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236 meets 187 - 224 and 054 - Nicknames and SIMs by ValkyrieKago
236 meets 187 - 224 and 054 - Nicknames and SIMs
Old RP

Where 236 meets 187
All while 224 calls 054 to take a look at a SIM she made


187 and 054 belong to Seoul-Mate
224 and 236 belong to ValkyrieKago 
024 and 224 - Also What Do You Think by ValkyrieKago
024 and 224 - Also What Do You Think
224 asks 024's opinion on the same topic


024 belongs to shichijiji 
224 belongs to ValkyrieKago 
054 and 224 - What Do You Think by ValkyrieKago
054 and 224 - What Do You Think
224 asks 054 about a thought she had....


054 belongs to Seoul-Mate
224 belongs to ValkyrieKago 
224 and 169 - Of Baddies and Candy by ValkyrieKago
224 and 169 - Of Baddies and Candy
Where 224 and 169 meet! And decide who's more evil.  And plot against each other. 


169 belongs to Mikori-Zani 
224 belongs to ValkyrieKago 
Prompt 2: The Farm

You are called out to an old style american farm, in it's past it was a potter's field and now it's filled with pumpkins instead. Not knowing the purpose of your survey, you drive along the road until the driver seems to hit something and it hits the windshield and falls off. It is dark, you don't see what it is until you get out and examine it with a torch. You approach and discover the body of a human being, but as you examine it you find that the throat had been slashed and bleeding out not too long before they collided with your vehicle, as you stand back from examining the body you hear something not far off in the fields of corn, but it soon disappears.

What kind of people lurk in this town, and what kind of dangers are waiting?

Emily: She finished examining the dead body. “Late 20’s, possibly early thirties, white female. Cause of death slashed throat and exsanguination, multiple fractures from impact with vehicle, probably died within the last hour or so,” she stated, having her phone record her as she walked around the body taking photographs. She stopped the recording. “You guys find anything?” she asked. They were losing light and she wanted to get to the farm as quickly as possible.

SuXing: She had gone over to the feild where the body had come from to try to find evidence.  Of what may have thrown the bodies.  “No tracks.  It was clearly dragged,but apparently whatever dragged it either had a really long reach or the body dragged itself....” SuXing looked at the field.  OK, so it was the halloween spirit that was coming up. And creepy pumpkins are a thing.  And they dealt with ghost and weird shite all the time.  “Sooooo…. How awkward would it be if I asked if we know of any weird monster pumpkins from the area?”

Ray: Looking at the body, he rubbed the side of his neck. This was pretty messed up - but he’d seen worse. Rising from the ground, he patted his pants down and placed a hand on his hip. “From the vibes her body is giving me, I don’t think this murder was a supernatural one.” He began, kneeling again. Reaching down, he touched the woman’s neck, careful to avoid the blood. “This is pretty human...I doubt there are pumpkin monsters. We’re dealing with humans - or humanoids, rather. I’d like to find her murderer soon.”

Emily: She nodded. “There aren’t legends about pumpkin cryptids. Jack ’o lanterns were used to frighten away evil spirits from homes during the time of the autumn harvest, when the veil between the world of the living and the world of the dead is the thinnest,” she explained, “From what I gathered from the report here, is that this was previously a potter’s field that’s now a pumpkin patch.” She paused for a bit, before she concluded, “So it might be malevolent spirits we’re dealing with, but I’d like to think humans and human-esque things for the time being. We’ll need to hurry though, the sun is about to set.”

SuXing: Yes but do the jack o’ lanturns know that they’re supposed to just scare evil spirits and not welcome them?  Oh well.  Put spooks aside.  “Well good….” She still looked out to the pumpkin field.  “Should we investigate the field then?  I am not finding any tracks, but maybe we can find something.”  She will continue to just poke around the edges of the field.

Ray: “We may as well investigate,” He begins, surveying the around them. Sniffing the air, he shakes his head. Something was off, but he didn’t dwell on it for too long. Placing a hand on his hip, he continued on. “We were called here for a reason...we can’t cower away now. I’m actually a little interested in how she died, if I’m being completely honest..”

Emily: “Yeah, so let’s see, whatever did this, unfortunately is still probably in the area,” she said, with a wry smile on her face. She pulled up some reports on the area, trying to find any other disappearances and murders. “If we take the body and take it to the farm, I’ll be able to examine it more closely,” she said, “I don’t want to venture into the fields we could get lost and hunted down by whatever did this.”

SuXing: The infiltrator shivered once Emily said that.  And it wasn’t out of fear.  “You’re right about the hunted bit.  I don’t think it’s interested, but there are a number of things out there watching us.  Unfortunately,my ability does not tell me the difference between curious animals or hunters.” She would return to the group.  “So yeah… I’d rather not split up here either.”  She walked over to the corpse.  “Will picking the poor thing up interfere with anything you got Em?” She doubt i, but it was always nice to ask.

Ray: Turning to Emily, he spoke. “She died recently, did she not? If so, her spirit is in the area still.” He began, unbuttoning and shrugging off his blazer. Leaning down next the corpse, he scooped the body up from the ground, with very little effort. He grunted, however, as he rose to his feet. There was no ounce of warmth in her body - it was eerie. “She’s light - it’s no wonder she lost blood so easily. Anyhow, let’s get to the farm. Once I’m there, I can travel onto the astral plane, ask her spirits some questions and get some answers about the murder. We’ve got to act quick before her spirit wanders away..”

Emily: “Alright, let’s go,” she said, walking towards the farm, moving aside pumpkins with her ability, not wanting to disturb anything more than needed. “Is there anything that you need to help you astral project?” she asked, picking the lock to the empty looking farmhouse and opening it. “Su, do you have an exact number on what’s watching us?”

Ray: "I just need space to project. I also need someone to watch over my body - keep it safe. If it's not safe, I may not come back." Ray bit his lip after saying that last bit. It was true, however - he couldn't lie. "That's all I need. And of course, a flat surface...other than that, we should be okay."

SuXing: She shook her head.  “It’ the country.  Every little thing is watching us.  Only a few things from the farm’s direction though… 5 or 6 things.  No more than that.”

Emily: "Hm." She huffed, a lock of hair fluttered on her forhead. "Alright. You and I will be guarding Ray as he astral projects," she decided, walking in and clicking on a flashlight to find a light switch. "I really don't want to go any deeper into this house," she said, "Let's stick to the foyer and maybe the living room."

Ray: Once they were inside, Ray looked around for a flat surface. Looking from side to side, he noticed a small platform with a bit of clutter on it. Setting the woman's body down on the edge, he moved a few things around, making space for himself as well as the body. Positioning her, he straightened her out, making sure her arms were at her side and her legs were together. Setting her head straight, he nods. "Alright.." He mumbles.

Laying next to her, he positions himself the same, except he folded his hands over his chest. "Okay." He began, looking over at the body. "I think I'm going to go in now...this will take a bit, but I doubt we'll be here all night long. In the meantime, one of you should investigate some more and one should stay back.."

Emily: "Okay, does anything physically happen to your body when you astral project?" she asked, going around and lighting candles that were a little soft, one floated to the other and so it went until the room was basked in soft glow, and it minutely calmed her down.

SuXing: She followed them into the barn, keeping lookout.  Normally she'd slink into shadows.  But for this she'll stay in the open cause she did not like the idea of her allies being bait.  And they will keep watch outside
Sigma Black - October Prompt - The Farm

An RP for the October Prompt - The Farm

Where our heros find a body under mysterious circumstance and they are creeped out all the way to the barn.

Emily belongs to roxxiemundar
Ray belongs to dasvidanya-bitches
SuXing belongs to ValkyrieKago 


United States


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AGents Secret Santa 2016

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 10, 2016, 2:21 PM
:iconthe-a-gents: Secret Santa, Yaaaaay :heart:

Kago's Wishlist:

1) 224 and 006 - Driving Mayhem - In 224's first meeting with 006, the pilot convinced her to o out for a drive... and horrified her with his skills. I wouldn't mind an illustartion on that.  If you want more details, please check the RP log of what happened ;w;
A-Gent 224 Reference
A-Gent 006 Reference
224 meets 006 - Roleplay Log

2) 236 in an Exosuit - Cause she had fun in the one she got into during the Halloween Mission by Mew Shinobi
A-Gent 236 Reference
Exosuit Reference - If you have a different Style in mind, go for it.  Her preferred exosuit would be for melee combat with gauntlets for punching+block and maybe a sword

3) This christmas will also be 224's 21st birthday.  Not sure what kind of drawing that'd be... but go have fun with it if you want.  No, she would not get black out drunk.  But she will get drunk and probably be a tad derpy.

4) I'll be honest, anything with any of my charas and your chara would be awesome!  If you know a scene where our characters have interacted or where my character has intereacted with another person and you liked the scene, please feel free to draw that. I would love it. ;w;

Thank you Secret Santa!

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