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GoGo - A FATED MEETING :iconvalkyriekago:ValkyrieKago 2 3
234 meets 224 and 181
234: She had been trying to avoid all of the recent chaos with this...admittedly strange new headquarters, but unfortunately even the Hacker needed food. As soon as she had her lunch- or was it dinner? She kept losing track of the time in her room- she inched her way to a table in the very corner of the room. Her sweater was having her overheat as always, but May tried her best to ignore it and instead occupied herself with neatly cutting through her chicken and sipping from her glass of icewater. I should have gotten it to go.
224: She too was trying to avoid chaos. In fact, she was sitting underneath the table to eat her sub sandwich with the plate in her lap. This SEEMED like the best place to hide from people while eating... back to wall. So long as nobody sat just h- OH GOD. Who is this? There's a person here. They were.... wearing grey. That means hacker, right? But she didn't recognize these legs. It didn't look like 044. And it definitely was 054 or 004. Niz silently ate
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Diba Reference :iconvalkyriekago:ValkyrieKago 8 3 A-Gent 186: Diba :iconvalkyriekago:ValkyrieKago 7 9 Origami Buddies :iconvalkyriekago:ValkyrieKago 1 3 Niz Reference Art 2 :iconvalkyriekago:ValkyrieKago 16 9 A-Gents NYC - Robot Wars? :iconvalkyriekago:ValkyrieKago 5 12
224 meets 218 - Of Color Ghosts and Future Pranks
Nichita walked into the hacker area and looked around. Hm, for hackers being home bodies, there certainly weren’t any home. He did however see Niz, doing…something, he couldn’t really tell.  He walked to her desk, eyeballing the messy one he knew to belong to 194 a little further away. He knocked. “My arm is malfunctioning.”
She was currently in a shootout with a gang in game. "Sound like a medical probl-" She had glanced young man and went quiet as she paused the game as she spotted the prosthetic. "Oh.... Hello." She spun her chair to face the specialist and looked him up and down. Yup. He was cute. "Guess I can fix it... how is it malfunctioning?"
The arm twitched and smacked something off of her desk. He stared at her with an even face. “Its not responding correctly to commands. I think it may have a virus. The engineer didn’t find any physical defects.”
She stared back... and he noticed her eye twitch when he knocked something o
:iconvalkyriekago:ValkyrieKago 0 1
207, 189, and 181 - Faults and Improvement
236: She is currently weightlifting in the gym. She had recently done her bosses little 'get lost and find your way home assignment' annnnd that wasn't as fun as it sounded. BUT SHE PASSED! That was good. So she took and nap and went to the Gym to just burn off come calories and think. Thinking was good when lifting weight.
224: She KNOWS snipers are still around. She KNOWS this. And is extremely wary. She hopes to see them and run before they get a chance to shoot. :iconnizwtfplz: If she had it her way, she'd stay in the lab. But she has to go get food.... So she's making her way to the cafeteria.
207: The hacker would luckily have her moment of peace while the sniper changed his target to the pilot. After his first failure, he was determined to get the next shot right. This time his target was in the gym, and he stepped in the area was a careful weight on his steps. Staying behind walls and large equipment with his wings, he dipped the dart in fresh pink paint and loaded his nerf gun
:iconvalkyriekago:ValkyrieKago 0 1
236 and 179 - Misplaced Cheer
236: Jocosa was… well she was feeling better compared to the days of the past few weeks.  211 had reprimanded her for overtraining too much.  And she had to admit, he was right.  She had been overworking.  And so now she was trying to relax.  Stop running around practicing the Mechas and Exosuits.  Stop trying to run laps, you’re not built for speed.  She just needs to relax some.  And yet, there’s still that part of her that wants to keep moving.  It's probably an effect of her ability… or she’s just gets bored if she’s not moving.  Yeah, probably option two.  AND SO she decided to go swimming.  Not really aiming to do laps or to test herself to see how long she can breath underwater.  Just swim.  For fun.  
And that is why Jocosa had to go and buy a new swimsuit as she realized the only one she had was a scuba suit.  She wasn't sure if she was supposed to keep it in cla
:iconvalkyriekago:ValkyrieKago 0 1
224, 218, 233, 194 - Grilled Cheese
224: She is jogging through the hallways of the base. There's a track in the gym. Treadmills too. But you know what? Fuuuuuuuck that noise. The gym is full of death and explosions. She'll jog someplace safes, thank you. :iconnizwtfplz:
218: Watches the hacker who put games on his arms pass him for the second time now in the hallways. :iconwthplz: What is she doing? "....." Awkward wave.
224: Jog Jog Jog j- hey, its shorty specialist. Ehhh... break is fine. 2 laps is good for now, yes? "Suuuup."
218: "....Why are you running in the hallways?" He asked, looking a bit confused. Was something else going haywire today?
224: Hmmm. How to say it. "Because the Gym is a death trap." Yup. Really, there's no better way to put it. Is 224 helping any stereotypes about hackers hating the gym? No, she's not. And quite frankly she and the bruise on her upper back don't care. Well... she can probably explain better. " proved that yesterday. Did you know treadmills can explode?"
218: "Everything c
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181 meets 251
181: Sabrina Durant is new to Alpha base.  So what should se do?  Why, orientate herself to her new surroundings, of course.  Maybe meet some of her coworkers at least to a point to put a name and number to a face.  This is the reason she chooses to wander around ATZ first.  Get to know who should and should not be here.
251: -thump-thump-thump- There would be a thumping noise echoing from a part of the training zone, where one, from a distance, could notice the appearance of a bunch of training dummies. Each in a well refined suit. -thump-thump-thump- continued the noise. Upon closer inspection, one would notice a person in a suit and pompadour styled hairdo deliver blows to these dummies. But not your usual kind of martial arts blows. Odd ones. Like an old friend or lover was smacking and palming too hard around, checking for weaknesses. A trained eye would notice this.
181:  Then she would indeed notice.  She stepped into the area, but kept along t
:iconvalkyriekago:ValkyrieKago 1 3
GoGo Reference Sheet :iconvalkyriekago:ValkyrieKago 1 4 Kingdom of Keys - Mava :iconvalkyriekago:ValkyrieKago 8 2 Late Secret Santa Part 2 - Where's the Tree :iconvalkyriekago:ValkyrieKago 6 9
Sigma Black - Diligent
The man watched through the observation window. All the scientist milling about. Such diligent workers. And they had done exteremly well. The head scientist had just handed him a case containing two prototype vials and a storage device with how to create the compund. They had done extremely well so far. Animal trails had succeeded iwth flying colors. But next was the human trials. First small scale, then larger. He nodded as the head scientist smiled and went back into the lab. And then the sound of heels. He smiled.
The blonde secretary walked up and hugged his arm. She had been such good companion. He met her while hiking... such a simle activity he did on rare occasions. And every since, she has been with him. By his side. When his father passed. When he was left with the vast fortunes. She had been there though it all, supporting him.
"The doors are locked love."
"Thank you. They've done well" He held out the two vials of purple liquid.
The woman picked up a vial and stared at its
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A date gone wrong.

Just a little NYC thing I did last Sunday with Kai. And Neye helped. *hugs them both*

Word Count: 6414

GoGo and 181 belongs to ValkyrieKago 
251 belongs to Kaiju-Borru-Zetto 
102 belongs to Neye 
234: She had been trying to avoid all of the recent chaos with this...admittedly strange new headquarters, but unfortunately even the Hacker needed food. As soon as she had her lunch- or was it dinner? She kept losing track of the time in her room- she inched her way to a table in the very corner of the room. Her sweater was having her overheat as always, but May tried her best to ignore it and instead occupied herself with neatly cutting through her chicken and sipping from her glass of icewater. I should have gotten it to go.

224: She too was trying to avoid chaos. In fact, she was sitting underneath the table to eat her sub sandwich with the plate in her lap. This SEEMED like the best place to hide from people while eating... back to wall. So long as nobody sat just h- OH GOD. Who is this? There's a person here. They were.... wearing grey. That means hacker, right? But she didn't recognize these legs. It didn't look like 044. And it definitely was 054 or 004. Niz silently ate her sandwich for a few to ponder this moment. But then opted to just go ahead and greet who she assumes to be a new person by knocking on the bottom of the table. :iconnizwtfplz:

234: Holy- the table. May was incapable of stopping herself from jumping in shock, her knees knocking into the edge of the table as she recoiled away instinctively. Her first thought was that perhaps a Feral had left their partner behind, or an animal was hanging around for scraps- but then, what animal knocked? May closed her eyes and took a deep breath, steeling herself, before she tentatively ducked her head under the tabletop. Her eyes widened slightly when she spotted the true artist of the knocking: a fellow Hacker, with a beautiful cocoa complexion and bright eyes. "Um...hello," May finally managed, blinking once.

224: She blinks in return, seemingly unabashed that this hacker found her under the table like this. "Yá'át'ééh." She gives a little wave. "Hiding from snipers. Sorry. Some Valentines Day thing where they're playing cupid with nerf darts." She hoped this was a reasonable explanation. Niz thought it was anyway. "Name's Niz. Rank's 224." She gave the woman a thumbs up.

234: A flicker of interest sparked in May's eyes at the foreign lilt of an unfamiliar language, and then she blinked again, slowly mulling over Niz's explanation. After a second she cleared her throat, realizing she'd forgotten to return the thumbs up gesture- she did so as best as she could, what with her gloved hands half-swallowed by her sleeves, and answered faintly, "Rank 234; I prefer May, though." After a pause, she took a breath and glanced over her shoulder. "What is the point of these darts? Do they actually work like Cupid's arrows, or are they just...aesthetic?"

224: She jsut watches 234 clear her throat. She just takes a bite of her sandwich as she waits for the hacker to speak. "Not sure, May. I am 90% certain it's just nerf darts and paint. All the same, I don't wanna have to clean paint off my clothing or out of my hair if I can help it." She nods.

234: "I...alright." May simply shook her head and dropped her hands back in her lap, still half-bent over to peer under the table. After a moment she shifted so that she was laying on her side, seemingly unbothered by the stark strangeness of this entire situation. Why would anyone want to shoot around Nerf darts soaked in paint for Valentine's Day? May silently prayed that none of that paint would find its way on her sweaters. "I can't blame you for hiding, then," she offered dully.

224: "I know right?" Munches on sandwich and watches the hacker jsut lay there. This was, if anything, a bit amusing. "So.... how long you been here for? Havent seen yo around..." Then again, Niz wasn't the worlds most observant creature outside of a computer.

234: May breathed out a barely audible sigh and rested her cheek against her wrist. It was nice, sometimes, wearing so much padded clothing. It made for a lovely pillow at basically any time she desired one. "Not long," she admitted. "A few days. I was transferred from HQ03." Curiously, May's eyes flickered over the other Hacker again. "How long have you been here?" Her question- and actions- insinuated that she had at least resided at HQ01 for a few months.

224: "Almost 5 months?" She tilted her head thinking about that. "Yeah, almost 5 months. Well, I'm happy to have you about, May! It's pretty nice around here. Even when the pilots and snipers are being silly." :iconkermityesplz:

234: Her eyebrows twitched upwards slightly as if impressed, but on the inside May was also relieved. Not only had she found another Hacker who was similarly reserved, but Niz was also a bit of a newcomer. She had enough experience to help the both of them maneuver at headquarters, but not so much that she viewed May as inferior. "Thank you," May said softly, her expression melting into a gentle and genuine smile. "I'm happy I ran into you- or, rather, sat at your table..."

224: "As am I, May." She finishes her sandwich and just watches the other hacker. "Soooooo, why the coat?" She blinked. It wasn't that cold in here. Maybe it was a fashion thing?

234: She felt her cheeks turning pink as Niz ate the rest of her meal and then proceeded to observe her. May was usually the one doing the observing, so this Given how off guard she already was, she wasn't exactly prepared for Niz's sudden question- especially since it centered around her sweater. May self-consciously tucked her sweater in, though it bunched upon itself in soft folds of gray and only seemed more noticeable as a result. "I can't be touched," she explained quietly.

224: "Oh...." An assassin recently gave a similar answer as to why she was wearing a coat. Niz just tilted her head and opted to avoid pushing the subject. "It looks good on you. And looks comfortable." She hoped that was enough to let the poor girl off the hook.

234: God, she hated that look; it was always the same, a mix of pity and morbid curiosity. Still, it was better than the disgust she had been met with the one time she'd tried to own up to the fact that her skin was an active and ever-present threat. A small smile touched May's lips at Niz's attempt to steer the conversation back to shallower waters, and she gladly followed along. "It's very soft," May admitted, almost proud. She deftly plucked at the edge of her sleeve and pulled it outwards, till the hand inside was enveloped away in a cushion of fabric. Without really thinking if anyone would find it odd, she held out the "safe" stretch of sleeve for Niz to touch.

224: She didn't think it was odd and reached out and touched the sleeve to feel the material. She was originally jsut spouting whatever to avoid awkward topics, but the coat realy was soft. "Very comfy indeed." Touchy Touchy. "What store did you get it at? I might go get one myself... do they have one in purple?"

234: May smiled slightly at the instant change of Niz's expression, studying her as the other Hacker admired the fleecy sleeve. "I had it shipped online," she admitted. Shopping was not only hazardous but...very difficult for May, considering the fact that she wore at least two layers of thick clothing at all times and could not handle human contact. She also tended to look very odd going around and pressing her palms against everything to see if it was soft enough for her tastes, and then surreptitiously pulling her gloves back on each time. "I could show you the page? I don't remember where I ordered it from." Ah, the wonders of Amazon.

224: "Yes please. That'd be awesome." She looked around. "I should robably get up from here since I'm done.... you still got food topside?" Again she tapped the table above her head.

234: She only registered her surprise with a sudden blankness of expression at Niz's reminder, and even that was quickly wiped away as she forced a smile. "Right...yes." She'd completely forgotten. May flashed an apologetic smile before taking back her sleeve and sitting up, poking at her dinner with disappointment. Stone cold.

224: She peeked over the edge to watch 234 poke the cold meal. "Whoops..... sorry."

234:  May couldn't help but wince slightly at the unexpected appearance of her new acquaintance, easily surprised as always- though she quickly waved a hand to allay Niz's fears.  "It's not your fault," she admitted honestly.  "I completely forgot I was supposed to be eating."

224: She gave a thumbs up and looked around. "If you want, you can get it to go." It didn't LOOK like there were any snipers near by. So she hesitantly sat in the chair. "Or you can eat it here. I'll stick with you."

234:  "Really?"  May blinked rapidly at Niz's unexpected offer to stay.  After a half a second, she leaned closer and whispered as if discussing highly confidential information.  "But what about...the paint darts?"  May looked for all the world as if she were completely serious, with her dark brown eyes round and solemnly fixed on Niz's face.

224: "Yooooou can't scare me off that easily." Hurry up and get your food girl, this is horrifying. "Besides, I don't see anymore sniper pink."

234:  A small grin softened May's expression before she leaned back, seeming to smile to herself as she neatly arranged her plate.  "I've never not scared anyone off before," she said cheerfully.  Though her hands were mostly engulfed in her sleeves, she was still quite deft at organizing what was likely salvageable with her fork.  She glanced up for a moment before she stood, narrowing her eyes just slightly.  "No pink?"

224: "The Sniper Color is apparently Pink in this place. Not sure why, but it is." She gave a nod. "Its for those super stealthy types." She nodded wisely. "For as we all know, Pink is the best color to hide in."

234:  How very odd.  "Ah, of course," May said, touching a hand to her forehead as if she couldn't believe she had forgotten.  "Alright, then I'll watch for pink while I get a box."

224: She chuckled. "Alrighty!" And she will wait.

234:  Getting a box was not difficult, and unsurprisingly, neither was keeping an eye out for any pink.  May hastened back to the table in the corner anyway, though, not wanting to leave Niz alone for too long.  She knew all too well what that felt like.  She held up the box just before she reached the table, and May smiled as she bent over, transferring her chicken and rice from her plate.  "Paint darts avoided," she announced.

224: Niz is fine with being alone. By the time May got back, Niz has a USB in her mouth as if it were a toothpick. She was bobbing her head as if listening to music and then May arrived. "Mission success Agent May." Thumbs up.

234:  Curiosity glowed in May's eyes at the sight of the USB; it was not an unfamiliar thing at all, but it was odd to see one in a person's mouth.  She watched for a second until her curiosity got the better of her.  "Is that...part of your ability?"  She gestured at the USB with her fork in case she wasn't clear enough.

224: She blinked and nodded. "My mouth is essentially an access point to the human hard drive." She taps the side of her head to show she meant the brain. "Can read, listen, and See What's on a storage device as long as its in my mouth."

234:  May's eyes widened until she felt as if they might just pop out of her head.  No...way.  What she wouldn't give for that kind of skill!  She was certain that her awe had to be showing- had her jaw really dropped open?  Right, so it had- but she didn't really care.  "That is absolutely fascinating," May managed at long last.

224: Niz likes attention and people thinking she's awesome. So she approves May's reaction. Yessss. She almost glows as her ego swells. "I know right?" She wasn't gonna tell May that it opened her up to taking on computer viruses and risking her memory getting kerfuffled. She liked just the awe May was in now. Keep that, please.

234:  If only she had a nonlethal- and handy- gift like that.  May couldn't help but stare for a few seconds longer before shaking her head quickly and gathering up her boxed chicken, self-consciously tucking back her mess of brown hair.  "That must be unbelievably useful," she murmured.  "Especially in our field."  She paused before glancing back at Niz again.  "I've actually never been beyond the Hacker Bay...where do you like to go around here?"

224: "It's more of a spy ability I find. I can also store what I see and hear onto devices." She nodded. She liked boast. "Hmmm.... I enjoy the common room, the pool, my room, annnnd.... the kitchen is never bad. Arts and Rec can be fun." Niz obviously wasn't the shy hacker archtype.

234:  Now things were just insane.  Niz was a walking computer.  Envy practically coursed through May's veins as she tried not to envision how helpful that kind of ability would have been for her- and how easy to hide.  Clearly, though, Niz didn't see any need to hide it.  She practically radiated pride.  May wished for a second that she could feel the same way about her own ability.  She shook the thought away with a small toss of her head, mulling over Niz's options with a surprised look.  There were that many rooms here?  Obviously the pool isn't an option.  She hadn't been swimming since the age of six.  "What is Arts and Rec?" she asked after a brief pause.

224: She opened one eye. She could tell May was getting upset. She was curious about May's ability... it must be terrible. But she won't push. "Art Room, Music stuff, art stuff, good place to draw and listen in your own time."

234:  May perked up visibly at the mention of music.  God, she loved music.  "Do you know anyone here who plays?" she asked, clutching her chicken a bit closer to her abdomen.  It was almost too much to hope for.

224: "Iiiii play video game?" She smiled, knowing that's not what the hacker meant. "And I can dance. Unfortunatly, I don't know any who can play music. But I'm sure there are some he- Oh wait. There's an assassin.... forget his number.... one of the lower ranked ones. He can play guitar."

234:  Her lips twitched upward slightly at Niz's teasing, but she didn't let her hope dissipate until she heard the "unfortunately."  May perked up, though, when she heard about an assassin with a guitar.  It wasn't much, but it was something.  And anyway...she was interested in something else now.  "You dance?" she asked, tilting her head and trying to imagine it.  It was actually easy.  Niz had a very sleek sort of figure, and May could picture her in a long room with the glass mirrors; maybe even a ballet bar, if that was her thing.

224: "Yup. Mom insisted I take up ballroom dancing." She let out an exhausted sigh. "Mom insisted I take up dancing when I was younger. No idea why. Buuut I turned it around on her and got to do my own kind of dancing." Yes, Niz can dance the robot. And do it freestyle

234:  "Ballroom."  May tried to hide a smile- it didn't work so well.  Niz was already beautiful, but in a long ballroom gown, spinning across a bejeweled floor...?  Her envy knew no bounds, it seemed.  This time it was easy to hide, though, because she felt happy for the other woman.  "Well, in a way then you ought to thank her," May teased.  "She did introduce you to something you like, even if it was by accident."

224: "Sshhhhhhh, don't say it outloud. I want to block those thoughts out." She joked. "I bet you can dance well..." She tilted her head. "Can you?"

234:  May took a second to consider Niz's question before shrugging honestly.  "I'm okay at it.  I mean, I've never taken any formal lessons...and I've never danced with a partner before, so no one saw the point in me taking training."  It didn't bother her much.  Dancing had just happened to be a part of theatre, and she'd kind of taken it as a part of the whole.  She loved to watch it, but she wasn't the greatest dancer herself.  

224: She gave a nod. "I bet you're awesome"

234:  The faintest blush colored May's cheeks, but she shook her head slightly.  "Strictly average, I'm afraid."

234:  "Why don't you show me?"  May blinked curiously and settled into a small smile, seeming at ease for the first time since arriving in the new headquarters.  "You do seem mighty sure of yourself..."

224: "Me show you how well you can dance?" She raised an eyebrow.

234:  May took half a second and then laughed quietly.  "No, I mean show me how you can dance.  And this Arts room, I suppose."  She raised both her eyebrows right back at the other Agent's perplexed look, staring at her expectantly and hiding a smile.

224: "Ummm..... what kind? I mean... I can bring up something up I guess.... haven't had an audienc here before." She was certain not many people around here liked dubstep.

234:  "Whatever comes to mind.  I'm not picky."  She wondered briefly about Niz's comment about audiences- if she had taken dance lessons, wouldn't people have watched?  Or did she mean her personal preference for dance?- before deciding that it didn't matter.  If Niz wasn't comfortable, she wouldn't push it on her, but she'd seemed quite sure before.  May was a curious person and now that her interest had been piqued, she really wanted to see how good Niz was.

224: "Hmmm..." She would think about it on the way to the Arts and Rec room. Wondering exactly what to dance. See, lessons had an audience, but those were less judgmental.... well they were, but ehh. Personal requests were so... personallllll.

181: Upon entering the arts and rec, there is a single assassin sitting in the corner. A crutch propped against the armchair as she's reading silently.

224: Seeing the tiny woman she pointed. "Maybe another time. Don't wanna disturb her. She's rather attached to her books." SAFE! She hopes.

234:  May was more than happy to follow along, though she stuck as close as she dared to the other Hacker's side as they walked.  She made sure to carefully note their path in her mind, quickly sketching out a mental map and searing it into her brain before she realized with a start that they were there.  Niz pointed outwards with a sudden declaration, and May felt her heart sink as she spotted another person.  If not for Niz, she would have just backed away quickly and been done with it all- she wasn't a people person if she could help it- but then Niz mentioned books, and May faltered, hovering halfway through the door.  " you know her?" she whispered, trying her best not to draw attention to them.

181: Depending on how observant 234 is, she may see that the assassins eyes doo veer toward then for half a second before going back to her Agatha Christie Novel. Something that might be more striking about this assassin is that like 234, she is wearing a coat that completely covers her arms. WITH gloves.

224: "181. Silent book nerd that doesn't like relaxing." She nods.

234:  She barely listened to Niz's response once the other Hacker nodded; she was still hung up on the fact that she was a bookworm.  Apparently, anyway.  Yet when she peered around the door again to get a better glimpse, May saw that 181 did indeed have a novel in her hands.  Not only was she reading intently, but she was also dressed differently- with a long-sleeved coat and gloves.  May's eyes widened imperceptibly for a moment as she took this information in, and then she glanced uncertainly towards Niz.  "Do you know her name?" she asked softly.  May hadn't had much opportunity to voice it, but she really hated referring to other human beings as numbers.

224: Sigh. "She doesn't go by a name. 'All Agents should go by their rank' was her response when I asked her name"

234:  Well, that only made her even more curious.  May bit her lip, thoroughly torn as to what to do at this point- she could almost taste the disdain in Niz's voice, but then Niz had been so kind to her....yet 181 already seemed so similar to May herself.  Did she have a dangerous ability or something to hide too?  Was she just as lonely and isolated?  "Everyone has a name," May murmured half to herself, still watching the other girl across the room.

224: It was less disdain and more frustration really. "I know, but she insists. Maybe you can get to her.... I'm fairly certain she doesn't like me."

234:  May glanced at her companion and thought for a moment.  "Do you read much?"

224: She thought about the sheer amount of pornography and fanfics she had on one of her USB's. "Not much, no."

234:  "That might be a barrier," May admitted, bringing a sweatered hand up to her chin.  The other still clutched her food.  "As a bookworm myself, I can safely is easier to relate to fictional characters than most human beings."

224: She nodded. Yes, that is all true. But she didn't bring up the fact that 181 was about as friendly as an alligator with a toothache.

181: She continued to read. Her only movements turning a page.

234:  Indecision etched itself into every line of May's nervous frown, and she fidgeted before taking half a step forward.  "Should we at least say hello?" It seemed rude to just burst in and then leave without saying anything to truly acknowledge the woman they'd disturbed.

224: She'd sooner leave. "If you want." She'd really sooner leave though. Last time they spoke, 181 had treated her like a child. She didn't approve of that.

234:  May could tell that Niz wasn't high on the idea.  Still, though....  "I can make it up to you?" she offered hesitantly.  "Maybe meet for breakfast...?  I don't...expect you to stick around and listen to two nerds talk about their favorite books."  That is, if 181 even talks to me.

224: "Naaah. Hackers gotta stick together. I'll follow you though..."

181: She was wondering how long the hackers were going to take. She's not an animal in a zoo.

234:  Wow.  No one had ever stuck through with her before, especially not a practical stranger.  She gave Niz a grateful look before hesitantly slipping inside the room, taking a deep breath and walking towards 181 as confidently as she could.  It seemed as if the other woman was still fully aware of their presence.  When May was about two yards away, she hesitated and then apologized, "I'm sorry if I'm disturbing you- I'm just wondering what it is you're reading."  The book looked familiar.

181: She was flipping through her book and looked up at 234 upon her questioning with eyebrow raised. She took in 234's appearance. Making note of the coat, but not commenting. Instead of verbally answering she just showed the book cover at her. 'The Body in the Library' by Agatha Christie.

224: She kept behind 234. Not likeing the tiny assassin

234:  May refused to flinch under the other woman's scrutiny, waiting patiently until 181 simply showed her the cover of her novel.  Leaning closer, May's eyes brightened as she read the title.  "Ah," she said, seeming slightly more animated.  "You're a Christie fan?"

181: She has a thing with people approaching her. So she leaned back a little when 234 leaned in. But, the book didn't move. "Yes." She answered simply. "And other mystery novels."

234:  May quickly noted 181's reaction and subtly leaned back again, keeping a respectable distance for the other woman's comfort.  She wondered for a split second if 181 knew what was wrong with her.  I doubt it.  She probably just values her personal space.  "I love a good mystery novel," 234 admitted, "though fantasy is likely my favorite genre.  Christie was a true revolutionist for thrillers though."

181: She gave a nod. "....which is your favorite?" She liked this hacker. More than the one behind her. And which she didn't know EXACTLY what was wrong, she could guess that her ability required concealment. Whether for protection or concealment, remains unclear.

234:  "Of Agatha's work?"  May paused for a moment to think, almost having completely forgotten Niz behind her.  She was completely in her element here.  "I have to say...likely Five Little Pigs.  But I also harbor a fondness for Curtain.  Poirot was one of my favorite literary characters in mystery, so I can never quite forget that final case..."

181: "I like Poirot as well" She gave a nod. "But I was referring to what was your favorite fantasy novel?"

224: Oh great. They're both book nerds. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORING. -nizwtfplz- Tho... 181 was talking. What the hell woman?

234:  A bit of color flushed in May's pale cheeks, but she didn't seem too flustered as she nodded in understanding.  "Right, sorry.  In all honesty, I'm not too sure...though the first one I read that introduced me to it all was Eragon.  I love the entire series, though Inheritance might be my favorite of the four."

181: She blinked. "I have not read Inheritance, but I have the other 3. I prefer Tolkien" She gave a nod. "Hard to beat him..."

224: Eragon was a crap movie. Good effects tho. She starts looking around. Wondering what to do while these two talk forever.

234:  "Tolkien is definitely a challenge to the up and coming," May agreed, allowing a smile, "but I think that Martin succeeded.  His novels are admittedly better than the series HBO made."

181: She gave a nod, again. "Indeed. It makes you wonder what is going through the auythors mind though... at points."

224: "Something sick and twisted, I'm sure." She muttered from her corner where she has sat down and popped a USB into her mouth. She was gonna read Manga.

234:  She nodded with barely contained excitement, seemingly ready to launch into an eager exultation of Martin's genius- and then May remembered Niz.  Shame flushed her cheeks as she turned back towards the other Hacker, and she struggled for the right words.  "N-no- well- it all depends," she said weakly, before holding out her hands helplessly.  "I'm sorry.  I got carried away.  Did you want to go somewhere else?"

224: She waved her hand. "No no, you have fun. Don't worry."

181: ....  She expected Niz to be more pouty, so she was pleasantly surprised. "If you wish to borrow a book, I can lend you any from my library."

234:  May wasn't sure if the invitation was for her or Niz- or both- so she simply glanced between the two other women and smiled uncertainly.  Wow.  A half ago, you had no friends, and now you're holding a conversation.  With two people.  She brushed her hair out of her eyes self-consciously and then smiled, glancing back at 181.  "I'd like to return that invitation," she said, the ends of her lips quirking up.  "By the way, I'm 234- though I'd rather be called May."  She might have overstepped some kind of boundary, but May really didn't like being called a number.

181: It was to her. 181 still doesn't like Niz. "Thank you" She set the book in her lap. "I am 181. And I am sorry, I prefer to go by our given ranks within the Agency." It wasn't said in anger. It was just a statement. No negative tone of voice.

234:  "Ah, that's fine," May murmured, glancing at the book a final time before tracing the outline of 181's face with concealed curiosity.  "I take it you've been here a while?"

181: "A month" Another short response. She didn't sound annoyed. She didn't sound upset. She didn't sound excited either. "You are new?"

234:  "Yes," May admitted, though she didn't seem ashamed of it.  "I was transferred."

181: She nodded. "From where?" It's as if she was reading off a list.

234:  "HQ03."  She shrugged simply and then folded her arms across her chest.  "Did you start out here?"

181: She shook her head. "I trained at HQ04 and HQ02." Sabrina tilted her head. Body language 101, folding arms is psychologically defensive. So Sabrina will relent a bit. "I hope you are enjoying your time here." She even offered a little smile. Not sure if it's fake or not, but it's reassuring the assassin does smile.

234:  Goodness, this woman seemed so...flat.  May wasn't sure if it was true or if it was a defense mechanism, but as 181 disguised her own analysis, May did the same, brightening at the sight of a smile.  "Well, thank you," she said happily, looking back towards Niz.  "...I'll leave you in peace, but...thank you for everything.  And enjoy the mystery."  She gestured at 181's book with a slight grin.

181: She gave a nod. "It was nice to meet you 234." Something changed in the smile when the hacker mentioned the book. And the assassin tilted her head in confirmation that she will.

224: Niz is the most observant hacker ever. Not. She's got her eyes closed and is bobbing her head. She is, at the moment, listening to Music and reading Comic books. So her audio and visual senses are at zero.

234:  May hid her genuine excitement and relief as she nodded once to 181 by way of farewell, turning back to Niz and...finding her senseless.  For a second she hesitated, her joy evaporating into fear as she thought of trying to touch her.  May took a breath and then wadded up her hand in her sleeve before daring to tap Niz's shoulder, murmuring, " can go."

181: Watching the whole scene.

224: She was paying no attention as she was focused on music. And as such... when she was tapped on the shoulder, she jumped. "Wah?" She nearly dropped the USB, but she caught it. "Oh.... Ok"

234:  She dared not sigh in relief, instead subtly tucking her hands under her armpits in relief as she smiled.  "Sorry," she apologized.  "Didn't mean to startle you.  Was just saying we're all good here."

224: "Oh no, I deserve it when I'm like that" She smiles. Thinking the girl is just super shy, not knowing her ability. "Where to next, May?"

181: She is guessing ability most definitely. But she'll just silently watch over her book.

234:  "I was...about to ask you that, actually," May admitted, a teasing gleam in her eye.  She glanced briefly at 181 and found her watching, and her heart jumped in her chest as she wondered if she had seen her strange display.

181: She just nodded. Understanding.

224: 181 showed more understanding than Niz anyway. "You're the new girl. I'm game for anything. Really." She gave a thumbs up.
234 meets 224 and 181
RP to welcome the new Hacker

Word Count: 5338

181 and 224(now 204) belong to ValkyrieKago 
234 belongs to Bayflight
A-Gent 186: Diba

Name: Diba

Rank: 186

Date of Birth:  June 3, 1989

Age: 27

Class: Pilot

Birthplace: Florida, United States

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 170 lbs


DEF      0
BAL      4
STR      0
STA       5
SPD      0
DEX      4
INT       0
ABI       5



Info: The user's brain passively sends out a telekinetic charge throughout the users body. This charge regulate the body's personal pressure to match that around the user. This negates physical effects of naturally occurring changes in pressure.


 The user and anything in contact with the user can withstand natural high changes in pressure, whether they be Gravitational, Water, or Air.

 Movement is not hindered in high pressure.

 The signal the brain sends is automatic, much like the signals it sends to control the heart and other organs. So this ability is always active, even when unconscious.


 This does not mean the user has a limitless supply of air. The user can still drown underwater even if they won’t get crushed. And high velocities with wind in face can still choke out breathing.

 There is a limit to what she can pass her pressure negation onto. All items she is in contact with must be(in total) below her physical body weight order to become incompressible. This goes from smallest items to the biggest items, so if the items go OVER her weight, the larger items will lose their incompressibility first.

 A giant hammer blow can crush bits of the user. A 50 ton press will also crush the user. There are impact pressures and the user can not negate them.

 This ability does not work in the void of space as there is no atmosphere.


Fun Loving | Daredevil | Cheerful | Militaristic | Crude | Competitive | Bossy


Diba’s father was born in India. His parents immigrated to the United States in search of work when he was young and they found work. Not much really fancy. Apart from the fact that her father inlisted in the United States Navy. His work took him to many places all over the world. Including back to India to the home town his parents were from. And as things might go, he met a pretty girl there who he hit on and they hit it off. And he spent the week with her before his ship left. Unknowingly, he became a father. If anything though, he was a fair man. He found out via letter a month after that little escapade. After another rather hectic month, he succeeded in getting the girl to the United States. Annnd about 3 months after Diba was born, he married the woman. And that’s how Diba came to be.

Now being a part of a Navy family is not that easy. You move a lot from place to place all over the country. You are almost always in a place within 20 minutes of an ocean. You get to see a lot of naval yards. You end up getting really close to really big ships. So, all in all, it's not surprising that Diba ended up having a bit of an aquatic interest.

By age 9, she already had a basic knowledge of how to operate a motorboat, jetski, and sea scooter. At age 10, Diba and her mother both received their first diving certifications. At age 13, she joined her father on a little submersible. By age 17, she had set a record at 3 separate high schools for fastest swimmer. This girl enjoyed the water more than the air and almost daily could be found in a pool somewhere. At age 18, she followed in her father's footsteps and enlisted the US Navy. By 21, she was a part of the Navy Seals, serving in the later half of the war in Afghanistan.

While on duty she had gone on a lot of different operations in a number of different seas. And of course, it was on the sea where she was discovered. At age 23, she was involved on a mission just outside of Cuba where the Navy intercepted a ship heavily involved in human trafficking. It went off mostly well. There were casualties, as one would expect, but everybody was ALIVE. So to speak. Until the ship’s captain decided he was the ‘sink with his ship’ type of person and blew himself up. That when the ship started to sink. Rapidly. And there was now a timer of getting everybody off the ship. Three hostages did not make it off the ship.  Diba, not thinking of her own safety down without waiting for a suit to rescue them.

She was able to pull them all up from the dive. Unfortunately, two of the hostages suffered severe injuries to their lungs due to the rapid change in pressure. One was a bigger man and died from an arterial gas embolism shortly after recovery. The other suffered a collapsed lung from pneumothorax, but survived. He will have breathing problems for the rest of his life. Diba and the 16 year old girl she saved both came out of it with no injuries. Most just counted them as lucky.

Somebody didn’t. There had been an extra hand on the ship to save the hostages from the pirates. And upon seeing Diba and the results from her dive, he saw something… similar. The Smog Devil smiled and went to make a call.

One week later, Diba received a call from some guy. He offered her a job in a different branch. Diba’s first response was a refusal. Until they mentioned what the Agency was about. Something about having a need in Aquatic Expertise. She would need some more flight training, of course, but she would be able to continue her work on an international level. Diba, after a few days thought, agreed.

She spent the next 3 years in training to become an Agency Pilot.

And she succeeded with honors.

Training Locations:

-Navy for 5 years
-HQ04 for 1 Year
-HQ03 for 2 Years

Medical Information:

Blood Type: B+

Injuries: She got a bite from a shark. It was a small shark and she didn't need that many stitches, but that was still scary.

Roleplay Sample:

She sat atop a jeep hood that was sitting in a hanger. Looking around as she kicked her legs. Planes. Plaaanes. And Helicopters. And Cars. The Exosuit had promise. All of these had promise in their own way I guess. But… But last weekend… that’s when shit hit the propeller. She had asked for somebody with help repairing a jetski and they looked at her like she went and fuckin asked for their first born. I mean really, what the hell guys. Now here she was sitting on a jeep. Well….lets see if its as bad as it seems… give the shits one more chance.

“HEY! You!” The pilot who was carrying an old tired stopped and looked at Diba. “You got any idea where the sea scooters are?” The tire pilot just blinked at her for a moment and pointed to the supply closet with a half confused look. Which… was wrong. “Thanks!” And as he turned around she muttered “For nuthin.” Oh well….. She’s gonna go have the last pudding in the fridge. As always, pudding marked 006 is free for anybody who gets it first after all.


:bulletyellow: Diba got her squid tattoo at age 17. It was meant to match her father’s motif, who got a shark on his arm. It did earn her the name ‘Squiddie’ in the military.
:bulletyellow: She used to be afraid of heights. It’s better now, but still… funny that she used to be.
:bulletyellow: Diba is a black belt in american kenpo.
:bulletyellow: Diba can organize a crew to pilot a battleship properly. Can even drive one herself. She can play battleships with real battleships. 
:bulletyellow: Diba knows English, Hindi, Kannada, and Sanskrit

Living Arrangements: SLB

Art :iconneye:

Ability Idea - Thank you Death-by-Papercuts for helping inspire this ability 

Origami Buddies
Where the handicapped 181 is taught the wonders of origami.... very slowly.

Word Count: 4.094

170 belongs to KiyokoAmaya 
181 belongs to ValkyrieKago 


United States


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Winter Commission Open

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 25, 2016, 4:03 PM
Cheap Small Winter CommissionsHey everyone!! I urgently need to sell art so I can contribute to my home economically because our water bill got cut and we're Struggling, if you please take a look at my commissions I'd be thankful. For now these are the options:

5 USD - Chibi Box

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15 USD - 2 Characters Box

15 USD Star BG and single colored

Achemy in the Sky by Zidlijan
Cat Fall by Zidlijan

Hey guys!

My friends Zidlijan is opening commissions.  If you can go and peek at their work and spread their post along, I'd really appreciate it.

Thanks a lot guys!


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