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GoGo Unarmored References by ValkyrieKago GoGo Unarmored References :iconvalkyriekago:ValkyrieKago 2 8
117: After spending most of the day making sure that everything was where it was supposed to be at the Sniper Range, 117 found himself meandering back towards the shared areas of HQ. Specifically, he was headed towards the shared gym, where he planned to work out for a couple of hours... After being away from duty for almost a month due to a broken leg he had a lot of muscle mass to rebuild. He needed to be in top condition again, as he never knew for sure when he'd be called out on a mission again.
As he entered the gym he saw a few other agents in there, though he didn't approach any of them. Instead he went towards the back where he could go a few rounds against a punching bag without bothering anyone else.
186: He's not the only one who is at the punching bag. But in her tattoo probably had her stand out, so Shogu probably saw her. Diba was a military girl, so training in combat was always present even if it wasn't her preferred field. She is currently striking at a bag with some k
:iconvalkyriekago:ValkyrieKago 0 3
Sigma_Black_ Application_: Renee_ Levesque_ by ValkyrieKago Sigma_Black_ Application_: Renee_ Levesque_ :iconvalkyriekago:ValkyrieKago 6 1 Agents - DIBA DROP-OFF by ValkyrieKago Agents - DIBA DROP-OFF :iconvalkyriekago:ValkyrieKago 9 3 Forgive me if this Offends - 181 vs 187 by ValkyrieKago Forgive me if this Offends - 181 vs 187 :iconvalkyriekago:ValkyrieKago 3 1 A-Gents - EASTER FOOLING by ValkyrieKago A-Gents - EASTER FOOLING :iconvalkyriekago:ValkyrieKago 5 5 GoGo and Dahlia - Information is Awesome by ValkyrieKago GoGo and Dahlia - Information is Awesome :iconvalkyriekago:ValkyrieKago 1 1
146: The drive to the elevator in the ATV was relatively uneventful, having only to check the map 006 sent him a few times not to lose his way and avoid any of the other agents running around trying to fix the place up. Using the security lines as guides wasn't as easy as he first thought, too many colors and signs for the different vehicles that had been muddled by the damage and the ruckus in the hangar bay. The elevator itself was stiffling, the agents that were along for the ride looking somber and tense, not setting a very welcoming mood. He didn't blame them, nor did he envy them the hell they must have been through. Feivel just made a bee line for his assigned dorm room and pretty much just dropped his bag on the foot of his bed and went straigth back out, running through the info in his watch. Engineer that he was, general construction fell just short of his scope. But maybe he could help out whoever was fixing the hangar bay, or patching the systems around the HQ. Or just what
:iconvalkyriekago:ValkyrieKago 1 1
Spectre by ValkyrieKago Spectre :iconvalkyriekago:ValkyrieKago 5 4 GoGo - A FATED MEETING by ValkyrieKago GoGo - A FATED MEETING :iconvalkyriekago:ValkyrieKago 2 8
234 meets 224 and 181
234: She had been trying to avoid all of the recent chaos with this...admittedly strange new headquarters, but unfortunately even the Hacker needed food. As soon as she had her lunch- or was it dinner? She kept losing track of the time in her room- she inched her way to a table in the very corner of the room. Her sweater was having her overheat as always, but May tried her best to ignore it and instead occupied herself with neatly cutting through her chicken and sipping from her glass of icewater. I should have gotten it to go.
224: She too was trying to avoid chaos. In fact, she was sitting underneath the table to eat her sub sandwich with the plate in her lap. This SEEMED like the best place to hide from people while eating... back to wall. So long as nobody sat just h- OH GOD. Who is this? There's a person here. They were.... wearing grey. That means hacker, right? But she didn't recognize these legs. It didn't look like 044. And it definitely was 054 or 004. Niz silently ate
:iconvalkyriekago:ValkyrieKago 0 1
Diba Reference by ValkyrieKago Diba Reference :iconvalkyriekago:ValkyrieKago 8 3 A-Gent 186: Diba by ValkyrieKago A-Gent 186: Diba :iconvalkyriekago:ValkyrieKago 7 9 Origami Buddies by ValkyrieKago Origami Buddies :iconvalkyriekago:ValkyrieKago 1 3 Niz Reference Art 2 by ValkyrieKago Niz Reference Art 2 :iconvalkyriekago:ValkyrieKago 16 9 A-Gents NYC - Robot Wars? by ValkyrieKago A-Gents NYC - Robot Wars? :iconvalkyriekago:ValkyrieKago 5 12

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GoGo Unarmored References
I thought I uploaded this a while ago, then I found out I didn't, then I procrastinated, and now here it is!

Far Left: GoGo goes by the title 'Brick Witch'. The former Agent enemy with that Moniker used the same style of mask and dressed up as a witch.

Center: GoGo unmasked! She has a backpack that has a bunch of Lego's inside.

Far Right: GoGo masked, using her own brand of telekinetic control. But of Legos.

Since she hasn't been seen in her armor yet, there she is in all her unarmored glory.

Commission Art
Brick Witch - ev1ct 
Unmasked GoGo - ev1ct 
Mask GoGo - Rush--it 
117: After spending most of the day making sure that everything was where it was supposed to be at the Sniper Range, 117 found himself meandering back towards the shared areas of HQ. Specifically, he was headed towards the shared gym, where he planned to work out for a couple of hours... After being away from duty for almost a month due to a broken leg he had a lot of muscle mass to rebuild. He needed to be in top condition again, as he never knew for sure when he'd be called out on a mission again.

As he entered the gym he saw a few other agents in there, though he didn't approach any of them. Instead he went towards the back where he could go a few rounds against a punching bag without bothering anyone else.

186: He's not the only one who is at the punching bag. But in her tattoo probably had her stand out, so Shogu probably saw her. Diba was a military girl, so training in combat was always present even if it wasn't her preferred field. She is currently striking at a bag with some kicks in between. Anybody with combat training can nail it down as karate. And this woman was a natural at it. The poor bag never stood a chance.

Now 117. Diba didn't know him but name or number, but by sight. He was a tall gentleman and his white hair stood out a mile. Not to mention the scar. He had seen some shit, Diba knew... or guess. 186 would stop her training and carefully step over. Careful to stay in the man's vision. When punching like that, you didn't wanna surprise the puncher else you become the punchee. "What's cookin'?" She smiled.

117: He didn't seem surprised to see the other agent by the punching bags, but he was surprised when she spoke to him. He'd assumed she was too into her routine to acknowledge his presence. She clearly knew what she was doing, and her physique was quite impressive. 117 briefly wondered if this agent was physically stronger than him... It sort of looked like it, in all honesty. He gave her a short nod in greeting and made vague gesture towards the punching bag next to hers. "Just thought I'd try to punch an inanimate object for a while. And you? That poor punching bag seems to be having a rough time." He felt pretty chill at the moment, and although he hadn't come down here to socialize he didn't mind exchanging a few words with a collegue if she seemed interested in a chat.

186: Diba didn't want to interrupt him too long. "Same here. Gotta stay in shape after all." She glanced toward the bag she was punching as the sniper motioned to it. "It'll live, but it may need an ice pack later." She smiled and her eyes veered to the bag 117 was at. Were this a normal session, she'd have kept the banter small. But for now, it gave her an idea... and why not? They were in the gym. "If you want to go at something a bit less inanimate, I know our fearless Captain gave a class wide assignment. Defense training. If you're game?" The tone was questioning. She wasn't going to intrude or insist if Shogu didn't want to spar.

117: He'd been about to give her a short reply and a 'work hard' comment, but never got that far before 186 came up with a proposition. The sniper tilted his head to the side and seemed to consider it for a moment, and then grinned crookedly. "Really? Well, it sounds interesting for sure. Why not.", he agreed and gave her another nod. He then paused and glanced at the punching bag she'd been going at again. "Your offensive capabilities seem rather impressive. If you'd like to practice some offensive moves as well that's fine with me." It had been a while since he'd actually gone toe-to-toe with someone offensively. He could use the practice, if 186 was up for it. If she weren't then that was fine as well.

186: She grinned. "It's not that I'm particularly strong, it's just that I tend to be able to hit more often. Higher stamina for Diving." She flexed the squid arm. "I will say that I will practice a more defensive style if that's fine with you." She won't admit it's her weakness.

117: He shrugged. "Fair enough.", he replied and cracked his knuckles, possibly to illustrate that he was ready. "So, do you wanna do this in a certain way or should I just attack you?", he asked, wanting to make sure of the details before they begun. His practice brawl with Charlie a while ago had started... Rather abruptly, and 117 wouldn't want to catch someone off guard in such a manner if he could avoid it.

186: She shrugged. "If you want. But Im more of a proper sparring kind of girl." She took a step back, giving a short distance between them. As you should in a spar. "Oh, and I suppose I should learn your rank first. So I can blame somebody properly in the medical bay." She gave shirt laugh. "I'm 186. Diba."

117: "Alright. Proper sparring it is, then.", he said with a low chuckle, easily falling into an anticipating stance. "Please go easy on the old man.", he warned humorously and held up his hands in a defensive gesture at 186's comment, feeling relaxed enough to joke casually with her. "I'm 117.", he then said, though leaving his real name out of the presentation. He tried to be cautious with it around new people. Old habit...

186: She too took a defensive stance with a grin "Old? That just means you got more experience and I should be more scared."

117: "Right you are. Alright, you better be ready." The sniper huffed as he took a swift step forward, aiming his first attack at her torso (STR 6). Starting with something more obvious and up front seemed like a good idea. Sparring sessions tended to start pretty chill and then just go downhill from there. Better save some energy for later, he figured.

186: "Willlll do." Diba was also casual. Seeing the attack come, many a karate lesson came to her aid. A side swipe with the arm to deflect the blow(6v9) with her left arm followed up with a sharp jab in return. Also aiming for the sniper's torso, like her had done to her(9).

117: As expected she didn't have much of a problem deflecting his attack. Then it was her turn to retaliate, and even though he saw the attack coming he wasn't prepared for the speed at which it did. He tried to dodge, but failed (9v7), causing him to let out a low grunt from the hit. But thankfully the hit wasn't hard enough to push him back too much. He took a step back to regain his balance and then went for a kick towards her waist (10).

186: Yiiiis. Diba can handle punches. Punches are easy and predicta-OH GOD A KICK(10v5). She did step back a bit. Owwwwww.(5v10) But she manages to recover with only a minor wincing. "Good blow good blow." Smarting sharp blow. Diba would return the favor, adding a bit of spin to add some momentum to her kick( 8 ). She does hold back, but the smarting feeling in her gut is grumbling for vengeance.

117: "Thank you.", he said with an air of nonchalance, followed by a wicked grin. He couldn't help it, sparring made him feel competitive. He wanted to win... Also, his loss against Charlie only made him more eager to show what he was capable of. He took a defensive stance once more just in time for her attack, which he had anticipated. instead of deflecting, he simply took an elegant step to the side, 186's kick missing its mark (8v11). "Good form.", he complimented and then went in with a jab aimed at her ribs (5).

186: Ok. Ok, she left her self too open. She deserved that jab(3v5). "Good form maybe, but yours seems to be better." She would say this as she returns the jab, aiming for his sternum( 6 ). It seemed her statement about 117 being much more experienced was holding true.

117: He'd been about to answer her with something semi-witty when he got a nice reminder to not get ahead of himself... And to stay focused. God, that hit sure hit it's mark (6v3). He moved backwards, creating more space between them once more in order to regain his breath. His grin was gone and he seemed more focused as he leaped forward again, aiming his next attack at her shoulder (8).

186: He put on his serious face. So now her first thought was 'oh god I'm gonna get my butt kicked now.. But apparently her body took over a moment and spun just to the side to dodge(9v8) and again using the momentum she placed a chopping strike across the man's back(10).

117: Ow, ow, ow...! Okay, that was the opposite of good. Shit. That hit would surely bruise (10v5). He retreated once more, trying to decide what to do next. He didn't have much time to ponder, though, so he went for what worked last time; a kick. This time aimed at her sternum (11).

186: Yiiis. She is Like Bruce Lee. Waaaaaa-AH!(Autowin) The solid high kick right at her boobs made her fall back "Shit!" She gets up, but giving a chop to the snipers side again It worked well last time(10), right?

117: He saw what she was up to and stepped aside once again, her karate-chop missing him narrowly (10v12). Thank god. Those hurt...! He quickly crouched forward slightly, taking advantage of his position to her side, and attempted to tackle her in her side with his shoulder (9).

186: There's that one moment frozen in time. When she had extended to strike. And the sniper had ducked. And only 1 thought passed through her mind. 'I dun fucked right up'. And time resumes with the shoulder colliding into her side(7v9). Now, training comes to her aim and she does remain standing with each. But still, Ooooooow. But hey look, a sniper right her in grabbing range. And she will now grab the back of his shirt and attempt to throw him off her( 8 ) and hopefully against one of the punching bags.

117: He was caught slightly off guard when she tried to grab him, but as she reached for him he quickly jumped back, avoiding her trap just before her fingers clasped at his shirt (8v11). Now was the moment to strike once again. How about she got to taste some of her own medicine, eh? He reached in to grab her, trying to wrestle her to the ground (8).

186: How did he wiggle out of her grip ag-OH MY GOD! Sudden wrestling! Which in all honesty, she wasn't prepared for even though she had just tried a throw herself. Bottom line, Shogu pins her to the ground. "Bwaaaaah! I'm pinned." Really, if Shogu had a weapon, she'd be right screwed.

117: He kept her on the floor for a few moment, just to cement his victory further. "Indeed you are.", he mused with a chuckle, before he finally let her go and got back up on his feet. He extended a hand towards her, offering her help up. "You got quite a few good hits in, though. I'll be terribly sore tomorrow, I'm sure." He smiled at her, feeling pretty good about the whole experience. "You're a good sparring partner."

186: She was freeee. She accepted the mans hand and pulled herself up. "You are too and I'm quite certain I'll be just as sore." She chuckled. "We can continue tomorrow if you want. I'd say we've done open area Defense portion of the assignment... narrow cluttered area is next. And I will want a rematch." She gave a grin. "Or... I can give ye some more time to recover?"

117: He laughed at her suggestion. She had guts, this girl. "Tomorrow sounds fine. I'll get the rest I need tonight.", he replied, surprised at how eager he felt for a rematch. Might be because he won, but he knew that there was no guarantee for that to happen tomorrow as well. Also, sparring was a good substitute for regular training at the gym. It made things more interesting to mix it up sometimes. "How about we make the loser get a cup of coffee for the winner?" Betting with coffee was a bad habit he'd picked up from Tuesday...

186: She gave a thumbs up. "Sure thing, and I even promise I won't twist your words and just get a cup of coffee grinds." She grinned mischievously. "...out of curiosity, what military were you in previous?" He had to be military. He had to. Come onnnn, say Navy.

117: "I appreciate that. It would surely grind my gears if you did." He couldn't help himself. He grinned stupidly at his terrible joke, but never got to the fun part of unnecessarily explaining it to poor 186, before she cut in qith a question. He traightened up slightly, his features returning to a much more neutral expression. "German Special Forces, mostly. Did some work for the US military as well once I moved her but... Yeah.", he said with a shrug. He hadn't really worked for the US military for long when he was approached by the Agency, so he didn't really have much to say on that topic. He was about to say something when his watch suddenly beeped, and after throwing a quick glance at it he looked back up at 186 with an apologetic smile. "I'm sorry, I need to get going. But I'll see you tomorrow." After that he quickly shuffled out of the gym, disappearing out of sight.

186: Sheeee got it. Internal cringes occurred, but the good kind. She admired the dumb pun. "US Navy." She gave a little salute, but then the man had to go. "Alright then. I'll be here in the morning!" She assumed morning since coffee was better in the morning. So she hoped that was OK.


The next day, Diba will wake up and do her whole morning Routine until it was about 8am. That should be time enough. In which se will send a quick message to 117 along the lines of 'Rise and Shine' before she skipped over to the gym. Ready to start the day off with... hopefully, not another loss. /o/

117: He was already on his way when he got 186's message. "Will be there in 10.", he replied shortly, enjoying the sun as he strolled towards HQ. Once he reached it it didn't take him long at all to get down to the gym where 186 had said she'd be waiting. As he walked in he looked around, trying to spot her. There were less people here at this time of day, so it didn't take very long for him to catch sight of her at all. He gave a lazy wave and walked up to her, smiling a little. He sort of wished he'd had a second cup of coffee before leaving home, but oh well... He'd get one after this. And hopefully he wouldn't have to pay for it, either. "Mornin'~!"

186: "Morning!" She gave a big grin that's too much for any morning. The sparring area was different. Lots of wooden pillars are in It with padding wrapped around them. "Does this look like the 'confined' type of area for self defense combat 2.0?" If it wasn,t she wasn't sure what would be.

117: He looked around for a moment and then shrugged. "Looks appropriate to me.", he responded, barely holding back a yawn. "Well then, are you ready for round two?", he asked, a lopsided grin appearing across his face. His body felt sore as hell, and his wife had complained about the impressive amount fo bruises he'd gotten from yesterday, but he felt ready to give it another go.

186: She knew not of the trouble her actions had cause 117. "Will do!" And she'd go and take her position and wait for Shogu to do the same. And once the sniper was ready... she'd step forward, pulling herself along the pillars for a shoulder tackle(11). Just to wake him up.

117: Well, she seemed eager to start, at least. She seemed to be more of a morning person that he was... And it became even more obvious when she attacked him, and he found himself spacing out just enough to get hit, though he managed to stop some of the force by raising his arms in front of himself at the last second (11v10). Still, it jolted him awake and caused him to take a step back, feeling how he walked into something. One of the pillars... Ah. He used the pillar behind him as support, tensing up before he rushed forward towards 186 again, aiming at her side with his knee (8).

186: Haha! First blood is usually the one who wi-(1v8). She had turned the wrong way and Shogu's knee go her right in the gut enough to wind her and cause her to double over. "Oof...."

117: He paused, thinking that maybe he'd been a bit too rough. He took a step back, giving her space to collect herself. "You alright?", he asked, knowing how uncomfortable and unpleasant it was to have the air punched out of you. He held his defensive stance, waiting patiently for her. "Attack whenever you're ready."

186: She waved her hand as she caught her breath, finally standing. "Whoo... I'm good. This is wha' defense training is for. Good knee." Now THAT will be a bruise. But from the look of it, she recovered quickly. "Thanks for the break." She took her stance again. And once they were both ready... She waits. Shogu was good to wait, she'll let him strike next.

117: He smiled at her compliment. "I do my best.", he said in half jest, as he watched her take her stance again. And of course he'd wait. There was no point in attacking someone who couldn't defend themselves when practicing self defence was the whole point. He tensed up, getting ready to attack. He decided that aiming another knee at her side would be rude, so he went for an open-palmed hit to her clavicle (9).

186: She figured the sniper would be a gentleman. He seemed the nice guy. So she was able to predict and deflect the strike.(10v9) And she would then return the exact same strike(10).

117: A very nice parry, he thought as 186 deflected his attack. She seemed to be in good form today. He wasn't, though. Or so it seemed at least when he completely failed to avoid her attack (10v3). It hurt like a bitch and was sure to bruise. His wife would definitely complain about it again. However, as much as it hurt, he tried to not let it slow him down, and he very quickly moved in for a hit to her abdomen (9).

186: She is quick to block her torso after being winded(10v9). She made a quick strike at his side, but it was a bit awkward(4)

117: She was definitely doing well this time. However, her next attempt to hit him was predictable, and he dodged it quite easily (4v11). Well, fuck it, he thought. Another knee to the other side of her ribcage coming up~! But as he raised his leg a twinge of pain shot through it, weakening the power behind the blow. (6)

186: Again, reflex took over. A foot coming at you, grab it. And she did(8v6). And she will continue to lift the leg, intending to force the Sniper to tumble backward(6 )

117: Well shit, he hadn't expected to get grabbed. He quickly adjusted himself, putting all of his weight on the one leg he was standing on, and then spun around, using the leg that 186 had grabbed to pull her down towards the floor (12).

186: She was caught by surprise but let go in time so she didn't fall(14). She went for a chop to his side this time(11).

117: Damn it, he'd hoped for her to go dow-- OW! She hit him hard in the side (11v5), and he took a couple of steps back to create some more distance between them while he regained his posture. "Shit, you're not going easy on me, are you?", he laughed, rubbing his side. He allowed himself a deep breath before he went in for another kick, but this time low and aimed at her knee (10).

186: "Sorry. We can pause if you want." Nah. 117's a military guy. Diba expected the standard see-it-through attitude. She didn't expect him to be a knee kicker. Nope not at all.(9v10), but she managed to keep her balance. She gave another palm thrust(5 ) to retaliate.

117: He could tell that both of them were having a harder time to land punches today, probably due to the soreness from yesterday. So far she'd been the more limber one, though, doing a better job at dodging and parrying than him. At this rate he'd have to pay for her coffee. Dang it. She attacked him again, and he only barely managed to parry it (5v6), and right away he aimed an elbow to her shoulder, but the angle was odd and not as effective as it probably could have been (5).

186: The odd angle hit evenly(4v5). Bwaaaah... This was dragging out longer than she had expected. "We're gonna be here all day at this rate." She laughed. Swinging a low kick to the side of his leg(7).

117: He couldn't help but laugh as well. "We'd better step up our game, then, right?" Funnily enough, just as he said that Diba got a good hit in on his leg (7v3), and he winced slightly, his leg temporarily giving out beneath him, forcing him down to a kneeling position. This wasn't good... He was in really bad shape today, apparently. Though, now when he was already down here he figured he might as well use it, and so he swing yet another low kick at 186's legs, hoping to bring her down (12).

186: And she follows after as her foot is kicked from underneath her (2v12) and she's now on her knee. "You just wanted me to get down here too, didn't you."

117: "Welcome to my level.", he cooed at her comment, and then he quickly moved forward, wrapping an arm around her neck in a strong chokehold (10v11), scoring him the final point in their match. "I believe you owe me a coffee." His tone was light and cheerful, though he was panting from the exercise. He finally let Diba go and as he stood up, he put his hands under her arms and pulled her up with him as well. "I don't think my body can take much more today.", he huffed, stretching his arms and made a grimace at how sore his muscles felt.

186: She had tried to go for a strike, but failed miserably. Blarg. "Nuuuu." He response was equally playful. A bit sore about losing, And then 117 stood, picking Diba up in the process. "Ah, man, I'm sorry." She herself has a number of bruises, but not feeling too sore. As she said earlier, she was built for stamina more than strength. "Hope I didn't hurt ye too much."

117: He chuckled and shook his head. "If I'm limping after this I'll blame you.", he said, giving her a fake pout. He liked 186. She was chill and pretty fun to be around, and she proved a challenge in a fight. An all-round good collegue, he thought. "That being said, I gotta say I really enjoyed sparring with you. You're very good."

186: "Yeaaah, but I can be better." She grinned. Diba likes 117 too. He's a cool dad. "Well, maybe we can spar again in the future... maybe just on one day instead of two. Cause I'm sore." She gave a stretch. "Oh yeah, coffee. I assume you wanna go topside?"

117: He shrugged and then shoved his hands into his pockets, adopting a more relaxed stance than before. "I'm always up for a good sparring. But yeah, let's keep it to one day only." He could already feel where he'd be able to see several new bruises, and quite honestly he wasn't sure if he'd be able to move properly tomorrow. Ouch. "Oh, well I'll just follow your lead. You're the one buying the coffee, so I'll also let you decide where to get it." In all honesty he'd spent most of his life just drinking boring regular black coffee, until another sniper had taught him the ways of fancy lattes. Or 'unnecessarily expensive shit' as Shogu called it. Naturally he loved said unnecessarily expensive shit, but that was another story.

186: "Hmmm... Yeah, let's go topside. We can get something fancy." She grinned. Honestly, she prefers tea. For coffee, she will take him to one of the coffee shops that has a lot of options. She also prefers her coffee black
Where some old man kicks the divers butt.

Word Count 4,280

117 belongs to AnimeDumbass 
186 belongs to ValkyrieKago 
Sigma_Black_ Application_: Renee_ Levesque_

▶ P R O F I L E ▪ I N F O R M A T I O N _

▶Name: Renee_ Lévesque_
▶Code Name: Iron_ Bolt_
▶Class: MED_ / INF_
▶Serial: MED_D_010_ 
▶Ability: Witch's Bloodline_ & Spellweaver_
▶Age: 26_
▶Sex: Female_ 
▶Race: Human_
▶Weight: 65kg
▶Height: 177cm
▶D.O.B.: 11/11/1990_

▶ S T A T S _

  [[STR]] : [[ 4 ]]
  [[DEX]] : [[ 6 ]]
▶  [[INT]] : [[ 10 ]]
▶  [[WILL]] : [[ 6 ]]

[+2 INT after reaching Level 2 from previous hosted mission(Kensley Raid)]

▶  P E R S O N A L I T Y_


Renee is a through and through medic. Her highest priority is to ensure the safety of anybody that comes onto her table. As such, she believes that she outranks any patient until they are cured. Even if Black Metal himself comes in for an appointment, she will expect him to follow her orders until he's discharged. This might get her into trouble with some higher ranking people, but she means well. There's a small bit of vanity within Renee from her growing up in the shadow of her mother and then the shadow of her twin sister. But she will not let this vanity get in the way of her duty as a doctor.

▶  B I O _

The Levesque family is an important witch’s family originating in France, near the alps. Their specialing lied in ice, snow, and water. Using them in their magic, from healing to causing controlled disasters. Renee was one of these Witch’s. In fact she was one of the twins daughters to the Levesque Coven Supreme. It was an important role.  Unfortunately Renee wasn’t the more talented of the two sisters. At age 15, when her mother passed away, it fell to her sister Coline. She became the youngest Supreme ever within this particular coven. It was deserved, but Renee couldn’t help but feel a bit jealous. It led her to wishing to set herself up a title among the other witches. As to not become overshadowed.

At Age 17, Renee got her wish. She was involved with two major events. One, She developed the Spell Weaver technique with cloth, changing it to become as strong as steel with simple touch. And two, she set up connections with nearly 2 dozen families all along the Alps. She was praised for this and given equal respect as her sister.

In 2011, their coven became the centerpoint of a summoning. Rogue Witches who the Levesque family had brought in to heal and tend to turned on them and summoned all sorts of creatures, mostly spirit of ice. This drew the attention of a Majestic 12 member, Blackheath. He, along with a number of called in reinforcements, managed to contain the threat, eventually killing the beings. However, their deaths marked a chain reaction blizzard. If left unchecked, it threatened to wipe out a number of cities along the mountain range. With Majestic’s Assistance, Renee and Coline managed to subdue the storms, only losing a single town.

Unfortunately, that town contained the coven. Due to their tolent with water however, almost nobody was injured. Impressed by their talents, Blackheath extended an offer for them to join him in Majestic 12. Coline left the choice to Renee. Rebuild or join MJ12. Renee saw no harm in this and instead saw it as a way to connect to other people around the world. So she accepted. And for the next 6 years, they lived well in Majestic with a majority of the coven leading in the Medical and Stealth branches of Majestic.

However, starting February 2017, the coven became a target. Majestic 12 began losing members of the Levesque Coven. It was always the same. Kidnapping while on a mission. No trace of where they went. That happened to each and every member of the coven. It continued up until Coline vanished on the Ides of March 2017. Renee became the sole survivor of the Levesque Coven. Trying to find out what happened, Renee started reaching out to contact the other covens near her home. However, each and every Coven was missing. They had been vanishing one by one since August. Out of fear, Renee brought this to the attention of Blackheath in order to ask for assistance.

Shortly after the Shambler at Chalk Bluffs. Renee spotted another medic. She sensed something in her and again approached Blackheath. Suggesting to be a barter chip. Blackheath, in order to save one of his girls, allowed Renee to be a bartering chip in order to transfer her to Sigma Black.

  A B I L I T Y : W I T C H ' S   B L O O D L I N E_

An ability she inherited due to her family’s extensive bloodline. Renee is extremely proficient with her ability, even able to moderatly control weather with it(constant umbrella). Having trained it for so long, it comes as second nature to her.

The ability presented itself as hydrokinesis. The supernatural aspect of the ability allows Renee to sense curses and other supernatural poison in water(or blood)
Positive Aspects:

  • Can move water with her mind.

  • Can change the temperature of water.

  • Can sense water nearby.

  • And change the state of water into a solid(ice), liquid(water), or gas(vapor/steam) at will.

  • She can control blood (Note: Kago only intends this for healing purposes. Slowing blood flow, siphoning toxins, etc.)

Negative Aspects:

  • Can't lift more than 25 gallons

  • Can’t multitask with it.

  • While she can change the state of the water, she can only move it in it’s liquid form.

  A B I L I T Y : S P E L L W E A V E R

The user can control any cloth she is in contact with. Particularly its hardness and flexibility. This is mostly used for defense and healing patients.

  • +INT is added to the defense roll of any physical attack that lands on any cloth that Renee is controlling.

  • Removing a cloths flexibility can lead to some interest weaponry.

  • Clothing becomes an enemy. STR+STR to move hardened clothing.

  • Increasing the hardness of a cloth lowers its flexibility. And vise versa.

  • Hardness and flexibility are the only 2 things adjusted. The cloth is still flammable.

  • No matter how hard the cloth, a bullet will eventually go through hardened cloth. The cloth will just dampen the damage, not negate it.

▶  S K I L L S  ▪  L A N G U A G E S ▪ K N O W L E D G E_

■  These are skills you exceed in above the average person
■  Unless you're a linguist we heavily recommend sticking to one or two languages (fully fluent)
■  You may get situational bonuses


■  Networking/Diplomacy - Renee is highly skilled at making friends in a wide variety of places. As such, she has a vast network of contacts from other locations and will attempt to make contact with other factions in order to share medical knowledge(Cure, diseases, what not). 

■  Translator - She is a quick study in languages and can generally get a feel for a language in a short amount of time.

Skills/specialist knowledge

■  Around 5 or 7 are fine, you're quite knowledgeable or good in this field.

■  Stealth Medic - Able to hide out and avoid danger until needed
■  Defense Medic - Using her Spellweaver ability, Renee is trained to defend a patient.
■  Binder - She is able to offer quick and temporary healing to a person. While none of the remedies can work as a permanent cure, it can at least get a person into a stable condition so that they can make it back to safety
■  Pharmaceuticals - Has a high knowledge of medicines and poisons to a high extent.
■  Tailor - She is able to make quick custom clothing for most occasions..


All of these languages are countries located along the Alps in Europe. She studied language to better connect the covens of the Alp.

■   French - Fully Fluent

■   English - Fully Fluent

■   Italian

■   German

■   Austrian German

■   Romansh

■   Hungarian

■   Slovenian

▶  M E D I C A L ▪ H X_

Filled as though your OC has filled it.

■  Names: Renee Levesque
■  Previous names: NA
■  Sex: Female
■  Gender: Female

Lifestyle information:

■  Avg. Alcohol intake (standard drinks per week): 5-7
■  Smoker: No


■  I consider my sleep as: good
■  I usually sleep: 8-6hrs
■  I have sleep problems: No

▶   R I V A L_

An operative only gets two RIVALS, while a rival is able to link to three OPERATIVES. A second rival link is not reccomended so that each operative gets a shot at having a rival.

  • Rival: RIVAL NAME || Sheet link

  • Second Rival: NAME || Sheet link

▶   Hobbies:

  • Piano

  • Shopping

  • Sewing

  • Dancing

  • Singing

  • Studying Languages

  • Networking

▶  E X T R A S _

  • She previously worked for Majestic 12

  • She is quite a powerful witch

  • She has been in a relationship before, but it failed.

  • While she always wears a dress, when on the feild she is smart enough to wear additional protection over her dress when necessary.

Art by roxxiemundar 

Other Titles:
Charlie is NOT a Wright Bros.
Tuesday is Conflicted
Diba hates lying
Fuck. The. Sky.
Do the Bunny Filter Next


177 belongs to Neye (Also did the preview art)
201(now 181) belongs to Luna-ish 
186 belongs to ValkyrieKago 
Forgive me if this Offends - 181 vs 187
Sabrina made no friends on this assignment

Word Count: 3,231

187(now 167) belongs to mewyhearts 
181(now 161) belongs to ValkyrieKago 


United States


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