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236 Relationship Meme by ValkyrieKago
236 Relationship Meme
And here we have the Jocosa's thoughts on all the people.

Please note that all Engineers get a minimum 2 Respect and Assassins get a minimum 1 fear. 
And affection can mean anything from close friend(1 heart) to she's got a crush(3 hearts)

All charas belong to there respective owners.
224: Then she will be looking at open games on the Agents steam page.  She....was just bored.  And what better way to make friends than to play a game with somebody? ......OK, that was dumb, ANY other way would be better to make friends, She knows she's competitive and a grump loser.  She acknowledges that fault and waves at it as it walks with her.

064: They would be in the hacker's bay, still working on the reports and facial recognition scans from earlier, but they felt like a break in their work would be good as well. They stretched from where they were seated, glancing around the area to see if there was still anyone around, wondering about their two colleagues from earlier.

224: She's in the hacker bay too, do not worry 064!  Cause afterall those computers are better.  She's eyeing the game list... oh god how many games do these people have?  I mean she's not complaining but dear god.  How do they get work do-oh 75% of these haven't been played.  Ok.  Fine, that makes sense.  She was not paying attention, but she should be.  She's just chewing on her USB and looking through games.

064: They blinked slightly when they spotted a head at a workstation nearby, and moved to set up some security measures and alert systems on their terminal, just in case the scans detected any anomalies. They stretched again, flexing their legs so some warmth would return to them, before standing up and heading over to the figure. Usually they would leave their colleagues alone to their work in the hacker's bay, but they thought to perhaps see if they could interact with this one, since it didn't seem like they were too busy. Upon approaching, they tilted their head slightly as they watched the female chew on the USB and look through what seemed to be like games.

224: Upon closer inspection, there's be a sticky note on the side of her comp that says 'On Break'.  This is to show she WAS working and still INTENDS to work.  She's not that unprofessional.  She's also quite more observant than what she acts as she notices 064 but didn't turn to greet them right away.  And just continues to look down the game list.  Without turning she'd ask "Sooooo, are there any popular games among the other Hackers?  Co-op of versus, either one is good, but I just wanna play with some people"  She'd then turn to look at her visitor.'s not 094, but it seemed to be another cute guy.  Really, where were all of these beautiful smart people when she was in school?  Anyway she realizes she should greet people. "Hello."

064: Their head tilted at her words, unsure of how to really respond as they didn't know if games were popular among their class colleagues here at the HQ, much less the popular ones. While it wasn't as if they were completely unaware of games, they did not have extensive knowledge on all the genres and types, so they contemplated for a bit, thinking that 094 would've been able to add on more to the conversation with his gaming knowledge. They decided to return her greeting first in any case, recognizing her face from the agent data they look through regularly for updates and new additions to their ranks. "Greetings, 224. How may I address you?"

224: She blinked.  This wasn't the first time a hacker greeted her with a name already.  How they must have an awesome memory.  "224 or Niz, whichever is more comfortable"  She'd hold a hand out to shake. "Iiiii, can't say I recognize everybody from the roster, so I'm not 100% sure of your rank.  So I apologize for asking, but who are you?"  She gave a sheepish grin.

064: "Miss Niz, then? I'm 064, or Vin, Lee, if you would prefer something more personable." They offered her a polite smile in response, not particularly minding that she didn't recognize them. Their eyes glanced over her workstation again, taking in the small details like the notes and perhaps the way she had arranged the area.

224: Niz's area was clean. Well... it was MOSTLY clean.  Apart from the a few out of the way places on the stayion.  Under her desk there were one or two 2-Liter soda bottles, but they were tucked in a corner and most of them were standing up.  On the desk itself, there wwas another small pile of trash.  Chip bags, wrappers, crumpled up note.  Again, an organized trash pile.  A few note on her computer were just little signs for people. Like "Don't touch my USB's" and "My Chair"

064: They stood there, still looking over the workstation as they waited for a response from their colleague, briefly wondering if she was comfortable at her workstation to have such an arrangement. They remembered reading a few articles about a person's room areas being of relation to one's character.

224: "Niz is fine, Niz is fine.  Whicheever you're more comfortable with" Oh gods this was higher rank that 094.  And that meeting didn't go well at all. Ok, she'd have to act a bit more professional.  She did not want a grumpy repeat of 094.  She looked back at the list of games.  "Do you play some, 064?  Orrrr are you not on break?"  She did NOT want to distract anybody from work.  That could also lead to bad things.

064: "Niz." They nodded as they affirmed what to call their colleague, before tilting their head back at the her computer screen. "Not to worry, I am on break. Unfortunately I have yet the pleasure to really play games. Though I have done something similar before, although it was something of a combination with a simulation session." They wondered if it was an accurate description to use, since they did sort of play it somewhat concurrently while running the simulation.

224: A game with a simulation?  That actually sounded really fun.  She turns away from the list to look at 064/024 with eyebrows raised.  "Oh?  Are they fun?  What kind of games do you do with them?"  Honestly though, gaming or not, simulation software of that caliber was always worth a look at the very least.

064: "Do you mean simulations? I only run mission training sessions for agents with the simulator. The game combination was an experimental exception." They rubbed their chin as they thought about the previous sessions they've hosted, and stopped themselves from thinking about future plans, pulling their attention back to the conversation. "The planning and execution is interesting."

224: "Mission Training like the training room in XMen?" She looked up at the ceiling.  People knowing how she moves wouldn't be bad in case the worse happens.  "Are we allowed to go look at the simulation area when on break?  Maybe... just to see a demo..." The thought of this had intrigued her.

064: "XMen?" They blinked a little, not recognizing the term and what it meant, but continued either way, not minding if Niz decided to explain what it was to them. "Of course. You can view the ongoings from outside the simulation room from the interface. Me and 094 will be joint hosting one sometime in the future if you wish to observe." They let a small smile show at her interest in the simulator.

224: How did this guy NOT know what XMen was?  Heck, the Agency was almost just like them.  "In the Marvel comic XMen, there is a big room where all the heros go into simulations to train in combat and such."  She looks down at the ground this time, considering Vin's words.  "I wouldn't mind looking or going there room in that joint sim with 094?  Or are hackers not allowed?

064: "Ah, I see. Yes, I believe it is something similar." They nodded, now seeing the link between the two subjects. "It will be an interesting experience indeed, if you wish to participate. I can notify you when the simulation date approaches if you would like. There are also videos and resources available if you wish to look through the previously run sessions too." They gestured slightly around them, at the hacker's bay and in all its information holding form.

224: "Please do..." She nodded at Vin's explanation of searching data.  "...I have not gone in the field before.  I am right to assume that my duty as a hacker is to get out of the way and work behind the scenes?  Or are there other things I can do?"

064: They nodded back at here in regards to notifying her, before giving their neck a thoughtful rub, as they thought about what sort of words they could offer. "It might be hard to do so at first, if you haven't gotten to know our colleagues, but I believe a general advice I can give would be to trust in your teammates. I apologize if that was not what you meant." There was a brief pause before they continued. "For us supports, the best thing we can do is to make sure we stay out of the heat of battle and be safe, so as to not cause more worry for those that are protecting us. Sometimes there are situations where battle cannot be avoided, if we are attacked, but keep a good eye out, and prevent that from happening beforehand."

224: Nodded and listened.  Trust was on a beach he biggest and most difficult thing.  She felt that a number of her meetings have NOT gone well.  190 was good, but 094... she didn't feel that worked.  She knew she ha a blah personality but was too stubborn to change. "Alrighty..."  She bit her bottom lip.  "So...can we go look at the simulator?"  She was on break after all.

064: "Of course. Although I will be unable to run simulations for you at the moment. I believe it may be possible to run partial ones but..." They trailed off before nodding. "We can see." They shifted a little before moving towards their workstation to grab their tablet, as they already had a lot of the simulation related programs installed within their tablets for ease of access. Walking towards the simulation room, they would stand at the entrance, waiting for their fellow hacker to see if she still wished to head inside.

224: The wait would not take long.  Mostly because Niz locked her computer and hurried after 064, only pausing outside his station(admittedly peeking inside).  Niz would try her best to hide her excitement.  Mind you, a keen eye would notice how she rushes and how she looked ahead at every room 064 approached hoping it was the sim room.  But mostly, she attempted to keep her expression to say 'I'm just here to look cause I wanna see, not that I'm excited or anything'.

064: Their workstation was sparse, even for a neat person, as it held only their bag and a single tablet, which they picked up soon after arriving, leaving it even more plainer than usual. They didn't quite notice her excitement, as they were thinking about how to set up partial simulations within the room to show their class mate an example of the sessions that were held before. They did sense her interest in the matter from prior at least, and was glad. They moved into the simulation room, and began tapping on their tablet to see if they could begin setting up some things even without the usage of a main program.

224: She looked around the inside of the room...didn't look like much, but that was to be expected.  She was not moving her USB from her mouth, hoping to see this thing in action.  "Whatcha gonna pull up?"  She didn't WANT to look over her colleague's shoulder.  But, you know.  Things happen.

064: "Some environmental modules mostly, as a preview of sorts. If this coding works..." They trailed off thoughtfully, before gesturing for some holographic interfaces to appear, and watched as they manipulated the program from the tablet to activate a part of the environmental systems. There was a brief distortion  in the surroundings infront of the pair, before grey blocks of varying heights would form, spreading out in about 20 metres of grey scenery. "Simpler designs work fine it would seem." They nodded, before wondering if they should test interactivity. Although they were a little worried about potential glitches as this was not run from a main program.

224: Façade gone, Niz cant' help but enjoy the simple change in scenery. "Wooooow" Sounding much like a child being shown a new amusement park.  "This is so cool!"  She was wandering around...being careful to not get too far away from 064.  She didn't know limits yet and didn't want to test them without 064's position.

064: "This map data is from the first simulation session I ran. The blocks can shift, although I am unsure if testing it out on a partially activated program would be safe." They spoke with a small smile at her excitement, although unsure if their explanation was necessary. The hacker walked around the blocks themselves for a bit, not too far from their colleague either, never having been in the simulations they planned before.

224: She was listening to every word.  "So this is ground zero for all your simulations?"  She attempted to touch a bit of the landscape.  "How many have you made since this?"

064: "I've planned a fair number, although in terms of execution, about five sessions so far." They glanced  around the monochrome landscape and its angular forms. The blocks felt smooth to the touch, as they were meant to not have any sort of gripping aid to help climb up or down upon.

224: "Can you teach me to make some?" She was interested.  Really she was.  She would walk around the buildings, going in the same direction as Vin.  "Annnd what's the most complicated thing you've ever made here?"

064: Teach? They pondered upon that thought. They've never actually taught someone to do something before, much less something as complicated as setting up modules and systems for a simulation. One hand left the tablet to rub thoughtfully at their neck, slowing in their steps as they thought upon it. They supposed it would be an interesting experience either way, and hopefully for their junior colleague as well. They weren't sure how well they would be able to teach after all. "I do not mind, if you wish for me to teach you. And if you are referring to environmental settings... perhaps the 4th map, as the experimental one was based off another program. Although the conversation did have its own complexity."

224: The first thing about teaching you need is an attentive audience.  And with all the little plans and devious ideas in Niz's head, you got one.  "Any chance to load that up?  Orrrrr, would that be dangerous?" She did not want to see if any of the fictions where people got caught in simulations were true or not.

064: "Hmm, I can try to set more specific limits to contain the radius and extent of data loaded. Perhaps we should move to the entrance so as to not potentially be in a glitch or such." They walked back towards the entrance, but not quite leaving the simulation room while they tapped on the tablet to remove the grey blocks and reset the environmental settings in preparation for the next modules.

224: Nope, not getting caught in this! She'd kinda rush after 064 and stood next to him to watch the changes if/when they happened.  Again, excited.  "Whatcha loadin?"

064: This time a road would begin to form, before the scenery stretched out further to form a short building next to a carpark, along with an alleyway nearby. There were some partially loaded lighting modules as well, casting the environmental modules in a night time scenario. "This was the starting area of the 4th session, where the agents would've met up with generated characters within the small building over there. This is about 10 to 20% of the entire map."

224: "Cool"  Niz would take a few step forward, taking a peek at as many details as she strolls along.  "How good are the AI's for the enemies?"  She was walking toward the small building to see what lay within.

064: "That would depend on what kind of session it would be. It can range from simple to complex for the purposes of the simulation. However I would personally prefer to use simpler enemies if they are in larger numbers, and more complex, humanoid ones for ones that require more in depth combat and negotiation practices. I suppose I could show you, but it would be safer to look at video footage, if you still wish to see." They spoke, a little carefully as to ensure they do not overwhelm their colleague with all the details. While it is not as if they do not believe in her ability to understand, they've been made aware that speaking too much at a time can be a little straining for the other party. They followed after 224, and opened the door that led into the small building, which would reveal a dimly lit hallway that smelled a little damp.

224: She would again nod in understanding.  She'd rather NOT deal with an enemy face to digital face, so a video will be just fine.  224 was a bit overwhelmed, but more by sheer awesome than anything else.  And she was OK with being overwhelmed with that. "That's understandable..." She screwed up her nose at the damp smell as she looked down the hallway.  "Are the videos of previous simulations available to others or just for the Sim Master?"  Was Sim Master the right word?  She didn't know.  Sounded awesome anyway.

064: They would lead the way towards a door at the end of the hallway, if she still wished to see what the area was like, speaking as they walked forward. "I've made all the videos available for anyone in the hacker's bay to see if they wished so. I can send you the data directly to your workstation as well if you'd like as well." They were a little amused at the naming sense for the one hosting the sessions, and felt as if that title would sound 094 better.

224: She was just wandering now. "That would be awesome, thank you!"  At the other end of the hall she'd open the door while asking "So...when do you think I can start learning?  Do you think I should experience the inside of one on a sim mission first?" She looked around to see what the door hide.

064: The interior of the room behind the door was relatively sparse, as the characters that were meant to use it, along with the key mission items, were not loaded into the room. There was a dim light bulb hanging from the ceiling, that illuminated a worn table, along with some chairs. The walls were plain and held a coat hangar next to a cupboard. There was also an empty bulletin board to cover the other side of the wall. "Perhaps you could begin with experimenting within a program first. Experiencing a simulation session may help, but research takes up the bulk of planning a session. Environmental modules are usually the most important, and makes the foundation of a session stable for the most part. Coordinates of participating people should also be taken into account when loading the environment."

224: She stared and listened as 064 spoke.  All that made sense.  The program was the most important part after all.  "Alright, alright." She'd nod then go and sit in one of the chairs, propping her feet up on the table.  This was nice.  "So Environment is the most difficult.  Makes sense...even in games, most of the processor is devoted to the stuff around you." She would give a nod. "Alright then any specific homework, or am I allowed to just tinker when exploring the program?"  She didn't want to do something without 064's permission.  She was really trying to make friends with this superior.  She did not want a repeat of 094.

064: "Perhaps you could think of a context of which you wish to create a session based on first. It would help to know the specifics details which helps craft a more realistic program as well, although you could always stick to simple block modules and focus more on an objective for participants to complete. That way you can slowly develop your test modules into an actual usable program. Although if it is easier for you, perhaps you could just work on the stability and realism of let's say, a room. Keep going through the debugging process and make sure the materialization is stable, before adding things to it to test. I do not usually physically test those things in the simulation myself, so I ensure there are procedures which will immediately end the simulation in case anything goes awry." They tapped on the tablet as they spoke, sending the video footages to 224's workstation, before looking through their simulation related programs to see what would be suitable to train in. They've never quite dealt with simulations prior to being assigned to HQ01, but they did spend much of their time reading up upon it in HQ05 after discovering that the elite headquarters housed such an interesting function.

224: "Hmmm....I think I'll just stick to making a goal.  Maybe edit the block terrain a bit.  Go for a tron feel to make it look cooler." She'd give a nod as she looked around the room. "Maybe... MAYBE a program where the enemy can't be seen.  Not normally anyway.  It'll give field Agents something new to work with." She'd give a smile as she imagined it.  Then she thought.... "Or maybe a simple hide and seek game?  Those could be clever.  Make little spots people can hide or give the user some control over the terrain....."

064: They would simply let a small smile show on their face as they listened to her thinking about her ideas aloud, glad that it got the gears in her mind to start running and coming up with concepts. They kept silent for the duration as they looked through their programs, not wanting to interrupt her and content to simply wait until she was done. Tapping on the tablet, they would then send a program to her workstation to experiment with. They weren't sure if they needed to send guides along with it if the program was unfamiliar to her, but they believed she would be able to source for the necessary information. Such was their class' job afterall.

224: She was just babbling and appreciated that 064 listed.  Or pretended to listen.  Either way, the silence was appreciated and nice.  "Soooo on a less mature topic, can we watch movies in here orrrrrr video games?" She tilted her head hoping 064 would understand the question.  Cause just imagine, Finding Nemo in Virtual Reality.  Or PacMan.

064: They tilted their head back at her at the question, not seeing a need for leisurely activities to be performed within the simulation room where it wasn't exactly comfortable. Either way, it was a place for work so they doubted it was something that would be looked upon with approval in general. Although this preview of the simulation's systems were also a form of leisure in a certain sense, aside from the learning benefits. "I do not believe so. I am unsure of the specific protocols for viewing media within the simulator, but it would be best to keep those outside. I do not know if anything is activated within the room if others decide to test out systems as well."

224: Again, a nod of understanding.  "Fair enough.  Thank you again for showing me all of this"

064: "I am glad if it interests you. Please feel free to consult with either me or 094 with regards to the simulation practices." They gave the area around them a brief glance, before tapping on their tablet to see if they could unload specific areas. They made a small observatory 'hm' as the alleyway, carpark and hallway disappeared, leaving only the room they were in still remaining in the simulation room.

224: She'd give a nod.  "Will do!" She watched the everything disappear with a small bit of satisfaction before standing and making her way to exit said room.  "And I look forward to any simulations you hold with baited breath so I can see this big guy in action"

064: "I hope to not disappoint." They nodded back at her, and moved to shut down all the loaded modules in the simulation room while walking back towards to the entrance of the simulator. "I will be resuming my work then, Niz." Another nod with a small wave, before they headed to their workstation. They would still be in the same area, but they felt a proper farewell would be polite.

224: "I will too!  Thanks for showing me around!" She'd wave 064 off.  That was a much nicer meeting.  She looked at the floor.  She really should go say hello to 094 again.  Chances are, they're meeting would be much more proper hands this time around....... maybe later
224 meets 064 - Starting the Lessons
224 meets 064(now 024) and thus the plans of sadistic joys of simulations are brought to Niz's attention

Word Count: 4,266

064 belongs to shichijiji 
224 belongs to ValkyrieKago 
180: Lost too many cs:go games today and for good measure got kicked by 094 the server admin. :iconokayfaceplz: She left the room after she decided to be productive again. Her hands gestured through a range of holograms her watch produced, looking for what was still on her schedule. Cleaning duties. Well, she avoided this for quite a while, glad she could handle more responsible jobs as well. It somehow had its positive too, she could relax her mind instead of being all focused. The Pilot grabbed a bucket of water and other cleaning utensils, heading towards the assigned jet. The bluetooth speaker was placed in a safe distance to the water and some fine hardbass was playing from it.

236: Oh dear, she could hear music! She herself was just cleaning around the hanger and just so happened to be beside the jet 180 was now at. She decided to walk around the jet with the sudden music and she spotted.... HEY! Its that pilot she met one time on that trip out drinking. Now, onto the standard method of greeting over loud music.... which was to be louder, but cheery! "HELLOoooooooo!" She'd call out with a wave! Oh god, what was her number again. She knew it was 180 or 186. She just had no flippin idea which.

180: In the corner of her eyes she noticed somebody moving towards her and was quick in turning down the volume of the music. "Hey friend!" She smiled widely at the blue-haired Pilot she remembered from 006's party. "Long time no see, khow have ya been?" She removed the water hose from the hook on the trolley and started washing down.

236: Welp, she was gonna help if she could. Putting any electronics to safety, she will come over and stand beside the fellow pilot. "I've been good, I've been good! How about you? We didnt really get to talk much last time." She'd look around wondering if there was another hose hook. She'd hold a finger up to 180, scamper to grab said hose and come rejoin 180 in the spraying down of this wonderful jet.

180: She turned the music a bit louder again, still on a volume it was possible to hold a conversation at. "But we got to celebrate togeter, words can be such waste of time." She watched the other pilot disappearing and coming back. "I forgot if we introduced properly, friend, I'm A-gent 180, Estonian-Russian Superstar, ya can call me Riina, if ya like!"

236: "236! Jocosa Tanner! British Superstar!  Nice to finally properly meet!" And she'd hold her hand not holding a hose to the side to shake 180's hand.  "And indeed, parties have a tendency to do that!"

180: She shook hers before it would grab a sponge, that sunk deep into a bucket of soap water. Jocosa, was she just copying her style, that wasn't nice. :c "So many superstars on tiny space!" She laughed. "I guess we should hold competition wkho's only one, at some point!"

236: "The good think about stars though, its that there are so many!  And we all have room to shine super brightly!" Jocosa's equally proud and laid back, so she's not really copying your style for the sake of copying.  She wouldn't have said superstar normally, but still wanted to start up a conversation in her own way.  Not seeing a second sponge in sight, 236 will just hold the hose and spray where needed.  "But its funny you mention competitions.  I actually spoke to an Engineer the other day about a potential Agency Football(Soccor) game.  Do you think you'd be

180: "Oy well said! Don't worry, I'm not khere to steal anyone's show, friend." She grinned at the fellow pilot. "Yet." She scrubbed the areas that were freshly sprinkled with water and contently looked at the jet that became cleaner and cleaner. "I love tis Cessna a lot, ya should fly it some time, if ya khaven't yet! Small but roomy like supermodel's wardrobe!" She made notes for possible fixes by dictating them into her watch every now and then - as soon as she spotted them - but most likely overlooked some. "Oy zat, friend-...!" She shone a wide smile at 236. "... is cheeki-breekiest idea I've heard today!"

236: "Oh if you try I'll just have to rise to the challenge!" She looked over the Cassna in question, helping 180 rinse it off some.  "Are you saying you have you been in a supermodel's wardrobe?" She gave a laugh... tho that sounded like a wonderful dream to 236.  "I like Cessna's too, but my heart still lies with those wonderful Gundams that I needs to practice more with." She really did.  "And the game hasn't been officially set uyet, but I'm asking around and hoping to get responses from the bosses on where and when."

180: "Blin, I khave seen wardrobes of all around world!" She joked. "Aaah, zee mechas! You khave good taste. Truly fantastic, complex and as khard to maintain as Lada Raven..." The sponge sinked into the now somewhat darker water before she'd scrub over the Cessna's surface one last time. "WELL, ya should send message to 006 right away!"

236: She blinked.  Ok, this girl might be more rich than she though.  What the hell was a Lada Revan?  "Thank you for complimenting my taste!  I admit my interest might be somewhat childish, but still!  Oh, and yes I have sent a message to 006!  I'll tell you about it whenever I get the response back!" :D

180: "Yer welcome, friend! And I don't tink it childish. We Pilots all are playful, right?" She smirked before throwing the sponge back into the bucket like it was something she did on a regular basis. According to the questioning look of the other pilot, Riina got the feeling she hasn't heard much of sports cars. "Lada Raven is fast Russian car! Not officially out yet." She added. "Oy perfect! Can't wait for actual game!" She rolled the trolley back before taking a last look at the jet. "Okay, I guess we deserve a drink now."

236: .....she liked this girl.  She wasn't sure why, she just did.  And no, she didn't go for sports cars.  "Sorry I didn't catch it.  More of a bike girl myself.  Got a Triumph Rocket III back at home.  That's a fun one to ride" A big bike for a big girl. "Oh?  When you say drink, I must ask what kind you mean.  As much as I'd like alcohol, I must deny it unless we're going out on the town again"

180: "Ahh, I see, dat's great!" She held a thumb up at her choice of vehicles. "Oy, I khaven't sat on bike in forever-.... It's fantastic having wind blowing at ya..." With that she looked around the hangar, that mainly contained planes and jets, while everything else would be hidden in single garages before she shrugged. "I should take bike ride sooner or later. I'm actually big fan of boats, my father khad a cool one. And I'm down for any drink - I'm free so..." She checked her schedule again. "...if ya pefer glass of milk, I'll get ya one!" She pointed with two fingers at her before turning around, moving the trolley along.

236: "Maybe you can I can go shopping for bikes later. I don't willingly wanna trust my Triumph on a freight just yet, so I have been meaning to get a big bike here.  Maybe a Harley." She'd give a nod at the suggestion of milk. "Milk helps one grow big and strong and as you can see, I obviously need it."

180: "Ahh, ya should transport it yerself to make sure it safe -and  I'm not much of bike person, to be honest. Cars are more to my liking, friend!" She started to swoon a little. "SUVs, ATVs, I khave ya covered, Josoca!" They moved to the train system, which led them to the SLS and she couldn't help eyeing the woman, yeah damn, she was tall and being of average size like herself, this wasn't something she'd admit often. "I guess zey dropped ya into milk pot when ya were little." She smirked at the blue haired lady next to her, man she must have made the cut barely given her size.

236: "I probably will one day.  But for now, I can use it as an excuse to get another one" Cars...weren't her thing.  "Oooo, next time we go car shopping we should totes go together.  Find something nice to carpool in" She'd nod.  And she's laugh at the joke of being dropped in milk.  "Well, that would explain more things than 1, I'm sure." Giving 180 a smirky grin.

180: They followed along the corridors until they reached the bar. "Car shopping? Ya make it sound like we're going to grab shopping cart full of vodka." She laughed while recalling a few things the other pilot said. "Oy yer should get more accustomed to more civil vehicles if ya ask me. After all it what we use most, right?"

236: "Well..... I said 'carpool' cause I doubt I could afford one"  Little tear of... well... bills.  "Ooooh, I kinda always wanted to drive one of the brigade's big trucks.  Those would be fun to learn to drive, I bet" She gave a nod as she thought about it.  The big red fire trucks are cool no matter what age.

180: "Brigade?" She tried to recall any information she had of the background of this woman but there was nothing she knew of her. Or was she talking about the agency? They had some big trucks here, which probably were equally rarely used seeing that they had a very specific use, just like the mechas. She sat down on one of the stools in front of the counter, ordering a huge glass of milk for Jocosa and a White Russian for herself, at least their drinks would match in color.

236: "Oh, um Fire Engine.  Big Red Truck... kinda looks like a box with wheels.  Can spray water.  Sent out for fire fighters" She forgot, proper English wasn't English to everybody else.  But she'd try to explain the concept, knowing the 180 more than likely knew what she'd mean.  When she'd sit down and hear 'White Russain', she'd give 180 a smirk. "Isn't that a 'drink' drink?"

180: "Oy friend, gotcha!" She shuckled lightly, and raised a thumbs up after she followed 236's explanation. "Thought yer might talk about any oter brigade zan dat. Military corps or someting." She raised her glass at the blue haired pilot. "It is liquid and not exacly poisonous - it qualifies for label 'drink'." She replied with a smirk curling up her lip.

236: "Nah.  English words aren't always properly English, sorry.  Buuuuuut, I was in military before this. British S.A.S." She nodded and smirked back at 180's comment about the white russain.  "I think that's cheating, but I'll allow it" She gave a laugh.

180: She only now realized that Jocosa was British, her first sentence made much more sense with that knowledge. "Oy, thought yer khad military background! And English is all zee same to me, friend!" She gave her a thumbs up before her attention would fall back onto the drink. "Cheating? I missed dat we set up rules to begin wit." She shrugged, before she took a sip through the straw. "Also I told ya dat I'm off-duty now." The pilot added with a smile. "So, vat did zey let ya ride wit... at zee S.A.S.?"

236: Her accent wasn't as heavy as some, so its understandable 180 didn't pick it up right away.  "Ahhhh, yup.  Worked in Development and I was the one who tested all the new toys!" Gave was proud of this.  "Naturally, confidentiality agreements mean I can't discuss all of them, but they were fun.  Mostly on the ground, but they were fun."  She gave a nod as her mind went to all the new and improved systems she was allowed to toy with... and break.

180: "Aah, dis is interesting! Ya vere directly at source! I'm certain dis was educating about how everyting is constructed in details... I'm pretty sure dat we khave stuff here zat is rarer dan what yer where testing, isn't it?" She had no idea what those department was actually testing, maybe it was just the civil versions of all the military vehicles they had here already. But she was a little jealous, working at the space where everything starts must be quite the experience. "Oy dis ok, friend! So ya tested fire trucks too?"

236: She'd nod at that.  "Most definitely.  And what's better is that the equipment here has higher rate of success.  It was mostly aircraft and a few other military vehicles.  But mostly air craft related things"  She'd shake her head at the fire truck bit. "Noooo, never drove that one. Most civil vehicle I've drive waaaaas.... a small bus.  I'm sure its the same principle, but still.  What about you?  Have you driven many civil vehicles?"

180: She blinked a little confused after the mention of aircrafts. "Veren't ya tellin me ya tested ground vehicles more?" She took a sip from her drink. "A small bus, huh? It's little different dan truck. Ya khave ta get used to different steering geometry... it's in the details." Civil vehicles? "Friend, ya bet I did!" Keeping the details about her former 'career' to herself. "Especially regular cars, got used to aircrafts at HQ03 ages ago as well as anyting else which was necessary, dis was game changing for me! If ya need to know anyting on civil vehicles, I can help ya out, friend."

236: "Excelent Thank you!" She gave a nod.  She liked talking with 180.  "Wellll.... maybe one of these days we can go down to the track and drive a few around?  I'm sure we can find something in the hanger we're allowed to take out for a spin, right?"  She looked up as she pondered the availability of what the Agency had.

180: "Of course, friend! All we need is permission by 006 and maybe a few clearances if we plan to fly. Hmm..." She pondered over it as well while sipping on her drink. "We should khave race on zee track - a real one, wit obstacles... and different gadgets to our disposal."

236: She'd give a nod.  She liked nodding, obviously.  "Wellll, he did tell me to practice more, so I think i'll be able to get permission."  She blinked at the suggestion of race. "I expect you'd beat me easily in a race, I'll be honest." She give a laugh.

180: "Awesome, friend! He's quite inspiring and motivating, right? Aaaaand... maybe... probably... most likely." She replied to 236's last comment. "Ya call if ya want to find out!" The pilot added with a smirk before finishing her drink.

236: "If not for professionalism and and other limitation, I'd have asked him out on a date to be honest."  She laughed and patted 180 on the back. "Oh, who am I to deny a challenge like that?  Lose or not, I'll have fun" She'd say with a grin.

180: Alright, she wouldn't go as far as to ask him out. She shone a malicious grin at her. "I see... well, I'm rooting for ya, friend!" Giving her a thumbs up. "Oy, dat's da spirit! Hope I can let ya know about time and date at some point."

236: "Don't root.  It's not gonna happen.  Not that into guys unfortunately." She'd wave a hand.  Then she'd turn the wave into a thumbs up. "I'll let you set that up then!" She'd give hr friend a big grin.

180: "Aaah, gotcha, friend!" She drank the last few drips with the straw before moving the empty glass on the other side of the counter. "Alright, I'll hold back. Dis week is full of surprises and I don't plan to wake up to bad one tomorrow! Please take care!" She added with a smile before she would head out.

236: She will wave as 180 exits.  "See Ya!" She'll chug the last of her drink and will head out for a bit of Gym before calling it a night.
236 Meets 180
And old long RP that finished!
Jocosa meeting Riina(who was rank 180 at the time)

Words Count: 2,727

180 belongs to Cruzu
236 belongs to ValkyrieKago 

It happened - somewhat frequently - that the fridge in the small kitchen in the engineer's bay was left completely empty. Today was one of those days. Either someone had forgotten to fill it (likely) or a couple of very hungry engineers had vacuumed it entirely (also likely). The result was the same: 102 had to leave his workstation and take the futuristic subway to the shared area of HQ, from where he went to the elevator, heading upwards for the floor where he'd find the mess hall. The engineer was not paying much attention to his surroundings, most of his thoughts occupied with the work he'd left behind and the meal he was heading towards.

Now... Jocosa was a frequent visitor of the Mess Hall.  She liked meeting new people and today was no different was she too took the subway.  Now... she often was able to guess at the numbers for people he had met... But there was this one guy.  Oh god she knew she saw him before, but for the love of god she had NO idea where.  Most of the subway trip she spent staring at his ponytail.  It was a magnificent do an she was getting frustrated at not knowing this guy she was 98% sure she saw at least once.  About a hundred yards away from the mess hall she caved and walked up beside him.  Applying her usual cheery loud personality to hide frustration.  "Hellooooooo!"

Not having noticed being stared at, 102 turned his head with mild surprise at being called out to and slowed down his steps a little. The engineer had to look up a bit to look at the woman, whom was not really an agent he recognized... still, he was pretty certain it was him she had greeted in that loud manner, so he replied -albeit more quietly - with what he considered a polite return. "Hello...?"

"Hi!  I know this might seem odd but I swear I've seen you before.  Can you tell me your name and number?" Wait a sec that sounded wrong. "Number as in rank."  That was the problem with being as direct as 236, sometimes she derped in the speaking department.

"..." That was a bit odd yes, but since she had already stated that, no need to repeat it. The engineer slowed his walk down further and looked her over shortly. But no, he did not really remember her... and considering her height, he thought he would have. 102 had expected the 'number' part to cover rank, yes, because he really did not consider anyone at this day and age capable of repeating such cliché pick-up lines as that would otherwise have been. "Eugène, 102."

"102" She looked up at the ceiling for about one second before snapping her fingers. "Oh yeah!  You're friends with 141, arent' you"  Oh please say yes.  If you say 236 will have no option but to think herself insane.  And we don't want that, do we?  No we don't.

There was something very energetic about the way this woman seemed to need to act out her words with fitting physical gestures. The snapping was received with a tiny twitch by the engineer. Well, he couldn't truly deny it, so he nodded a bit. "Yes." How she knew, well, that was something he was unaware of. Perhaps she was a friend of the assassin as well? "Would you mind sharing your rank with me in turn?" It seemed prudent to ask.

"Hm? OH!  I'm sorry!"  She stood up and gave a salute. "236, Jocosa Tanner!  Pilot!" Then she grinned. "Our friend, Mr. Charlie likes to draw and he was doodling a picture of you.  That's how I recognized you!" She hoped that wasn't a secret cause its out now.

"... I see." Well no, 102 didn't really see it. Or rather, he hadn't seen it. He found the idea that you would draw someone without them being present slightly odd, too. "It's a pleasure to meet you." A pilot and a tall one, too. The engineer shortly looked her over a second time, wondering if her height caused her trouble, equipment-wise. If she was a pilot, he might meet her again, so - all the more reason to make an effort of remembering her.

"It's very nice to meet you good sir!" His guess was right.  Her height did from time to time, but nothing she couldn't handle. "SO!  Whatcha doing?"  She asked with a big stupid grin on her face.  Honestly, she wanted to make friends with everybody.  So she's always super nice and sweet.  Or tried to be anyway.  She forgets not everybody likes a loud 'hello!' as a greeting.

102 watched the pilot for a moment, then nodded. He thought it rather obvious that he had been going somewhere, when she greeted him. Perhaps she meant for him to specify where he was going or why? He could do that. "I meant to get something to eat." The engineer still had this intention, of course, so unless 236 protested, he would head towards the canteen again. If she wanted to tag along, he figured that would be fine, too. If she was busy, he would take no more of her time.

"ooooh, you want company?  Or do you prefer to eat alone?" Loud and friendly she might be, but she liked to believe she was still considerate.  Jocosa wanted to be sure people didn't mind her company before throwing her company at them anyway.  She'd follow him either way...unless he told her to bugger off.  In which case, she would.

Torn between being honest and polite, the engineer took a moment to reply. He did not stop walking though. "If you want to join me, you can." He had been corrected the last time he'd pre-warned someone that he might not make the best conversation partner... so he refrained from doing this. Anyhow, 236 might figure out on her own that 102's gifts for small-talk were... rather small.

236 doesn't mind.  She'll find something to talk about!  She'd walk with him to the canteen.  "Sooo, where you from?" And the 102 small talk challenge begins.

What an odd question. He would get in line (assuming there was one) and look at her again, pausing. Then asked her to specify. "What do you mean?" 102 could not really guess if she asked him what class he was from (not likely though, people never asked, they usually guessed it), if he'd come from another HQ, or if she was asking him where he was born or something. He did not have an accent (except something broadly American), so the latter was not a question he had been asked often.

"Like.... I'm from England"  her accent makes that obvious.  And she'd beam happily at him waiting for an answer.  HER FRIENDLINESS IS UNDENIABLE

"Oh." It took a moment before he followed up with; "I was born in France." There seemed to have been nothing sinister about her question, so he could see no harm in answering her. She did seem quite friendly.

Yesss 102.  Let the friendliness infect you. "Oooooh.  I've never been to France!  Flew over it a few times, but I don't count that naturally!" She would pause her to give him a chance to get a word in edgewise.

102 nodded. He'd get himself some food now, and as she hadn't asked an actual question, he said nothing to her while doing so. What should he say? 'Yes' or 'okay'? It hardly seemed necessary to further confirm her statement.

You won't get out of it this easily. Feeling he was too slow to ask anything, she'd continue "So have you been friends with Charlie for long?"  Smile continues to show she only has good intents.  She... is guessing this guy is quiet.  But he hasn't made any sign of wanting peace and quiet yet.  And she doesn't think she's annoying him.

"... no. I have known 141 for..." The engineer had to pause to consider it. A couple of months? "Not very long." He corrected himself, not wanting to bore the pilot with details.

"And you guys became good buds immediately?" She kept smiling.  Yes, she wants details.  She's a gossiper when it comes to her friends, sorry 102.  She also wants to know if you and 141 are close.

"... maybe not immediately." He wondered what had prompted her to question this. Assuming he had managed to get himself something like a sandwhich while being in this manner asked, he would wait for her, then find a place to sit down. "Why do you ask?"

"Oooooh.  Just curious.  I'm sorry, am I prying too much?  I'll stop if you want." She'd bite her lowerlip, wondering If she annoyed him.  She had a way with doing that at times.

102 considered her face for a moment, then shrugged slightly. "It's fine. It is rare," he commented and would sit down yes, "that people become 'good buds' immediately after meeting, isn't it." It was, in a sense, true though. That, considering the relatively short time he'd known the assassin, they had become pretty close friends. Hm, odd.

The pilot shook her head. "Not all the time.  Sometimes, people just hit it off.  I'd like to say me and 141 are friends after out meeting!  He showed me how to draw."  She seemed happy that she spent that short time with him.

The engineer considered that then shortly offered her a small smile. "That's nice." He didn't mean to cut her off in any way - he earnestly thought that was a nice thing. For her to be able to hit it off with people. He rarely took to new people - friendship had always been a, hm, process.

236 is too direct for the proper process.  Though....she does follow that process from time to time.  But first impressions mean a lot to her.  She gave him a big smile back.  "Thank you!"

He nodded... and again did not know what to say to her. If this was all she had been meaning to ask, perhaps he could just begin eating, and she could talk if she wanted? 102 was not sure that would be entirely polite of him though. Internal sigh.

Jocosa would take a bit of HER sandwich that she got herself as she wondered what to ask yet.  This guy seemed quite and she didn't wanna overwhelm him with her personality.  So FOOD BREAK was not out of the question.

Food break was good. 102 was actually quite thankful that Josoca was the first one to start eating - this, in turn, allowed him to do the same. He would not be interrupting her at any point beyond this, thinking it quite nice that they could simply sit and eat their sandwiches in relative silence.

Good vibes were sensed.  And she would eat quietly for now.  She wanted to learn more about the guy, but as friendly and intent on being buds as she was, she knew when somebody was shy.  141 was similar.  He practically ignored her when she first approached him.

The engineer would not be speaking up before he was actually finished and ready to leave, so unless she said anything, the meal really would go by quietly. It was a pleasant surprise to 102 that the woman did not immediately initiate some sort of meaningless conversation that he would have to consider, so. He was comfortable.

As soon as Jocosa's food was finished, she'd sigh.  "Ahhhh... that was delicious.  They make such good food here." She'd lean back in her chair and just look around.

102 nodded. He'd finished eating and spent another moment observing the pilot as she seemed to scout around the room. If she was looking for something specific, she was not really showing it. He looked down at his watch. He should head back. The engineer´s attention returned to Josoca. "... it was nice to eat with you." An implicit 'I should go' was there, but he did not seem to feel it necessary to speak it aloud.

She sensed the dismissal, but it'll take more than that to stop her.  Not much more, but still more.  "OH!  Need help with anything?  Or do you have Engi work to go do?  Or personal?" She gave him a big grin.  Only wanted to do good.

He slowly got up. "... just engineer work, yes." 102 paused, then added (in an attempt to not be too dismissive, perhaps) ; "Are you heading back to the hangar after this...?" The hangar was in the same direction, after all. As the engineer's bay.

Jocosa nodded. "Yes yes!"  She practically bounced out of her seat and stood next to 102.  "I guess I should go do some proper training in the simulations.  I gotta learn about a number of different vehicles." Does this woman ever not have a big grin?  Probably not.

No need to stand too close to him, he will have to lean his head back if she does. Hah... well she sure was an energetic person. "I heard a bit about the simulation." He picked up his tray and whatever things they left behind in order to clean up after them, then would begin moving to the exit.

236 would help him clean up the mess.  "Well!  That's where I'll be if you ever wanna talk!" Again, flashing those pearly whites and giving him a wave as he headed to the exit.

236 meets 102
From skype.
Where our loud 236 annoysmeets the ever calm 102!

Word Count: 2255

102 belongs to Neye
236 belongs to ValkyrieKago
224: She headed back to her room and sit on her bed, but then she'd see the hard drive sitting on her table. She had completely it that week and set it to the side to deliver later. Well...might as well do it now... while it was on her mind. She had never met any of the medics.... not apart from a wave and an introduction. Much less the top. She'd grab her watch and send a message to 005:"Dear 005. Hello, I am 224, a hacker. Due to a flaw in my ability that has a chance to occur, it was suggested by 004 that I should come to you to explain the precautionary measure I took and to possibly leave it in your care. Are you free now or should I make an appointment at a later date. Thank you in advanced. Yours sincerely, 224." Ok, she read this multiple times and retyped a lot of it. And it still sounds cryptic as all hell. But she didnt want to leave a paper trail to this cause she's a suspicious creature.

005: Was filing the discharge papers for 021 before heading to the Engineer workshop when the message came. =.=a;;; She blinked once. Twice. Then squinted at it. Such a security flaw, why even be present in HQ. At your convenience, 224.

224: She gave a nod and replied. I'll head to your office now, then. And she grabbed the hard drive and headed down to the Med bay. Going in her head how to explain it. She did NOT want to make this as awkward as with 004 and start friendly followed by a nose dive into dark business. She would head to the medbay and ask for 005 and in turn get pointed to her office. And will knock on the door.

005: She blinked up as she lulled her head slightly at the knock. "Come in." She wouldn't have thought it was immediate, or the medic would have chosen a warmer meeting place. Her office was always frosty, lights cast in a dull bluish white lights. She would be sure to keep it brief for the hacker's sake.

224: She will come in and oh god its COLD! Was the air conditioner broken? This was not co-NO. We're not even gonna allow that pun to surface. She would wrap her arms around herself, not happy with this temperature. No fluffing about. She'd like to get to know 005 eventually, but not in this room. She will try not to stutter and fail...mostly cause she still had the USB in her mouth. "H-Hello! Sorry, I-I-I wanted to give th-this to you." She she would hold up the hard drive. She looked around the frosty room... it was an admittedly pretty effect that she will look at later from her USB.

005: She blinked as the hacker walked in, the frosted air seeping out the door once it opened. Her gaze fluttered to her now outdated suppressor when she noticed how cold the hacker seemed to be. "I apologize, my office is not meant to greet many visitors." There was a subtle twitch of her lips, a small smile it seemed. The medic took the hard drive, examining it. "How does one... implement it?"

224: Once 005 takes it she'll wrap herself up again. She was gonna make it quick if not short. "M-My ability has a direct c-connection from br-brain to mouth. To store Data on USB." She moved the USB in her mouth up and down once. "It is-s a two way street... my b-brain is open to v-viruses and h-hacks if I'm not careful. That har-rd drive is my m-memories from as l-long as I can remem-m-mber. I have it s-set so just attaching a USB cord from it t-to my mouth should r-reboot my b-brain. So to s-s-speak. I g-gave a c-copy to 00-0-04 already and she said you sh-should have one too. And th-th-there it is." And she'll start backing up toward the door. She was not gonna regret leaving this place, but she was also not gonna turn tail and run. That would be rude.

005: The medic leader tapped her cheek with her stylus as she looked over the harddrive. Surely there would need to be discussion between herself, 004, and 002 to best remedy this in a more secure manner. Though green eyes fluttered back to the hacker as she blinked and waved her off. "My apologies. I will look into this and your files further. My gratitude for the prompt update. Keep me inform of anything else I must be knowledgeable of."

224: "O-Ok. You're welcome and th-thank you for understandin. I-It was nice m-m-meeting you M-M-Miss 005." She would open the door and exit a bit slower than what she really wanted. And she would give 005 a small wave before exiting the room.

005: She waved her fingers, feeling a little sorry. Once the door closed, she sighed. She would have to get her new suppressor tomorrow, for now she will look over this harddrive business and finish the discharge forms for 021.
224 meets 005
A short RP, but important to my character I feel.
And this time, it was LESS awkward.  Good job, Niz.

224: :iconnizwtfplz: I hate Kago, please save me.


005 belongs to StarScribbles 
224 belongs to ValkyrieKago 


United States


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RP Comfort Meme

A valuable meme for any role-player!
Come display your comfort levels so your role-play partners are aware of what they can do, and of what they should avoid! A healthy relationship between role-play partners is the key to a good time!
While this meme shows the basics, please remember to communicate with your role-play partners!

Role Play Basics

I am comfortable doing:
 Comment - Fairly nice, but I might delay my replys
 Chats - I reaaaaaaaaaally need more than what the chat provides.  Usually only do these for groups
✔ Notes - Not my favorite as I might forget them
✘ Forum - Wat?
✔✔ Skype - yes plz.  oh heavenly buddha yesplz.
✔ Google Docs - I will prbs forget it after a while tho

I am comfortable with:
✔✔✔ One on one role plays. - My fave <3
  Up to three people. - I can handle
✔ Up to four people. - Only for an event....but managable
✔ Five or more people! - Only for an event.  Tend to get lost in them rather easily though.  Adn they can be godly slow.
✘ As big as possible! - Nope

Post Length
I usually write about:
 One or two sentences. - An good method.  Simple quick, too the point.
 One or two paragraphs. - My usual methods these days.
✔ Two to five paragraphs. - I wish.  But I'm not that good.
✔ More than five paragraphs. - WOT?
 A few pages worth. - I dont have the attention span for this.  But I know some who are.....coughcoughMEWcoughSHICHIcoughcough

I am comfortable role-playing with people who write:
 One or two sentences. - These are nice and claming
 One or two paragraphs. - Yiiiiiiis
✔ Two to five paragraphs. - Yeah, make my posts feel inferior. ;-;
 More than five paragraphs. - I will request a TL;DR
 A few pages worth. - I will request a TL;DR for the TL;DR

Role-play Requests
I like getting requests from:
 Anyone and everyone at any time! - Err...any time might be pushin it
 When I ask for role-plays. - I'd love to.
✔ From friends and acquaintances. - Bring it on
✘ From friends only.  - Naaaah, I'm rather cool with everybody

Romantic Relationships
** Important: Communication is the key to a real life relationship, it shouldn't be abandoned for a fictional on either! Be sure to talk to your partners when considering romance!

I am comfortable shipping my characters:
✘ Never. 
✘ Our character know each other deeply. 
✔ Our character know each other deeply, and I know I can trust the role-player. - The preferred method u-u
 At the first sign of flirting! - ....I'm guilty of brain does this all the time anyway
 Only if the role-player and I plan it. - I've made charas for charas before and not ashamed!
✔ It depends on the character. - I enjoy this method most tho.  See if our charas hit it off.

If you want to ship with my characters:
✔ Talk to me about it from the start. - I always like to ask.  Just to avoid embarrassments.
✔ Talk to me about it once our characters know each other.
✔ Talk to me about it once they both have some feelings for each other.
✔ Talk to me about it when they finally decide that want to go beyond hugging.

When shipping my characters, I like the romance to happen:
✘ Swift as lightening! - Only if its a time skip.  And even then we gotta make some kind of history.
✘ Fast, but not super fast. - time skip
 Happens in about three months. - time skip, but I can handle this
 Slow and steady wins the race.
 Slugs know what's up!
 My relationships know no speed. They happen if they happen. -Ooooh, the best method available.  

When my characters gets intimate, I prefer:
✔ To skip the act entirely. 
✔ To write the build up, but skip the act.
✔ To write the act only if it is very special, but otherwise skip it.
✔ To write the act all the way through.
Depends on who I RP with honestly.  And the character.

Romantic Artwork
When it comes to artwork depicting our relationship please:
✔ Do not post it at all without talking to me. - Yeah.  I like to know about it at least before hand.
✔ Post it if it is cuddles and hugs.
✔ Post it if it is kisses.
✔ Post it if it is much more.
✘ Do not post it at all if it depicts sexual acts! - I'M A GROWN PERV, I CAN SEE!....wait, wat?
✘ Do not post it where I can see it, but draw what you like! - You better show me my charas =3=

** Important: Always be sure to communicate with your partner individually if you think you are about to go outside their comfort zones even just the slightest bit!!

When it comes to violent situations, I am comfortable with:
✘ No violence at all! - I'm cool with punch kicky stabby ouo
 I'm fine with verbal arguments! - I actually tend to avoid these.  
✔ Some violence, like a paper cut, or an accidental elbow to the face. - How does one accidentally elbow a person in the face?  
✔ Mild violence, such as punching, kicking, hair pulling. - NOT THE HAIR!
✔ Violence, such as stabbings. - long as it's not Killy McShankovitch.  She bites.
✔ Beyond violence, such as torture and more. - Really depends.

If you are going to do something violent, please:
✘ Don't do it at all.
✔ Talk to me about it first. - I'd like to know before hand to get into the mindset and heck, I'd even name a few of my charas weak points to make it interesting.  I doubt I'll allow sudden death tho.
 Surprise me! - Nooooo.  

Dramatic Artwork 
✘ Do not post any dramatic scenes that that happened between our characters. - Who asks this? 
 Talk to me about it before posting! - I'd like to know about it.
✔ Post what you like! - Yeah!  

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Diyaru4500 Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
So.... is Skype being weird for you? I'm signed in but not... connected, cant send any messages and everyone to me is offline, even Wenzel o_O
ValkyrieKago Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2016
I recommend shutting it off and and logging out all way.  That sounds like a connection issue o-o
Diyaru4500 Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I did, multiple times, even a fresh install o-o
ValkyrieKago Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2016
Ummm....huh o-oa
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boooooki Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2016  Student Digital Artist
happy bd
ValkyrieKago Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2016
boooooki Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Beastgods Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2016  Hobbyist
Haha, you hyper?

I haven't seen that said in ages, it brings me back.
ValkyrieKago Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2016
Havent seen what said in ages? 
Beastgods Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2016  Hobbyist
"I'm Hyper!" it was in your comment signature section... a moment ago.

A decade back we all used to say that, I haven't seen it since. I just thought it was interesting to see it again. Fills my head with memories of being overly excited along with friends, hm.
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