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SuXing was at the beach with Medic Emily Lancaster.  Ok, honestly this was her second time her this week.  A few days ago she had confiscated some old broken half of a coin that was glowing.  She was still curious at why she was called for this mission particularly.  A severed limb would just mean some sailor fell overboard and probably got eaten.

Emily carefully picked up the limb with gloved hands, sticking it into a biohazard bag. She teetered on the balls of her feet, but managed to keep her balance and not plop on her ass on wet sand. "Okay. Did you want to see how I figure out who it belongs to?" She asked, grinning.

SuXing blinked. Looking at the slight blue looked quite decayed, Some of the skin was a bit droopy.  "Ummm, I assume a DNA test?"

Emily scoffed and rolled her eyes. "Well, yes, but also prints and blood typing and later incineration," she listed off. "It's not fresh enough to recycle."

She frowned. "Why would we want to recycle it?"  It's a corpse.  Was Em into the whole Frankenstein thing?

Emily shrugged. "Practice on it. No point if its waterlogged and gooey

SuXing shrugged. "Back to your lab then?"  And if she got creeped out by whatever Em does, back to the room for comfort food.  Like that chocolate ice cream she bought the other day.

"Let's go!" She called out, standing up and time skipping to her lab and tests.

SuXing would follow Em.  Nothing dangerous seemed to be in the area

Emily tells SuXing to take a seat beside her in the lab. She ran the few tests, and let the computer do its job but was surprised  by the quick ping. "Hm?"

SuXing raised another eyebrow.  "Wow, didn't remember DNA tests being that quick."

"If you think that's weird, guess who it belongs to," she said, reading over the results with a grave expression.

"How on earth would I be able to guess that?"

"Because it's a perfect match to you."

SuXing rolled her eyes. "Em that's not funny."

Her arm had been cremated and ashes tossed into the ocean.  She knew this to be true.

Emily shook her head. "I'm not kidding. It's your arm." She showed her the test results.

SuXing frowned as she read the file and as it showed comaprisons.  100% probably that it was her.  She looked at the arm, looked back at the computer, then up at Emily. "Ok...." Still sounded skeptical.  "....howwww?  I'm 100% certain my arm was turned to ash and tossed into the ocean."

Emily shrugged, before suggesting, "weird alien magic? A really gross prank? Or a really good synthetic flesh experiment?"

SuXing blinked and looked at the results again.  Then back up. "Ummm.....can it please?  It's weird and I'd rather burn it and say it was a glitched test”

Emily gave SuXing a sympathetic look. "SuXing, this is too strange and too personal for me to just ignore. Something else could be at work here. You're a Sigma operative, if someone or something can remake your arm and can ensure that you see it yourself..." she trailed off, "It's just too strange."

SuXing just frowned and lookedat the decayed limb.  She held out her hand so that her mechanical one was next to the decaying one.  "....You're right.  You are right and I know it.  But it's just.... a bit disgusting.  And strange."  She closed her hand into a fist and pulled it away.  "Are there any records of something similar to this happening?  In myth or folk lore?  Limbs reappearing?"

Emily pondered for a moment, tapping her fingers against the cool steel of the desk. "I can't say that I have. Spontaneous limb removal, yes. Not them reappearing. I'd have to dig deeper though."

SuXing removed her and and just rubbed her eyes. She looked at the clock.  8pm.  "I will too...but we might want to start it tomorrow...."

Emily nodded, "That might be a better idea. I'll start some looking into it, but most of it will get done tomorrow."

SuXing nods, still rubbing eyes as she lets off a string of mumbled Cantonese then in English she mumbled "I have ice cream that's going to be gone by midnight". It's odd she switch languages.  It's like she wanted Em to know about it.  Almost as if inviting.

"What kind?" She asked, smiling coyly.

The Chinese woman blushed. "Chocolate..."

"Ohhh, my favorite," she said, scooting closer to SuXing.

She smiled back.  "Would you like to come have some with me?"


3am, ice cream is gone and Su is lightly stroking Em's shoulder while they snuggle in her bed.

Emily nuzzled against SuXings neck, feeling nice and relaxed as she felt herself dozing off.

Snuggling with Su is nice.  Nice to just lay with after fun time.  Em would also feel an arm against her side.  Not really rubbing, more like it was just there.  It's not metallic.  And Su's good hand was stroking her shoulder.  SuXing thinks it's Em's arm obviously.

Emily froze in SuXings embrace. "Darling, where's your prosthetic arm?"

"Hmm?" She raised her left hand and looked at the medic questioningly.

She laughed nervously, "haaaaa thought so..." She focused on the arm on her waist and twisted it back. It was now floating in the air. "Please tell me it's just a pervert and not your severed arm we found."

SuXing tenses up immediately.  "...I wish to remind you I would have sense if somebody was watching looks like it's healed apart know..."

"Well that ruined the mood," she grumbled against SuXings neck. "What do we do?" she asked.

"Can we cremate it now?  I'm kind of use to my new arm and don't want it back and I really don't want it following me everywhere."  Em would notice the arm squirmed when Su said she didn't want it back.

Emily frowned and turned to look at the arm in midair. "It seems to want you back," she told her.

"As tempting as that is, it's been half a decade.  And I don't know the cost.  No, I don't want it back at all.  Not worth it."  And the arm slumps, then turns to stone.  A broken stone coin falls to the bed between them.

Emily she blinked and carefully grabbed the coin with the corner of the blanket, before placing it on the bedside table. "Well, that's one mystery solved, but first a nap," she said, smuggling up to SuXing again.

SuXing stared at the coin and back down to Emily.  She would turn and hug Emily while snuggling.  That artifact can be studied later.

Sigma Black - September Prompt - The Arm

DONE WITH roxxiemundar

Had such fun with this.  SuXing x Em is adorbs imo 

236: Soooo, apparently 006 was in the hospital.  Ok.  Ok.  Whyyyyyyyyy? Hearing rumors and reading reports, she'd learn of at least a wound location.  And a sighting of a psycho that escaped.  She went out to NYC, got a gift well card.  Some amusing.... she hoped it'd be OK.  And she'd rush back to the Med Bay and ask if she could go see 006.  She held up the get well card to she came bearing gift.

006: It boded well that he was in the over night observation area according to the large blonde Medic at the front desk. The curtains were drawn back and the pilot was clearly awake, propped up by a stack of pillows behind his back and head. Around his neck was a thick wrap of white bandages with a heavy patch on the right side of his neck. He hadn’t seemed to notice 236 popping in, busy scrolling through his tablet clearly doing some work from the way he pursed his lip. Once he did notice her looming in the corner of his eye, he was so stiff to look at her it almost seemed like he had no neck at all and was so pale even his freckles looked faded but he smiled at her all the same “Well hello~” he chimed happily “What are you doing here?“ but he seemed to find his answer spying the card she was holding up “Oh you didn’t come here to visit me did you?” he piped a little surprised in all honesty, he hadn’t told anyone, specifically because he rather not certain people (i.e. 002) to find out “How did you know I was here?”

236: She gave him a big grin. And tried to move someplace where she figured he wouldn't have to turn as much and therefore(in her mind) he'd be more comfortable.  "Well... kind of checked in on yer office cause we hadn't spoke in a while and I hadn't seen you in the mess or gym.  Then a hacker girl actually came to me to see if you were doing all right.  Annnd, yeah that kind of settled it."  She was doing her best to not make any comment of the obvious neck injury or paleness.  She though he just fell in the hanger or something cause she knew accidents could happen, even to the awesome ones like 006.  She bit her lip though as she considered his question.  She wanted to help in some way and keepin company was the only way she knew how.  Unless he didn't want company.  Only one way to find that out. "If you don't feel good for visitors, I can go.  I won't be offended."

006: "I've a feeling I know which hacker." Answered 006 with a look of pity crossing his face. He had to talk with those on the mission for sure he thought thinking of 169's face that day. He waved his hand though dismissing her worry "Don't be silly." He smiled "When have I ever turned away some company?" He asked and pointed awkwardly to a seat just out of his range of vision unless he turned his ruined neck "Please take a seat." He offered "It's really nice you came down. How have you been? I hope I haven't missed too much fun in the last 12 hours."

236: She looked relieved. "Oh you've missed all the parties." She said it in a tone of voice that made it obvious she was kidding. She went and sat down, hoping he was alright with no eye contact.  "Me?  I've been doing alright.  Not much happening..... did a simulation mission the day before you went to party." She sounded not as perky mentioning that.  Like one who knows they could have done better.  "Oh, and a few days before, 186 and I fixed a Gundam that was damaged.  And he showed me a few ways on just testing them." This made her sound a lot more cheerful.  "We didn't move it out of its station of course.  Just...arm stretches, so to speak."

006: "Knew it, kids always throw the best parties when the parents are out." He grinned, trying his best to spy her from the side "Actually I've heard about that simulation from our friend 094, pretty detailed that one." He eyed her expression regarding that, but smiled at her mention of the gundam "You've such a huge appetite for those big mechs..." He observed, it always seemed to come up around her "... It's good, but I want you to look into studying our more common vehicles, in civilian instances we never use mechs and we need to know how to pilot regular cars, trucks, planes... Even folk lifts. And we need to know how to instruct others about them. I've some books for you to look up." He patted his tablet sitting on his lap.

236: She saw him trying for eye contact and scooted for a better 'to-be-glared-at' position.  If she was gonna get scolded, he should be able to use his eyes in the scolding.  She KNEW a report card was gonna get involved.  All the fun things had report cards.  "I'm a big girl.  Of course I get big appetites for big things..." She paused a moment there as she realized what she said and how it sounded out of context.  That was gonna bite her in the butt later and she knew it.  But she listened to the rest of 006's advice and orders and gave a nod.  "Yes sir." She paused a moment.  "Out of curiosity, what exactly is out duty if we don't happen to be in a seat of a vehicle, sir? I mean, in the simulation, I stayed back and guarded our hacker and tried not to just rush at things.  But I still just felt kinda useless overall." She rubbed her neck as she thought about how little she did on the plane.  "I kinda felt more in the way than anything.  Even if I knew the plane much, there wasn't much to offer in terms of driving.  Unless I drove my teammates nuts."

006: He had one of his typical smiles across his face, 006 was hardly a mean person and took great lengths to not make his sharp eyes look so hostile as they easily could. He had to snort at her slip up though "I expect that sort of thing from 002, not you." He joked but then listened "I understand that was your intent, I saw the video myself." He admitted "The best we can do in that instance is produce as much information about the vehicle as possible. Where things are located, how to presume to move about, any sort of information on the craft and especially when the shouldn't do something. We've a insight to these things."

236: She frowned.  She... yeah, she should have been reading that manual a bit more.  And there was even a video of the event?  Oh dear god, DID HE SEE THE BANANA THING?  Well....she got the 'Professional' comment on that at least.  "So...on a scale from 1 to 6.  With 1 being blah and 6 being.... well, you.  How would you say I did?"  Yes a 1 to 6 scale is awkward.  BUT THE JOKE AND COMPLIMENT WAS THERE!  She wasn't gonna let it pass by.

006: He grinned for a moment and hummed with a thought "I'd say a 2.5... unfortunately I'm a harsh marker." he admitted "But you're still learning. And you did think right to protect our hacker and hang back where the more appropriate classes could take over..." he seemed to think that was fair glancing across the room "Oh I do suppose you earn a extra 0.1 for the banana gag..." his eyes slyly slipped back towards her with a smug smirk on his face.

236: "Well, even digital baddies need some potassium in their life."  She looked up at the ceiling and nodded. 2.6 out of 6 isn't....Too terrible...not really.  "Well...I will admit I was mostly thinkin of 003's and a 068's advice from before.  Not rushing in for a fight.  Protecting 064 wasn't my best time but it was the only hold back activity I could think of at the time and it made the most sense.  Reading the manual though...may have been better in some the cargo hold."  But it seemed like such a waste to hunker down and read a How To book when enemies were about.

006: "Apparently~ Though I thought I was the only one that had a problem with over feeding others." he folded his fingers and twiddled his thumbs waiting for her response, a bit relieved she didn't take it too badly "Well that's true, even for speed demons like us." agreed the pilot boss "My master once told me, the person that attacks first looses, you expose too much information from yourself and you get nothing from them to act on. You'd be surprised how much you can learn from the first few seconds of holding back, that is, if you can afford too. But yes, information is the key to our skill. A hacker might be able to get all the schematics about a vehicle but they have no clue what to do with it from there, a Engineer maybe able to break it down and out it together but that's all they're limited too, its our knowledge how to get in and use it that makes us affective."

236: THUMB TWIDDLER......she did it too as 006 spoke his piece.  She agreed fully with 006's master, whoever that was.  "The only reason I didn't read was cause the first baddie than came down to see us would have caught me focused in the engine of a Boeing diagram.  That'd have been both amusing and probably highly unfortunate."  She really didn't wanna get caught with her nose in a book like that.

006: "And that's precisely why you get a general gist of what they are like before you go on a mission." he smiled at her "It's not your fault, you can't be expected to know all the vehicles in the world, but a boeing at the very least should be one of them since they're such common civilian vehicles and we have been known to use them for military purposes." he had the sense she hadn't want to look into the research material he was giving her "Are you afraid of a bit of homework or is there something else bothering you about this all more?" often, he knew, others hid their true worries under objections and he worried something was upsetting her.

236: She would rub her neck. "Well....AirForceOne Boeing is a tad bit different in my defense." She'd laugh.  "Annnnd homework is always a scary thing, isn't it?"  Well it was.  You don't go through any engineering degree without fearing the homework amounts.  "Hmmm......I can't really think of anything I'm too worried about."

006: "True, the president likes to pimp his ride. The mechanics behind it is usually still fairly similar." he grinned at her response "Try having a Korean mum on your back with home work, you don't know the meaning of scary yet." but he seemed satisfied with her response "Alright then... if you don't mind I'd really like to rest some." his face was still pale and he did look tired.

236: She'd laugh. "Try two dads who are concerned about yourr education.  That MIGHT compare!" At his request she would hop out of the seat quickly and started heading out, feeling bad that she might of been costing him too much energy. "I'm sorry!  Didn't mean to keep you from your rest sir!" She stopped at the exit.  Sheremembered his questioning look about how she knew he was here.  "Should I keep the fact that you're here a secret, sir?"

006: "Ohhh~" he grinned, frankly, he had no idea what one dad was like but he could imagine it "Oh dear that must be tough~" he waved a dismissive hand at her frantic apology with nothing but a small tired smile "It's alright... but ahh... so long as you don't tell 002 I'm in here I'm fine with that... he might chastise me for this." he pointed at his neck with another one of his awkward laughs

236: She'd give him a smile and would salute.  "Very well sir!  You secret is safe with me!"

236 meets 006 AGAIN
RPLog again between the derpy 236 and the awesome 006.


006 belonga to Death-by-Papercuts 
236 belongs to ValkyrieKago
RP Log - Powered by Chips, Soda, and Feels by ValkyrieKago
RP Log - Powered by Chips, Soda, and Feels
224 took the sadness of a pretty face as a challenge to make that pretty face happy again!

Word Count 4,966

Like....90% of this is done by DM By-Essence and 224 (belonging to ValkyrieKago )

But a few others made some posts relating to this and I felt they should get something too. :iconpapcryplz:

003: After being discharged from the medibay, the woman was in her office to handle whatever work she had missed in that time.  The concussion made it harder for her to get back to paperwork while she was in there, but now she was wizzing through it in determination.

236:  She knocked on the door to her office. "Hello?  This is 236?  You in there ma'am?"  Office was always the first place to check in her book.

003: "Hm?  I'm here~ Come in~" she called out, allowing the door the open into her jungle of an office.  She hadn't expected the pilot to stop by, though it reminded her of the trespassers that they managed to wrangle up a little less than a week ago. "A-gent 236?  What can I be of service for?" she greeted them with an expectant smile, sitting herself behind her desk as she could only assume this was some serious business.

236: "Oh" And the pilot would step in and close the door and then turn to stand somewhat at attention. "Ma'am, I came to apologize for my poor choice with regards to the incident about a month ago."  She was expecting another chew out...then again the last top she told this to was rather relaxed and cool about it...and 068 seemed a lot less of a relaxing man.  She wasn't sure of 003's personality so she was a bit worried.

003: She blinked at the case she was presented by the pilot.  So it was all about the combat situation they were in. “Poor choice~?  Please describe and clarify da poor choice you made dere, and for what incident~” Though she asked in a happy ringing tone, she was in a way, acting dumb, wanting the pilot to actually state what they recognize as their poor choice.  After all, different viewpoints see different things.

236: She bit her lip.  She....kinda knew this ploy, but at the moment she believed 003 might not have seen it as a mistake.  Afterall, 006 was rather relaxed about it.  "Well....particularly the one...where I jumped off the half unconscious intruder that you beat (good job btw) to go and kick the other guy in the head when her pulled the gun.  It...well, it seemed like a good idea at the time but my brain was high on adrenaline due to my ability.  And...yeah...I thought about it afterward and realized it was a bad idea as 68 or......former 170 could have taken care of it."  She shuffled her hands behind her back.  Honestly, she had did good as she had landed the kick.  But the first guy got up(albeit dazedly).

003: She smiled with a small tilt of her head. "Seems like we're on da same wavelength Now lemme add a few more points in dere- communication, underestimating, and da desire to protect.  I didn't hear a single word from you since you came through and helped us out Communication is highly crucial between A-gents, and none of us have any idea you were gonna get off da first intruder before he was even tied up~" Her eyes narrowed at her, smile staying. "Underestimate- you thought the attacker was down and out before actually confirming and making sure he was tied up so he couldn't do anything.  Someone may be down, but especially an enemy, they can get back on their feet with shere willpower- you must not let them get that chance.  And lastly da desire to protect- I understand you may have felt alarmed by da battle over on 170 and 184's side, but we need to take care of the battle on our own side before picking up and leave.  170's injuries are horrid, but he is another A-gent, an Assassin, dat can hold out in battle.  Things could happen, but if we hadn't had to resubdued our attacker, we would have been much safer as things could've gotten worse for me, 168, and you.  Understand all dat, A-gent 236?"

236: It was at this point where 236 completely and fully knew 003 was definitely more and more intimidating than any drill sergeant he had in the past.  Why was it always the small ones that were generally intimidating and overall oozing more awesome than any action movie hero?  She bowed her head apologetically. "I understand ma'am."  It was all she really could say.  Sure she had excuses but they didn't mean much at the moment.  She opened her mouth in an attempt to say something else but the only thing that came to mind was an "I'm sorry" again.  She really was feeling horrible about this again.

003: "Hmmmm~" she hummed through the open air after the pilot apologized. "I guess dere is very little discussion here.  You have much time to learn, A-gent 236.  Do better and remember for da future, and dis will be long behind you.  Until then, don't lose focus, or else myself or someone will notice and that won't go unannounced next time.  If dere isn't anything else, you may take your leave~"

236: She gave a nod and turned to leave.  She paused at the door and turned to look at the Feral leader for a moment. "003, thank you for... well.... understanding?" She wasn't 100% sure what she herself meant in this.  003 did reprimand her and made her feel horrible.  But honestly, it wasn't as bas as it could have been.  A certain specialist came to mind again as she said this.  She supposed she was just happy that it was done quickly and fairly.

003: She blinked at the thank you the pilot gave at the door.  Her confrontation smile shifting to a more honest one. "I'll always try to see all sides to a situation, A-gent 236~~  You're not da only A-gent in our history to make mistakes, but it takes a strict scolding to let you move forward to do better.  If you can understand that in turn, then you are on your way to becoming a humble listener- which is also vital to how things work around here."

236: Ok.  This smile seemed nicer.  It really did. She will still tread carefully though.... but still gonna stay friendly cause that's just how she rolls.  "Well... listening is the best way towards understanding as far as I see it.  And acknowledging mistakes I feel also helps with the whole process."  She liked honest smile 003 a lot more, definitely.  It made her think happier thoughts.  Like, wondering if 003 was friendly enough at the moment to breach the topic of possible visits into Feral Den for looking at the baby animals, but she also didn't want to offend 003 by treating the place like a zoo.

003: "Exactly!" she exclaimed happily, grinning widely to see how considerate the pilot was. "If you can't listen, how will you fare in a mission with a team on your shoulders?  If you can't acknowledge mistakes, how will you improve on what you lack?  So next time we're in such a emergency, I expect listening- and also communicating.  It's all a two-way street- and you will do well to balance both necessities."

236: She gave all the nods, 003's happiness was infectious and Jocosa found herself smiling more and more. "Will do ma'am!" And she gave an...overly theatrical salute in an attempt to show just how much she understood.  A weird way to show she understood, but away nonetheless.

003: While the scolding was rather necessary, she felt the air in the office become lighter with their smiles.  She straightened up and saluted back. "That's da spirit~  Have a wonderful rest of your day otherwise, A-gent 236~"

236: She gave a thumbs up and again turned to leave...and again hesitated.  Peeking back in before the door closed, she had to ask.  "So ummm.... if.... let's say a pilot politely asks you if she could, with supervision from another Feral, come look at all the pretty and adorable animals in Feral Den.  What would your response be?"  So close.  She almost made it without asking.  But then she was put back into good mood.

003: The woman was ready to return to paperwork, tapping a stack over the surface on her desk before her attention was drawn back by the pilot. "Hm?" she quirked up a brow at the question. "Well, if they ask me politely, including supervision from another Feral, then I don't see a problem with that.  While we're not a zoo, a lot of da animals would love visitors." she nodded.

236: She would give 003 a thumbs up and just slide out of the office with a grin to leave the impression that 003 was about to get messages in the near future.

236 meets 003
RP Log where 236 meets the tiny, terrifying, and adorable 003

Word Count: 1439

003 belongs to MewShinobi 
236 Belongs to ValkyrieKago


United States


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I got tagged! And its very important.

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RP Comfort Meme

A valuable meme for any role-player!
Come display your comfort levels so your role-play partners are aware of what they can do, and of what they should avoid! A healthy relationship between role-play partners is the key to a good time!
While this meme shows the basics, please remember to communicate with your role-play partners!

Role Play Basics

I am comfortable doing:
 Comment - Fairly nice, but I might delay my replys
 Chats - I reaaaaaaaaaally need more than what the chat provides.  Usually only do these for groups
✔ Notes - Not my favorite as I might forget them
✘ Forum - Wat?
✔✔ Skype - yes plz.  oh heavenly buddha yesplz.
✔ Google Docs - I will prbs forget it after a while tho

I am comfortable with:
✔✔✔ One on one role plays. - My fave <3
  Up to three people. - I can handle
✔ Up to four people. - Only for an event....but managable
✔ Five or more people! - Only for an event.  Tend to get lost in them rather easily though.  Adn they can be godly slow.
✘ As big as possible! - Nope

Post Length
I usually write about:
 One or two sentences. - An good method.  Simple quick, too the point.
 One or two paragraphs. - My usual methods these days.
✔ Two to five paragraphs. - I wish.  But I'm not that good.
✔ More than five paragraphs. - WOT?
 A few pages worth. - I dont have the attention span for this.  But I know some who are.....coughcoughMEWcoughSHICHIcoughcough

I am comfortable role-playing with people who write:
 One or two sentences. - These are nice and claming
 One or two paragraphs. - Yiiiiiiis
✔ Two to five paragraphs. - Yeah, make my posts feel inferior. ;-;
 More than five paragraphs. - I will request a TL;DR
 A few pages worth. - I will request a TL;DR for the TL;DR

Role-play Requests
I like getting requests from:
 Anyone and everyone at any time! - Err...any time might be pushin it
 When I ask for role-plays. - I'd love to.
✔ From friends and acquaintances. - Bring it on
✘ From friends only.  - Naaaah, I'm rather cool with everybody

Romantic Relationships
** Important: Communication is the key to a real life relationship, it shouldn't be abandoned for a fictional on either! Be sure to talk to your partners when considering romance!

I am comfortable shipping my characters:
✘ Never. 
✘ Our character know each other deeply. 
✔ Our character know each other deeply, and I know I can trust the role-player. - The preferred method u-u
 At the first sign of flirting! - ....I'm guilty of brain does this all the time anyway
 Only if the role-player and I plan it. - I've made charas for charas before and not ashamed!
✔ It depends on the character. - I enjoy this method most tho.  See if our charas hit it off.

If you want to ship with my characters:
✔ Talk to me about it from the start. - I always like to ask.  Just to avoid embarrassments.
✔ Talk to me about it once our characters know each other.
✔ Talk to me about it once they both have some feelings for each other.
✔ Talk to me about it when they finally decide that want to go beyond hugging.

When shipping my characters, I like the romance to happen:
✘ Swift as lightening! - Only if its a time skip.  And even then we gotta make some kind of history.
✘ Fast, but not super fast. - time skip
 Happens in about three months. - time skip, but I can handle this
 Slow and steady wins the race.
 Slugs know what's up!
 My relationships know no speed. They happen if they happen. -Ooooh, the best method available.  

When my characters gets intimate, I prefer:
✔ To skip the act entirely. 
✔ To write the build up, but skip the act.
✔ To write the act only if it is very special, but otherwise skip it.
✔ To write the act all the way through.
Depends on who I RP with honestly.  And the character.

Romantic Artwork
When it comes to artwork depicting our relationship please:
✔ Do not post it at all without talking to me. - Yeah.  I like to know about it at least before hand.
✔ Post it if it is cuddles and hugs.
✔ Post it if it is kisses.
✔ Post it if it is much more.
✘ Do not post it at all if it depicts sexual acts! - I'M A GROWN PERV, I CAN SEE!....wait, wat?
✘ Do not post it where I can see it, but draw what you like! - You better show me my charas =3=

** Important: Always be sure to communicate with your partner individually if you think you are about to go outside their comfort zones even just the slightest bit!!

When it comes to violent situations, I am comfortable with:
✘ No violence at all! - I'm cool with punch kicky stabby ouo
 I'm fine with verbal arguments! - I actually tend to avoid these.  
✔ Some violence, like a paper cut, or an accidental elbow to the face. - How does one accidentally elbow a person in the face?  
✔ Mild violence, such as punching, kicking, hair pulling. - NOT THE HAIR!
✔ Violence, such as stabbings. - long as it's not Killy McShankovitch.  She bites.
✔ Beyond violence, such as torture and more. - Really depends.

If you are going to do something violent, please:
✘ Don't do it at all.
✔ Talk to me about it first. - I'd like to know before hand to get into the mindset and heck, I'd even name a few of my charas weak points to make it interesting.  I doubt I'll allow sudden death tho.
 Surprise me! - Nooooo.  

Dramatic Artwork 
✘ Do not post any dramatic scenes that that happened between our characters. - Who asks this? 
 Talk to me about it before posting! - I'd like to know about it.
✔ Post what you like! - Yeah!  

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Zomg~! It is the amazing Kagome~! =v=
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