'enemies' are really bad. Parfait, though having the ability to just say 'oh well', did stick with the rules and correct a previous error in a real life hang man.

6-7) Spectre( Death-by-Papercuts ) is one of Niz's favorite baddies, though she won't admit it. Yes, he scares her the most, but only because the man has been moderately(kinda sorta) tolerant of her blocks against him(such as turning his helmet into a stereo for arcade music). Niz is always afraid she may take things a bit too far and make him really angry. A bit of Niz actually likes Spectre as she sees some of herself in the mans actions. Has she not been picked up by the Agency, she's convinced she would have joined Spectre willingly. The same can be said of SWEET.

8) The results of the India Hotel event where all ability users had their abilities sent into overdrive. Niz herself got data from about 100 visual and audio equipment sent through her brain at once. She lost her vision for a full week after this. 

9) This one was earlier this year. When Doctor( Miha-Hime ) kidnapped 005 (StarScribbles ). 005 has been one of Niz's inspirations within Agents and this caused her to panic and send out a mass call to active agents in the area. It still wasn't in time, but she had been really on edge that night.

10) Kind of recently, Niz was in a mission that retrieved these adorable robot bears from Neapolitan and SWEET ( mewyhearts  ). She wen through the bears AI and system and was able to pull a lot of info up on SWEET as a whole. Niz hopes to continue with this one day. Our little Hacker  nicknamed this bear HERMI-1

11) One of the most fearsome beings she has met in the year has only been this past month. Like a bear out of hibernation, 014 appeared to kick everybody's ass or kick anybody's ass. And she's up for either option to be honest. Niz... kinda likes poking her. But the woman has earned her respect within a few short days. And that's an achievement.

There have been many other events and people that have helped Niz grow. I just couldn't put them all in. But I have more gifts coming in the future.

I look forward to continuing in A-Gents past this day! /o/

A-Gent 224, 204, 184 - Nizhoni Parish belongs to ValkyrieKago 
A-Gent 184: Niz Parish by ValkyrieKago

Ekaterina(001) belongs to TomoSenpai 
Oxana(060) belongs to By-Essence
Charlie(161) belongs to Luna-ish 
Abedah and Doctor belong to Miha-Hime 
Lorelai(213)and Selene(010) belong to StarScribbles 
Neapolitan, Truffle, Parfait, Sundae, HERMI-1, and the rest of SWEET belong to mewyhearts 
Spectre belongs to Death-by-Papercuts 

For Mods
Total - 21 Flat Colored Chibis(Counting Heads, but not the Partial of Oxana in Panel 2)
GoGo and 007 - The Witch and The Sniper
The Sniper Top gets a surprise.
A sudden game of 20 Questions with GoGo


007 belongs to TomoSenpai 
GoGo belongs to ValkyrieKago 
A-Gents Mission: DRONE DEFENSE
A mission for A-Gents

WORD COUNT: 10,197

HOST #1 is Luna-ish 
HOST #2 is ValkyrieKago 
136 belongs to KiyokoAmaya 
156 belongs to toychild
196 belongs to Cruzu 
194 belongs to kiako 


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Winter Commission Open

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 25, 2016, 4:03 PM
<da:thumb id="653166559"/>

Hey guys!

My friends Zidlijan is opening commissions.  If you can go and peek at their work and spread their post along, I'd really appreciate it.

Thanks a lot guys!


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